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Discussion in 'Prophetic Readings' started by Amy, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. Amy

    Amy Insider Weekly Reader

    Thank you!
  2. TJ

    TJ Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Unlocking the Heart 5-7-17 / Due 5-12-17

    I sense the hidden things of Creator surround you, and that you may find yourself deep in the heart of his love. I see many strands of DNA glowing with a golden light. These strands are not of this world, but are steeped in the DNA of Creator himself. I sense this is your DNA and may also be the DNA of a group that surrounds you. I see the name of Creator written on every strand and feel that he has immersed you in his glory. It seems that you may be part of a larger system of blessing that Creator wishes to bring to the world. I sense this may have a healing element for the land and all its inhabitants. I feel he may be preparing you and the others to be released at just the right time for a beautiful effect so that it may unlock an open heart to each who receives it.
  3. Kelly

    Kelly Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Fantasia 5/15/17 Due 5/19/17

    I heard the word Fantasia. Fantasia is a 1940's Disney movie, that featured an orchestra playing through out the film. In doing some research, I discovered that Walt Disney had the idea to reinvent Mickey, as he had lost some of his flare during the 30's. Fantasia was the first movie to have stereo sound, and it has been rereleased many times over the years.

    I feel that you carry similar qualities to this movie. I sense that you may have ideas, that are "outside the box". I feel that you may often approach others with these ideas, and they are brought to life. I also get a feeling that you may create something that is one of a kind, a forerunner. I have a feeling that the things you may be creating, can add to other things. It may be that your ideas, fuel others, and together you create great items. These may be art, ways to accomplish goals, or inspirational objects. Whatever this may be, I feel that it could possibly be around for many years, much like Fantasia, that is going on it's 77th year!


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