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Discussion in 'Prophetic Readings' started by Estherp, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Estherp

    Estherp Member Weekly Reader

    Blessings to all who read this.
  2. Melody

    Melody Keymaster Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Venturer

    Pillow Talk / 2-12-17 / Due 2-17-17

    I’m seeing a room full of young lasses having a ball in the middle of an action packed pillow fight. It must be a sleep over and all the gals are like sisters. They are completely comfortable with one another. No competition between them at all, and they can literally talk about anything. Not one compares herself critically to another in the room. They prefer the needs of the others above themselves in most cases. They would take their sisters secrets to the grave. This is a bond that forms from many experiences and events together over time, where each person in the relationship is proven to be loyal and trustworthy. I sense that this is a deep desire in your heart, to be loved and to have the opportunity to love so unconditionally that you can confidently be yourself in the assurance that you can safely put trust in your sisters. A small and intimate community that would stand and sometimes even fight next you until the death. This is Creator’s heart for you, as well. That you would have such deep and abiding friendships that they resemble a bond stronger than blood. I feel The Spirit is calling those close relationships to stand with you in friendship and purpose. I see a group of very strong women who are all looking for that same acceptance, and you may be the glue that Creator uses to bring you together. He will be the glue that holds you together, and your involvement will be a precious reflection of His own love for each of you.
  3. Estherp

    Estherp Member Weekly Reader

    Wow, Melody, that message really spoke to my heart. It also confirms another Word of Knowledge given to me last year by a complete stranger. Thank you for giving me the Creator's message! Also please change my name to Esther and remove my full name on postings when you return. Thank you!
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  4. Melody

    Melody Keymaster Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Venturer

    I'm so glad. Thank you for your feedback! Creator is always faithful!!!!! xoxoxox
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  5. Jill

    Jill Dream Coach

    Post February 20, 2017

    I’m hearing the word “post.” This can be a piece of timber fixed firmly in an upright position as a stay or support. A post can also be an assigned position.

    I sense the word post is for a position of support. I feel you are a pillar of support to those around you, that Creator has blessed you to be in position to be this helpful support. This could be both on an individual and corporate scale. I see you at the gates where you are filtering what comes and goes through the gates. It seems like you are just as vigilant to keep opposition forces out as allowing those who are truly seeking higher spirituality to enter in. I sense Creator has given you discernment and you are able to distinguish the differences. I also see you coming along side others who are having difficulty and what you give is that support. I sense there is an enabling to respond to the spur of the moment situations where others might have difficulty making that switch or aren’t as flexible. I feel that Creator uses posts as markers and establishes boundaries by them. I sense you are this valuable marker that helps keep the boundaries lines clear and secure by determining who or what may enter and also showing the way.
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  6. Del

    Del Key-bearer Dream Coach Site Liaison Dream Venturer

    Brain Balance 3-8-17

    I hear the word "brain balance" and sense that Creator is doing a type of rewiring of things in your brain. I see these little sparks, much like those animation films on how the brain works, firing off all over your head. In a sense, it's like a little dance of coordinated sparks. I feel this is about Creator resetting and reprogramming some things brought down through your ancestral line. There's a balancing that bring greater memory, creative thinking, and possibly even seeing/imagining how things work even before you have a set plan. This may also be about an ability to see things completely finished before they are even started.
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  7. Estherp

    Estherp Member Weekly Reader

    Thank you Del, that makes sense to me. Around the time you posted this, I came across some old family scrapbooks that revealed some family history that was eye-opening and encouraging to me. Prior to that I had gone through a process of repenting of things from generations past to free me from strongholds, and to reclaim and obtain restoration of things stolen from me and my family.
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