1. WHAT WE DO HERE: "Now, Interpret This!" is an ONLINE SCHOOL training in dream interpretation and intuitive (prophetic) reading. There are two ways to be involved here.
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    2) Apply for training and learn to be one who gives readings and dream interpretation.

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  2. NIT is open 3 semesters out of the year. 1) Fall Semester: September - November with December off, 2) Spring Semester: January - March with April off, 3) Summer Semester: May - July with August off. Want to check us out? The self-paced Student Orientation Course (Exploring The Realms) is available year-round. To see what we're about, purchase the Exploring The Realms subscription under Memberships tab.
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Mission Statement


The purpose of the “NOW, INTERPRET THIS!” site is to be an “ON and OFF” line school, training in sensitivity to the heart of Creator God and delivering His thoughts by His Spirit. We train and activate in excellence of character, copacetic protocol, language for delivery and clean filtering for the purpose of bringing freedom where it is needed.


Our humble beginning was interpreting dreams on a special Facebook Page, still in existence @ "Interpret This!". We, the founder and staff, are avid believers in the redemption and healing, along with every powerful attribute of the ONE TRUE and LIVING GOD. We do not however, judge the gifts in individuals by their spiritual position or belief system. We believe that our job, is to mine the treasures within and in so doing, we operate through relational development.

Those who know me (Melody Paasch), know that I have long had a vision to equip believers for the work of the Kingdom of God, in reaching an end-time harvest. My team and I believe that part of that harvest includes those who are overlooked, judged or ostracized by Traditional Religion. We find daily that many have turned their backs not only on the church, but on God Himself, because of their dealings with so many who call themselves Christians. One of our greatest desires is to prepare a people who will reach out in the places of deep darkness, as Jesus did, with the love of Father's heart. Jesus said that He only did what He saw the Father do. This is the heart of this organization as well.


The NIT School is for a radical remnant, who is not comfortable conforming to religious and traditional ritualism. It is for a remnant whose heart is after relationship above theology. Whose heart is after relationship with the true lover of their soul and those of like mind.

A practical list in our mandate includes:

1) Raising up a people who are called to be prophetic (Covet above all the gifts, to prophesy. Edifying and building up the Saints.)

2) Equipping a people to hear the voice of God clearly (In these difficult times we must be led by The Spirit.)

3) Training a people to use dream interpretation and the prophetic, in outreach and evangelism. (Every individual desires to know the meaning of their dreams, and what Father has in store for their lives. Few deny receiving love from the heart of their Creator.)

4) Launching a people in personal ministry or business (God is calling us out into the marketplace to change atmosphere where He places us. We will not all stand behind a pulpit. (Jesus came out of the synagogue to touch the world.)

5) Walking men/women called to this mandate, through much needed emotional/spiritual healing and deliverance through personal mentoring and ongoing relationship.


The "Insiders" membership, which is a "pick your own price" monthly subscription gives analysis for one dream and one prophetic reading a week. This serves as the work our interns do as assignments under the supervision of our staff instructors. We encourage all “Insiders” to give generously, based upon what they get out of their involvement here. Their generous monthly gifts facilitate site up-keep, outreach costs and travel, all for the purpose of a full learning experience for our interns.

The “Leadership Corner” This is a private forum for leaders in corporate organizations, needing at times, to post dreams with sensitive content or names of public figures. This site membership takes a manual permission by the staff for complete privacy and anonymity. These dreams are “never” open to the public or to the “insider” membership.

The general "Registered" membership has limited access, which includes viewing of the Common Dreams Explained, Workshop Videos and the Help Forums. The scheduled “dreamchat!” is also available to registered members. We will continue to announce “dreamchat!” dates and times in the monthly newsletter and on our Events Calendar. The "dreamchat!" is your opportunity to ask questions about dreams, and to have short (3 sentences only) dreams interpreted on the spot!


The school is offline as well as online, so there are elements that allow us to be a fully functional facility, and do that with excellence. We are asking that all of you who pray for us, petition with us for the supplies Father has laid upon our hearts. The word says that we do not receive what we pray for, when we ask amiss for our own desires over His. So we believe that we should be specific in our asking.

We sometimes have need of monthly costs (gift of around $40.00 per month for any amount of time) for a wifi connection for an intern and we have need of a laptop for an occasional loan to interns. We will update with thanksgiving as Father fulfills these requests. We praise Him in advance for all He is and all He gives. We believe that He is calling us to be excellent in all that we do. He is an excellent God and we should look like him. Blessings and many thanks for your support!

Thank you for joining our vision.

Note: "Now,Interpret This!" does not take responsibility for any counsel, opinion or statement given in interpretation of any dream or vision. We do not necessarily agree with every statement posted on this site.

This is a strictly moderated forum. The owner and staff of "Now, Interpret This!" reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason. Any questions or comments can be directed to nowinterpretthis@yahoo.com.

Nov 7, 2011
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