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2018 Kentucky Derby Winner - Justify

Discussion in 'Spiritual Discussions' started by Pauline, May 13, 2018.

  1. Pauline

    Pauline Asst. Prophetic Director

    I love watching the Kentucky Derby and the past couple of years, I see a prophetic word in the event. This year I sense it pretty clearly with the winner being Justify. Here are some stats on the event and my thoughts. Would love to hear yours too. There's probably a lot more to this others may pick up on.

    "Justify won the 144th running of the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, leading the pack of 20 horses through the mud at Churchill Downs. The 2-year-old colt was the favorite going into the race. His trainer Bob Baffert has now won his fifth Kentucky Derby.

    Jockey Mike Smith, 52, earned his second Derby victory, managing to pull it off with only a few specks of mud on his white and green silks. Justify, the 5-2 favorite in the field of 20, ran 1¼ miles in 2:04.20.

    The chestnut colt that began his career in February improved to 4-0 - winning his races by a combined 21½ lengths - and gave Bob Baffert his fifth Derby victory. It snapped a tie and left the 65-year-old trainer trailing only Ben Jones with six.

    Apollo in 1882 was the last colt to win without racing as a juvenile.

    Mike Smith earned his second Derby victory. The 52-year-old jockey crossed the finish line at Churchill Downs with only a few specks of mud on his white and green silks in the rainiest Derby in the race's 144-year history. Nearly 3 inches fell on the crowd of 157,813 throughout the day."

    The name Justify to me exemplifies Creators highlighting that He is bringing recomonpense or justice to those areas where we've been stolen from. I have heard other words stating the same thing recently and I sense this is another confirmation of God wanting to restore things that have been stolen.

    Justify's number was 7. 7 is the number for completion or fullness. So I feel like completion of this process has started.

    It rained all day, rain exemplifies Spirit and believe the natural was exemplying what is about to start spiritually. The rain of God's goodness and Spiritual intensity being poured on us!! woohoo!!

    The jockey's jersey was white and remained white the whole race despite the mud being flung around. He ended the race with only a few specks. This too I think speaks to making things right. White is right. Mike Smith, the jockey was old as far as jockey's go. The elder of us are still "in the game" and will excel in things once thought only for the young. (I grab onto that one, haha)

    Justify was only 2 yrs old and he had never raced before. Wow, that is amazing. Young learners will quickly excel to the winners circle.

    Bob Baffert's fifth derby win. Five is grace. There is lots of grace for those who continue to push through and win more battles for Creator's kingdom.

    What a great race, what a great year we can expect!!!
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  2. Pauline

    Pauline Asst. Prophetic Director

    Justify won the Preakness today too. 2 out of the 3 of the Triple Crown won. Again, his number was 7. Further confirmation. It was so foggy, you could barely see a 100 yds ahead. In three weeks we'll see if he can win the Belmont too. What a great horse!
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