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3 Motorcycles By Jeanettek

Discussion in 'Examples of Interpreted Dreams' started by Cheri, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Cheri

    Cheri Dream Director Staff Member Weekly Reader Weekly Dreamer

    Theme: Freedom comes at a price and must be carefully maintained to continue to proliferate. Creator tailor makes what is needed to operate freely in our call.

    I bought 3 used motorcycles. The nicer one was a Harley. As I was driving it up a hill through the mountains trees, it broke down. I told the guy who I bought it from I wanted my money back. He stated, "Use it for parts." I finally gave it to a classmate who loves fixings things, Taylor.

    I wonder if the 3 motorcycles represent going to a higher level or mobility in the Spirit? The Harley, which means hare meadow, may indicate going fast and thriving in this fertile territory. Going uphill suggests advancement. Since the motorcycle broke down, I feel there may be a breakdown in your mobility or freedom in the Spirit. The parts may mean something has been divided or separated. Could it be that giving it to the classmate means there is something to be learned? Taylor, which means tailor, may be Creator. He is able to repair what has been broken, so that you may operate freely in Him.

    The potential outcome of this message may be that you operate freely in your call. If nothing is done, your spiritual freedom may feel broken. I sense the dream was given to provide a 4-1-1, if you will, that there may be a breakdown that needs to be fixed. It also seems to indicate a solution. I feel the dream involves you. In response to this dream, you may want to ask Creator to fix what’s broken and to help you maintain freedom.

    Jeanettek, I release Creator’s wisdom to know what’s broken or what needs to be fixed. I release healing and heavenly help where needed. I ask Creator to help you maintain spiritual mobility. I release freedom, and the ability to operate openly in your call.

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