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A Galaxy View By Laura

Discussion in 'Examples of Interpreted Dreams' started by Cheri, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Cheri

    Cheri Member Weekly Reader

    Theme: Creator's covenant with you prepares you for advancement and excitement beyond this world.

    My husband and I were leaving dinner from an upper level of a building and I'm not sure why there was an issue with paying but it seems I wanted to put the bill on someone else's account.

    The opening of this dream looks to be the set up to keep in mind throughout the whole dream. Husbands often show up as a resemblance of Creator. Having dinner can be an intimate time, breaking bread together is sometimes looked upon as a covenant or special agreement of unity. It seems that something inside of you recognizes that this is a gift to be received by you, not purchased.

    In the dream two people came to mind, Chelsey and Rhonda.

    The very thing you admire in both of these friends depicts how Creator desires to reveal His perspective, to show you some important things through His lens. I suspect it's exactly what He would show you in this dream.

    At this point I think I realized I was dreaming and that I was in a dream like dimension without rules, I looked at Josh (my husband) and said 'Let's run' we sort of flew down the stairs like characters in the movie Incredibles.

    You respond with immediate action as you realize this dream is beyond standard physical limitation. Flying down the stairs together may depict quickly getting to the foundations, or street level, of your newfound abilities.

    Once on the street we were jumping over small scale city scape structures that would be impossible in reality, this felt fun.The day turns to night and we slow down and are now simply talking and walking down a busy big city street (like New York or Tokyo with lots of lights and people) While walking we encounter a team of derby skaters in matching pink uniforms, Josh takes one of the girls' drinks as they skate by and I question why he does.

    I sense Creator's desire to show you a little bit about what you are capable of, with Him. Jumping over the small scale city scape structures seems to let you know what seems impossible to you now may be the small beginnings to where He would take you. Continuing as day turns to night and slowing down gives the idea that this is not a time limited thing, it will continue, everything does not have to be done all at once as if you were under pressure. I sense that He is also slowing down to show in the midst of the hustle and bustle of others' busy-ness, through His lens.

    New York is the largest city in the U.S. also referred to as The Big Apple, I sense these fun facts contribute to make a point, that He is showing you that these busy places contain His treasures. Tokyo is the largest city in the world, an even bigger apple. I sense the lights depict spiritual pockets already established or the places He desires to make His light shine. Lots of people could signify that there is lots of help as well as lots still to reach.

    The derby skaters may represent ministering angels, the pink suggest an innocence but the skate derby is capable of some rough racing. Taking a drink from one of them would suggest taking refreshment as they show up in any form to help out. I feel this is a very intentional example for you to see and follow.

    We are then on a bridge, it's huge and I think concrete, it seems like we are super high up like if Super Man was showing you the view of the city below. I have a moment of fear about how high we are and there doesn't seem to be railing on the left side of the bridge but then I feel safe with Josh, again a knowing that this is a dream happens and I think we are close and holding onto each other. It seems Josh knows were we are headed, I can see a huge city in front us, the night lights are twinkling and beautiful, on my left I see a scene in the sky. It seems Josh knows what this is and I comment that I want to remember this so I can look it up. In the dream I think I thought of the word constellation but in remembering I realize it was a Galaxy! I still feel in awe of being in this last scene actually, it was dreamy (ha!)

    Finally, being on a high bridge suggests connecting on a high level, perhaps spiritual to earthly with a heavenly perspective, or lens. The left side generally points to the spiritual as opposed to the natural, no railing means no barrier holding you back. The city in front of you could represent a place before you that Creator is bringing to you? I feel that the safety that you feel with Josh depicts mutual trust and commitment. Could it be that His knowledge of where you are going as well as the name of such an amazing Galaxy is His way of raising you to a new spiritual and dreamy level?


    1) What is the potential outcome of this message? (What might it look like if nothing is done?)
    A great potential outcome would be that you would advance spiritually smoothly and quickly accompanied by Creator, to new heights in many facets. If nothing is done, this advancement and excitement may be delayed or missed.
    2) Why was it given? (Is it because of timing, resistance, other?)
    I do sense that this is a dream for now, and perhaps it is also a confirmation of what you are already beginning to walk in, offering a bit of strategy to get you going deeper (of higher) into your destiny.
    3) Who is involved? (Where is the potential affect?)
    This message is for you.
    4) What should the dreamer's response be? (Are there more than one options?)
    A good place to start may be to continue trusting and experiencing whatever Creator has for you. I sense a focus on the high spiritual things with Creator will help open up revelation, strategy, and a joy beyond what might now be visible to you.

    Laura, I agree that you have such favor in the spirit realms with Creator that you are rising to new exciting heights with Him to see and experience things that you dream about. I ask for continued protection and grace to accomplish all that you are destined to, that you will recognize angels and allow them to do their part in your journey. I declare that you do see and will continue to see through the lens of His love and perspective the wonderful and mysterious things that await you.

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