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Activation Prayer For Dreams

Discussion in 'Start Here!' started by Melody, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. Melody

    Melody Founder/Dean of NIT Staff Member

    Activation Dream Prayer:

    Creator, I ask that you sanctify my sleep and my life; mind, body, soul and spirit. That you remove all the residue of daily life and concerns. That you would speak to me through the night and that you would give me the ability to remember. I speak over myself, that I AM a dreamer and that I operate in my night vision gifting. That my spirit and soul are open to what you want to release to me, and that my body and emotions will receive "rest" in the midst of what might seem to be very active hours of sleep and productivity. I speak to my prophetic vision and tell that portal and spiritual third eye to "open" as is your will, Creator God.

    That my ears are open to hear you in audible voice, and all my senses will experience Jesus in a very tangible and joyous manner! That you would meet me nightly in my sleep and dream life to accomplish many of the tasks that I am called to for your kingdom. That I will travel with Jesus to other realms and fly with Him through dimensions and the veil between the natural and the spiritual realm.

    I release peace over my rest and sleep every night, and also ask that you open a remote angelic portal over my bed to give opportunity to co-labor with the creatures that you God, have created to fulfill your plans. I declare that I will be laid down in peace and given "sweet dreams" even those with spiritual strategy for the kingdom and for all your purposes. Thank you, Creator God!

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