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Blueberry Habanero Wine

Discussion in 'Examples of Interpreted Dreams' started by Melody, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. Melody

    Melody Founder/Dean of NIT Staff Member

    Theme: Speaking the truth in a copacetic manner.

    Was sitting at a counter facing a street at night with someone. I had two bottles in front of me, both blueberry habanero wine. One was homemade, the other was not. The homemade one had a spout on it like for hard liquor. I had drank out of both. Some guy came over and asked what it was, then if he could have a drink. He drank out of the store bought. Then he died. There was a funeral. I'm still sitting at the counter, watching over my shoulder as the people I'm with try to say something nice about the guy they just met.

    The wines are representing "spirits." The home-made wine sounds man made, and the other is authentic Spirit, the real thing. The man made spirit has a spout on it, and represents 'hard words', religion. The man seems to be representing a familiar spirit, and possibly your flesh, the old man. The fact that you have drank from both, indicates that you have tasted the real thing, and you have also had some of the religious hard words. This familiar spirit needs to die, and does when it encounters the real thing. The flesh, or familiar spirit, looks like it is connected to shame, or fear of being guilty, because you are up at a 'counter', which indicates having to measure up. And the people around trying to say nice words about the dead man sound like religion, people trying to think up nice things to say. Blueberries are full of antioxidants, which fight off 'free radicals.'

    I turn back to the counter and there is a box of toothpaste next to me that says it removes evidence of foul play. Somebody thinks I'm guilty. I get some toothpaste in my mouth and flip the box so the info isn't showing. Then I go in the garage for something and mom won't leave me alone. I wind up in the house making toast with her.

    The toothpaste seems to represent The Spirit, because it cleanses and removes guilt. Again, this goes back to the indication that you are dealing with guilt and shame with this familiar spirit. Going into the garage appears to be The Spirit again, not relenting to offer you how to speak in a palatable way that is with truth and free of shame or guilt. You wind up making bread with The Spirit. In this way The Spirit is giving you healing and deliverance to feed to others, as well.

    I declare that you are being released from any familiar spirit, and that The Spirit of your Creator is teaching you how to bring nourishment to others in your path. I speak that shame and guilt connected to the use of hard words are washed away leaving no residue in you. That what flows out of you is the gentle and honest heart and intent of Creator's Spirit for others.

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