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Cosmic Poker

Discussion in 'Spiritual Discussions' started by KG, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. KG

    KG Member

    Over the past few weeks I have been in intercession, along with the other interns of NIT, over the date 10/24 as it relates to our country and leadership. What has dropped in me from The Spirit is the "Cosmic Game of Poker". We have been playing in this game and we did not know we were playing. The following is what I have heard and put down. I am not a poker player so I had to do a little research and I feel that I could play a game of Texas Hold'em. (y)

    Cosmic Poker Game

    We have been playing against an adversary who knows the ins and outs of the game. The game is cosmic poker. Cosmic relating to spiritual matters and poker the game in which the outcome of any particular hand involves chance; the long-run expectations of the players are determined by their actions chosen on the basis of probability, psychology and game theory.

    These adversaries can work the angles, and size up the competition in seconds. "Angle shooting" is engaging in actions that may technically be within the scope of the rules of the game, but that are considered unethical or unfair to exploit or take advantage of another player. Not knowing how to play makes you a mark. A mark is a person at a poker table that is the focus of attention. Other players consider the "mark" a weaker competitor and try to push the person out .When you flounder you attract sharks.

    These adversaries play without mercy and will go all in. They know the art of bluffing and they make you think you have lost. They deal underhanded and work in collusion with others to take you out. The darkness hustles and cheats. Your adversaries have stacked the deck against you. They have dealt you a hand from the bottom of the deck used sleight of hand to put you in a compromised position to get you to fold.

    Poker is a game of mental warfare. In this game it is spiritual warfare. Get to know the weapons of warfare and learn how to use them. It's not about luck, it’s not about gambling. It's a game of strategy, like chess. It's psychological and emotional warfare. In poker, there are very few stupid winners.

    The enemy has been dealing dirty for a long time. He has been used to winning because he works the angles and goes in for the kill taking everything you have. But the enemy has over played his hand. He has showed his held cards and now the plans that have been hidden in the darkness are being exposed to the light. The tables will turn. Positions will switch from who is winning and losing. The light overcomes darkness and the light always wins "straight up".

    For too long the people who belong to Creator have been playing the hands they have been dealt. Not realizing that that hand came from a card shark that has used their skill and deception to win at all costs. Creator is calling forward his players of the game. These players will not come from traditional places that most people think of when they associate the traditional style of people who belong to Creator. That is how Creator likes to operate, he uses the unconventional, to baffle and amaze the typical and accepted wisdom of mankind. Creator is calling up his tables of spiritual “Chris Moneymakers.” (The story of Chris Moneymaker, the 27-year-old accountant from Tennessee, an average Joe, who turned a $39 investment on Poker Stars into $2.5 million by winning the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event. It was perhaps the most significant win in poker history, and one that has continually transformed the game over the past decade.)

    The remnant will become the Rounders’. (An expert player who travels around to seek out high-stakes games) No fear players. They will know how to read their dark opponents for tells; know their hand history, read the betting patterns and profile their moves. Then they will have insight from spirit to the nature of the hand. These players will understand the factors that create the different styles of play. When to play loose and when to play a tight game. The ante has been raised, so a tighter more conservative and disciplined game will be played. These rounders’ will begin to mop up the competition and put a hurtin’ on the cheaters of the game.
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  2. Seneca

    Seneca Member

    Melody and I were just talking about how the enemy is showing his hand ALOT lately.

    So if we are to study our opponent, this obviously flies in the face of all the folks saying not to give him any attention. Thoughts on this anybody? :sneaky:
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  3. Julie

    Julie Prophetic Coach

    Very interesting! I have been led to pray over the past few months that the enemy's hand be revealed, not just for this country but for the people in my life as well. This involving a close watch on what is being revealed. Going off of what Seneca said, how are we to be on the defense if we are not paying attention to the game?
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  4. Melody

    Melody Founder/Dean of NIT Staff Member

    Very insightful and timely as well. Thank you Kellie! Good comments guys and you're right! We don't want to spend any time exalting the enemy but if you're wise, you'll take the time to know his tactics. No good army goes out blindly without having made themselves aware of the M.O. of their dangerous opponent. That would be a suicide mission. Thanks for sharing!
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  5. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    Well said! Yes, we do need to know what the adversary is up to so we can learn his strategy and beat him, sometimes even at his own game.

    I was telling a story to some students the other day about how my grandfather was part of the naval radio training school at U of Idaho in the 1940's at the beginning of WWII. The navy used to send their radio specialists to the U of I school simply because they trained them in adverse circumstances (simulated wind, static, etc.) to be more like the real experience at sea. Because of this training, they were able to crack the codes of the enemy which led the US and it's allies toward a victory in WWII.

    Again, it's all about understanding what the enemy is up to... :alien:
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  6. Nick Dell

    Nick Dell Member

    Hello there, I really enjoyed reading this. I used to play some poker, so Kellie connecting the game to the spiritual life is insightful and meaningful for me. Thanks.

    I thought of Mary going "ALL IN" in Luke 1:38 with her YES, her FIAT: “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” I picture her unhesitatingly and unreservedly pushing all her chips into the middle of the poker table in a bold maneuver, staking everything and putting all on the line based on God's goodness, and, of course, winning the jackpot and collecting all the chips. May I imitate her.
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