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Destiny Of A Nation

Discussion in 'Spiritual Discussions' started by Del, Nov 21, 2015.

  1. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    I was asked to post notes from the 50-States Tour. Because I attended the Idaho Tour (in Boise) in 2004, I took some good notes. I then ordered cassette tapes (yep, they still make cassettes) and took dictation from those tapes (24 pages worth). If others have tapes, CD, MP3's or anything from the other states, please post links here.

    There is a book out by Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets from all 50 states. However, it's only a synopsis of the often three-day event for each state. For Idaho, there were some key things missing about our "key" state.

    So... anyone have other states? If you do but don't want to take dictation, get them to me and I'll see what I can do. Or, if you have links to where people can hear the sessions, post those here. Also, if you have things that specifically are for our nation or your state, this is a great place to post that information.
  2. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    Part 1: Idaho 50 States Tour

    Part 2: Idaho 50 States Tour

    Part 3: Idaho 50 States Tour

    NOTE: They are labeled "Tape 1, Tape 3 and Tape 5." However, everything is there because I ended up consolidating a couple of tapes and did it by days instead of tapes.

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