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Distance, Distraction

Discussion in 'Examples of Prophetic Readings' started by Anita, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. Anita

    Anita Character Director Staff Member Weekly Reader

    Distance, Distraction

    I hear the phrase, "Distance, distraction." I sense that there may be a long-distance relationship in your life that has come to function more as a distraction for you than as a truly healthy relationship. I feel that Creator is bringing this to your attention so that you can take a step back and really look at it. I see Him handing you a pair of glasses that seem to enable you to cut through any fuzziness and see clearly what all is going on. Seeing it all clearly allows you to make an informed, unbiased decision on what needs to be done next, whether that is an adjustment in the relationship that clears the way for it to rise to the next level, or if it is time to refocus on other, healthier ones for a while.
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