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Ian Clayton Notes

Discussion in 'Spiritual Discussions' started by Del, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    This thread is being started so those of us who are listening to Ian Clayton's teaching and are taking notes, can do so here. This is to help us understand in greater depth what he is saying. There's a lot to these teachings and through seeing and hearing, we're covering two of our senses. Several of the teachings are on YouTube. So, as we each take notes and listen to these teachings, we're posting that information below. They will be long but... they'll all be in one place.

    Happy posting :D

    As you will notice, I don't have everything word for word. I've written down notes that are helping me remember and internalize the information. You'll need to listen to the videos and get the teachings (he sells them on his site http://www.sonofthunder.org/) to gain a full understanding of what he's talking about. These notes are NOT enough but are a start.

    I encourage everyone reading this that if you really like Ian Clayton's teachings, please go to his site (above) and purchase the MP3's! If you're blessed by something, it's important to sow into that person. Ian Clayton calls this "trading into" revelation. Because of that, I strongly encourage you to purchase his teachings directly from him. You may use any of my notes but unless I post them here, they aren't available. The reason? It's best to get your own revelation because it's going to stick with you longer. Plus, I would have to type them all up and I only do that as I have time.
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  2. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    Ian Clayton – Courts of Heaven (part 1)
    As a reminder... these are just my personal notes. Ian Clayton himself is constantly saying that you need to take this information and research it out yourself. You need "ownership" of it in order to understand it. These notes are meant to help you with that process. For me, I learn better when I can see followed by hearing what I'm learning. For you, it may be different.

    We have been told that we can have heaven on the earth and that heaven can come to the earth but not that we can live in heaven while on the earth. The kingdom is not about what you do. The kingdom is about who you are; what you actually represent when you walk on the face of the earth and what is mandated around your life that is being revealed in the atmosphere and condition and what is known as the Kingdom of the earth. The domain of the Kingdom of the earth was not formed until God separated Eve out of Adam. A Kingdom is about a sphere of responsibility and an arena of government that is functional. A kingdom is usually depicted by having a king over it. That’s why they call it a kingdom. Adam was given the earth and was told to take the earth and subdue it. At the stage when God did that with Adam, the domain of the Kingdom of earth was established. Not the physical earth but the atmospheric. We now have what is known as the Kingdom of the earth. It’s not a Kingdom OF darkness. It’s a kingdom IN darkness. Satan didn’t make it because he can’t make anything. He can only use what’s predominantly there and form a pattern of a process that was established by what was there at the start. This realm that Satan now occupies is contained in the atmosphere of the earth. Satan was cast down to the earth and is known of the prince of the power of the air. The realm that is in darkness is as close to me as the air that I breathe. When I turn into earth, it becomes the source of my supply. The same thing goes with the realm of God. It’s as close to me as the air I breathe. When I turn to it, it becomes the source of my supply.

    The scripture doesn’t support a first, second, and third heaven. There is no first and second heaven in the Bible. The reason it’s been established was because of a quote of Paul saying he knew someone who went to the third heaven. This is Greek thinking in that there must be a 1st and 2nd heaven. Hebraically, the picture of #3 is of camel humps. The camel humps are important (means gimmel). It helps us to see the supply of heaven. It’s full supply of the provision of heaven. That full supply is as close to me as the air that I breathe. When I turn into, I can engage and live in that supply. When I engage it here, I can bring it with me to this earth. I don’t stand here and pull it down. It’s about an administrative process that God has given us that will reveal the kingdom through our lives. Remember... the Kingdom is not what you do (casting out devils, healings, etc... these are gifts and signs and wonders to display the kingdom). The kingdom is about who you are.

    Key foundation of the Kingdom is having a life of integrity and maturity. It’s not about doing things for God. It’s about who you are in God.

    Three realms to engage presence of God.
    1. Kingdom of the earth: You can engage the atmosphere of the realm of God by crossing the boundary line to His realm.
    2. Kingdom of God: It lives and exists inside of you. It flows out of you like river and living power to manifest the domain of that which sits inside of you. To understand the source of this kingdom, you have to understand where the river comes from. We’ve been taught that the spirit man exists in our belly. The human body is formed inside the womb – first, the head and backbone and skull and then all the internal organs which is surrounded by a membrane that no blood can get to. Inside a membrane in your head is where the spirit man sits. The spirit man is sitting on this “seat.” First mention of River in the Bible.... The river is running from the throne of God. The throne is the seat of the government of the power of heaven. When the Bible says a river is flowing out of your belly, it’s saying there is life flowing from the governmental seat of the realm of the dominion and power within you. It’s not where your spirit man is. This kingdom that is within me is very important for us to engage. It mandates and transfers me into the kingdom of heaven without any other boundaries. It transitions me into that realm when I begin to engage it. Engage the Kingdom realm... engage what’s inside of you to make a house. Once I’ve built that house, it escorts me into the realm of the government of His presence. Jesus said his house was called a house of prayer. Speaking in tongues does this... it fills the atmosphere. It contains the atmosphere of the realm around you and can escort you into the realm of the Kingdom of Heaven. Luke 17:21 – the Kingdom of God is with you. There’s a realm of government that is within you. It functions out of the seat of government that is within you. It expresses the government of God into the earth around us to establish the domain of His power so that His power, His glory, and His Kingdom can be expressed into the physical world called the Kingdom of the Earth. The very life of God actually chooses to live inside of you. You will need to meditate around that day and night. If not, you’ll never get a revelation of who you really are and what you have inside of you. It’s about who you are. (Omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence of God – it actually lives inside of you). You are a host for a realm of government that God is choosing you to become an expression through and of Him in the face of the earth. Luke 24:49 (we’re indued with power on high).
    3. Kingdom of Heaven that is on the outside of you. It comes upon you – it’s not because you’re so good or righteous (it’s useless anyway). It produces holiness, not righteousness. Righteousness is a gift of God that strips the fallen nature. Righteous is only found when you enter into the realm of his presence and engage the atmosphere of his presence and you stand before Him. There’s a realm on the outside of us that will come down over the top of us. The only reason it does this because it sees something that looks like itself. The Hebrews believe they are a shadow of Heaven. That’s why you look in their culture, it was structured like the realm of heaven. God gave them a copy of “as it is in heaven, so it is upon the earth.” When the Kingdom of God is manifesting around your life, You’ve built a house that can escort you into the kingdom of heaven. When you’re in heaven, that realm then recognizes that realm of who you are in earth. Heaven looks down and sees itself and steps into it because this shadow looks like this shadow. We must carry the shadow of heaven. Take dominion over every deaf and dumb spirit that will try to mess up our brains. Command it to be loosened so we can understand. We are in warfare because we’re wrestling with belief systems. A human doesn’t learn by what is in their ears, it learns by what it sees and what it feels in frequency and vibration within the body. You think inside your heart and not inside your brain. What happens when first being formed inside the womb... There’s an audio nerve that runs from inner ear that goes to every major organ, except the spleen. Your body is a living receptor of vibration and frequency. Elijah said the word burns inside him like fire. Hearing should be the end product of what you’re feeling. Greek teaches you how to think and hear... Hebrew teach you how to see and feel. When someone is speaking to you; you are 70% water. Water is a conductor of frequency. The Holy Spirit brooded (vibrated – created frequency) over the face of the deep. Until that which was upon the earth came into the same frequency as He is and then in the same frequency, he was able to speak into it because it had his shadow and call it to come into it’s original design. Until you carry the same frequency and shadow of heaven, you will not be able to be called into your original design.
    The enduing that comes from upon high is very important to us. Everything to do with the realm of heaven has number and numeric connected with it.

    Realm of Heaven - Everything that has to do with a window of heaven has to have two things. Two points of contact to form an arc. Anything to do with the governmental realm has three things: body, soul, spirit – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob – Father, son – Holy Spirit, Blood, water fire, etc.... When the Bible talks about things in threes, it’s a foundational shadow for the government to rest itself upon. Pay attention to this! Everything in government goes in three’s.

    Separate the soul from spirit. Soul is NOT tied to the spirit. There are two conditions.... the joint of the marrow and the intent of your heart. We have two things: An arc - To understand the arc, we must go into the Old Testament. We have a picture of an image that was created in heaven. A picture of an arc with a mercy seat and two cherubim that are sitting on the other end of the mercy seat. Once a year, the high priest would set incense into the curtain. The curtain didn’t have a hole in it and he had to walk through it. When there was enough incense, he would go into the room. The curtain weighed about 400 pounds. So, it was impossible to walk through or stick your hand through it. You had to translocate to get on the other side. The arc was a super conductor of energy and power. Showbread, tablets, and the rod were the three things. You must carry those things in your life.

    Remember... everything about government comes in threes. So, the high priest would get inside there and sing the name of God. It was an oscillating frequency, which would release the frequency. It would cause an arc between the two wings of the Cherubim. After singing the names of God (they carry the record of the testimony of the 70 that went from Adam all the way through to Jesus. They bear the image of the Father in them). The box would vibrate and you’d get an arc of light forming between the two cherubim wings; called light energy and light power and light technology. The light technology would open up a window into the Kingdom realm that the presence of God would come through that window and sit upon the mercy seat.

    We have two realms; the kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven. They need to be activated inside your life by your abandonment towards the presence and love of God so you yield yourself into it so you begin to take on the sound of the frequency of heaven when you begin to engage it. This is why we sing worship songs. Take on that some sound inside your physical body. Take on resemblance of “as it is in heaven” so God can use the arc of what is in the realm of Kingdom of heaven and what is on the Kingdom of the earth to form an arc inside of you between you and that i to manifest Himself through onto the earth. The Kingdom is now about what you do but who you are.

    The Kingdom is what you are and who you are in that realm. We need to become a shadow of “as it is in heaven.” In this realm, there are seven layers of the kingdom of the earth, the kingdom of God, and the kingdom of Heaven. The realm of eternity is where we come from. We were not created a human being. You’re always told you’re human but, we’re a human doing. I was not created a human being; I was created a spirit being bearing the fullness of the image and the knowledge of God before I came out of heaven and was made into a human being. One of the key issues for us to engage is to understand the dimensional realms around us. There’s the realm that we live into and then the abodes of God which we engage into. There are many more dimensions than the one we live in here. Classic example... Jesus comes up to a blind man, mixes up mud and puts it on his eyes. The guy says that he sees trees as tall as men. Jesus says, “Sorry, wrong dimension” and spits again and puts more mud on his eyes. The higher you go and the places you occupy in those domains of God, open up the doorways into other places in other realms. We struggle with just knowing there’s a heaven right here and there’s a realm we can step into that’s all about My God and Father.

    The demonic world also has a bench of three in government world. King of Tyre, Jezebel and Etheliah. False father, false mother, and false mother. The enemy always copies what’s in heaven.

    Structure of temple in Old Testament. Jews knew they were a shadow of heaven. The object of the apostolic is to bring the blueprints from heaven. It’s not to bring a network of people around the apostle. The skin of apostolic has three things: time, finances, and relationship. The finances are from the father to the son. Apostles are not your covering. They are people you partner with.

    Temple in Jerusalem, we have an outer court, an inner court, and a Holy place. It’s like us: we have an outer court (body), inner court (soul), and Holy place (our spirit). The Holy of Holies is where the presence of God lives inside your spirit being. The temple in the mount was set up just like our bodies. Except that the Glory of God would be seen over the temple mount and when they would do sacrifices once a year, they would release that fragrant oil into the sacrifice that they burnt. It would It would change the smoke from the thousands of animals that they burnt into frequency of the smell of to a sweet smell over what was being poured out over the alter. So whatever is being poured out over the alter of your life will create a smell around you. It’s called the shadow of heaven. We are called a fragrance of God in Christ Jesus. Do you smell like heaven?

    The demonic world knows the activity of the kingdom world. When you smell of a different fragrance, they cannot enter your atmosphere. Fragrance is a frequency. You learn smell by someone telling you what it is (like an onion). Frequency is associated with the name given you about the food you’re tasting. And so, when God comes around us and the Kingdom of Heaven comes around us, God is looking for a smell that smells like Him. He’s also looking for a shadow. ... Scripture: “He that dwells in the secret of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty.” To form a shadow, you have to be in the presence of a greater light. God doesn’t have a shadow because He is the light. For me to cast a shadow, I have to stand in the light so the light comes through me and I will block out the source of the light and my shadow will be formed because my physical body will block that out. The Bible is saying “Does that look like me?” If not, that can’t fit into it. The realm of heaven is our starting point. The realm of heaven is not our “in” point. We are taught that when we die, we’ll go to heaven. Yes, it will be wonderful. Why not experience and see it now instead of waiting until we die? Before I can get to heaven, I must understand the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of earth. I will not have heaven opened up to me until I do. It’s not about what you do but who you are.

    God may do a wealth transference... but... provision will only come because of a position of responsibility, not just because you want it to come. Everything is about responsibility. Just because you want it, it will only come as you take on roles of responsibility that provision will come to that position of responsibility. Zech 3... walk in His ways, Keep his laws, I will grant you to judge my house, judge my courts, and I will give you a place to stand by here.

    Five things, five hands, five ministries - Everything to do with foundational work always comes in fives.

    1. Kingdom of the earth – walk in my ways
    2. Kingdom of God – keep my laws
    3. Kingdom of Heaven – judge my house
    4. **Heaven – judge my courts
    5. **Heaven of Heavens – I will give you a place with those that stand by here. **You can’t progress into these arenas unless you take responsibility for the lower ones.
    The job of a king is to judge. We can judge... but... we need to learn the protocol in heaven of why we need to judge. If we judge His house, we can then judge His courts. We better get practicing in learning how to judge His house. We can’t judge his courts until we can judge his house.

    The laws are NOT the ten commandments. We have to build a marriage contuba (contract). We can’t have a marriage contract until we have a contuba (get the CD’s). Unless we have a marriage contract, he has nothing to work with. There are 24 laws .... we need to understand that when God is displaying things. (more teaching on this later). Everything we have done in our life doesn’t mean a hill of beans. It’s if we have walked in the scroll of the testimony that He has given us here on earth. If we do what we are called to do and He does what He’s called to do, we can build a honeycomb of the Kingdom.

    I Cor. 6:19, it says that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. It’s the spiritual reality of His presence fully manifested in you. The only way to have an expression of God through our lives is to be a living sacrifice. A living sacrifice is us... we ARE a living sacrifice. The Bible says “holy” and acceptable. Holy is about what we have done in our life to engage the realm of God so he has something to work with. When the Bible says “present yourself as a living sacrifice” we must understand the actual sacrifice of the lambs on the alter in the temple. The priest would slit the throat, skin it, cut head off, cut legs off, split it open in half and open it right up. We need to allow God to strip off every false covering that we put on ourselves that make others think we are special. It has nothing to do with me. It could be a dead work which means that it will burn. We present ourselves so He can strip off the false coverings of our life. He then cuts the head off.

    The Bible says “foxes have holes and birds have nests and the son of man has nowhere to rest his head,” it’s not about Jesus being poor. Jesus’ garment was worth one year’s wage. Kings are very rich... that’s why he had an accountant. Only people that are rich have accountants (or have money). He had his own personal accountant. When Jesus says that foxes have holes.... foxes don’t live in holes, they have babies in holes. A fox doesn’t live in a foxhole. Birds lays eggs and hatches babies but they don’t live in nests. We think that we live in a nest (called a church – feed me all the time...). What Jesus was saying is “I, as the son of man have not raised anyone up into a place maturity that I can put my head upon.”

    We need to learn how to receive. We have the issue of what we express in our lives. When we learn how to receive praise, we are less apt to fall into sin. We need to learn to present these things to God. It’s all part of the sacrifice... The priest would take out the innards. It wasn’t the sheep’s job to make itself clean; it was the high priest’s job. It was his job to clean the inward parts. The sheep’s job was to present itself. That’s the gospel... The high priest would split open the rib cage. It’s opens it up so all parts are accessible. The more open we are to the presence of God, what sits in us can be unlocked. What’s in us is a testimony scroll of what we agreed to that has a waxed seal on it. Revelation says “Behold the lion of tribe of Judah who is worthy to break open the scroll...” Until we present ourselves as a living sacrifice, our testimony scroll will not be opened. What empowers us to engage God, we have to do it! Everything you do in the Kingdom world must be ground out in daily life. The Kingdom is about manifesting that here. Getting drunk in the spirit is more than that if it’s not doing any good. There’s a good place to be drunk and thoroughly enjoy yourself; in the Kingdom realm. Banqueting table in Hebrew means “house of wine.” We can get drunk in the judgments of God. Get blasted about the presence of God inside our body so it changes us.

    We need to engage heaven. If my Father is in heaven, I need to open up a window into heaven. Jesus is the door; He has made that way for our entry. All your works that we’ve done during the week doesn’t mean a hill of beans. Has the stuff that God has done inside of you empowered you to open enough to the realm of heaven that heaven can be revealed in you with an open window for your entry through Christ (the arc of God). God has a plan in what He is doing. We need to get with that plan. We need to present ourselves, engage God, and open that doorway. Our experience with God starts up there and not down here. Our responsibility starts up there and will take on a reflection down here on earth.

    Find a place to take a small place forward. Then, be able to take a small step backwards. Close your eyes and be sure you can do both. It requires faith for us to enter the realm of your presence. By faith, step forward into the realm of Your presence. Step forward and present yourself as a living sacrifice. Give him the life of your blood and take every false covering, skin me of every false covering and everything that has been a hindrance. Take the government of the realm I’ve walked in and take them as gift back to you. Open up all the parts and deep secrets of my life and expose it in your presence. As my high priest, Jesus, clean me today. Split me inside the middle and open me right up to your presence and I yield to you today. Come with the fire of your glory and break the wax and seal; the scroll of your testimony so that I would know you in the fullness of your power and resurrection. I reassemble myself today in your presence. Take a step backwards into the atmosphere of the earth.
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  3. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    Here's an Ian Clayton teaching video where he discusses communion and then does it at the end (starting about 54 minutes in). My notes are only from the actual communion time.

    His Instructions:
    • Use anything (eggs and milk, bread and juice, etc.) It’s the symbol that matters and not the thing that you use.
    • Have communion throughout the day
    Agree with the following in your own way in your heart so you can culture the process of reality for yourself. These teachings are just a start. Make the experience your own. When you own it, do it yourself. This is a springboard to gain your own revelation:
    • Father, thank you for giving record of your DNA when you overshadowed Mary.
    • Thank Jesus for being willing to carry that record; you endured the cross despising the shame, made an open show of satan, you trampled satan because of that record that you would be able to deliver us to be your sons.
    • Jesus, thank you for bearing the pain and sorrow of the cross for this day through the joy that that you set your eyes upon this day, that we would eat and drink of the testimony and the record of heaven so we could bear it here on earth.
    • He who eats my body shall live forever, not die, has eternal life. I agree with the testimony of Your word. By law of faith, I receive provision of that law today. This life I now live, I live by the faith of the Son of God.
    • In my day, I can begin to participate with that light here on the face of the earth.
    • Jesus, thank you for coming to earth to release the testimony of what you carry
    • Jesus, that you that your body holds the record that carries the transfiguration.
    • Adam had a glorified, white light body. We are going to carry that same image. We are going back as to the beginning.
    • Thank you, Jesus for bearing testimony of your word. We come into agreement with the testimony of Your Word.
    • We eat the body and drink the blood... putting our hands on our stomach, say something like...

    Father, today, by faith, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I lay hold of the record and the testimony that I now carry in my body. I receive into my body the record of the DNA of God. That record would go in the very marrow of my bones. My bones will begin to produce a record of God’s DNA within my body. I engage that DNA record, wrap my spirit around it, and pull it into my body in the Name of Jesus. I engage the record of the transfiguration on the mountain that is in the bread that I’ve eaten. The Word says that if I eat Your bread, I will live forever and I shall not die. I engage the Kingdom that is in the record of the kingdom that is in Your body. I pull it into my body in Jesus Name. It will change the reflection of the kingdom that I live in. I command my body to hear the voice of God speak in light in my body. It would begin to change the record of my body. My body is brought into the realm of creative light once again. I choose to allow my body to remember who I was in heaven before I was in earth. I release it today into my body and my being. I shall not die and I will have eternal life, here on the face of the earth today. I release this today in my life. It is written that when I eat your body and drink your blood, I will have eternal life and will live forever. In Jesus’ Name.
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  4. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    Here is another teaching where Ian takes you into the courts to deal with sickness and stuff on your body. Only the first hour of this teaching has sound. But, everything you need is towards the beginning.

    Before listening to the teaching, make a list of everything that's wrong PHYSICALLY with your body. Do not include the emotional stuff. For example... joint pain, gall stones, addictions, autism, etc. There will be an opportunity to add to that list once you get to a specific place in the video. He'll then walk you through what to do from there. VERY liberating and it may be the answer to why sometimes stuff just won't let go.

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  5. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    I took notes on Ian's "Mazzaroth" teaching. I took all the signs of the constellations and put them with his notes along with notes from Frances Rolleston's book "Mazzaroth or the Constellations and Mizraim, or astronomy of Egypt." You can click on the attachment and print off the notes that are in PDF format. Very interesting stuff... It all came from the Hebrew scriptures. :D

    Attached Files:

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  6. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    I have been saying this over myself now for about three months several times per day. I'm actually noticing that when I take communion (several times per day) my body is more healthy. I've added the phrase "and I walk in divine health" to the places it says "I will live and not die and have eternal life." So, if you've not yet started this practice, I would highly encourage you to do so, especially if you need healing of any kind. Although the video for this teaching is above, you can also purchase his teachings from his website: www.sonofthunder.org

    All I can say is "Good stuff!" :D
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  7. Seneca

    Seneca Member

    Thanks for all this in one place Del! (y) Ian has really helped me understand what exactly I'm doing in creating my flower essences. I've been doing it all along, and understanding that something big is happening, and that I'm merely a facilitator, but the Speed of Light teaching really made the lights come on so to speak. That I'm engaging both created and creative light, asking the Spirit to come and hover over the waters as I'm creating it...

    Here's a blurb from my website explaining the process.

    “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”

    English does not do this story justice. It's impossible to go from Hebrew to English without losing oodles of meaning. Each word has several meanings and even the characters that make up the words have multiple levels of depth. What I want to bring out, is that the word "hover" means to flutter, or vibrate. The Spirit of God was vibrating over the waters, infusing it with His frequency, and bringing it into tune with the sound of who He is. Water is a perfect recorder and carrier of frequency. Research is now confirming our understanding of water’s ability to be a bridge between the energetic and the physical worlds by accumulating and transferring vibrational patterns and information. It would make sense that He had to overwrite the old pattern of chaos and darkness.

    Keep that thought. Now over here in essence making land, I'm employing the same process but adding the frequency of the flowers. Flowers are carefully chosen and added to water, which gets prayed over and left for the Spirit to come and "hover." I leave it alone until I literally see light, and see that it is good. In that manner, flower essences are both natural and supernatural.

    Flower essences resonate the specific healing energy of the flower, as well as the energy of Creator. There is a flower for every emotional disturbance and they can get ultra specific. They vibrate at very high frequencies, where the negative emotional states will cause a person to vibrate at a low frequency. When you introduce a higher frequency into the energy field of a lower one, the lower has to give way to the higher power. Always.

    Remember the water? That perfect carrier and recorder of frequency? Our bodies are 70% water - give or take. Sometimes, it may be necessary for our old patterns of chaos and darkness to be overwritten with a new frequency. Our own personal Genesis.
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  8. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    I have a ton of notes... It's a matter of getting stuff up. Gotta get done with the developing of my online class first... You know, prioritize! That's what we're learning in Dream Ventures.

    Let me know if you need any help producing flower essences, I have lots to work with here and we're on the same page with this stuff.
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  9. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    Oh, I've also been doing the prayers for dividing of the soul and spirit. I found it easier to sit at the keyboard one day and let the Spirit direct the music. I then play it back where I can pray and declare through song. For me, it's much easier to focus. I saved it on my NEW keyboard (recorded at A=432 of course :singing:). I expect that it will eventually make it onto a CD. It's a matter of time... :wideeyed:

    Only TWO more videos for the online class. Then, I can upload all 30 to the university and be done with it. Woo HOOOOOO!!! It gives me more time to do cool stuff :LOL:
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  10. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    OK, so after talking about some stuff in the Dream Ventures class with Seneca, I'm going to go ahead and work on the 6th album for Healing Frequencies Music. The "prayer" music that I've done for Ian Clayton's "Dividing the Soul and Spirit" MP3 will be on that next CD. I would like to do a couple of more live sessions (maybe in Kooskia?) so those, too, can go on the CD. Looking forward to seeing Julie's artwork on another album!

    And, as an FYI, you can purchase both the music and artwork for the Prophetic Musical Journey series here:
    Music: Healing Frequencies Music

    Also, working with Seneca on how frequencies in both flower essences and music work together. Click here for her website: Freedom-Flowers
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  11. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    In thinking about a review that someone left for "Into the Deep," the reviewer noted that people tend to either love it or hate it. I wonder, based on what I've read and heard of Ian Clayton and Justin Abraham, if as people's spirits are ready to hear things, their spirit opens up to receive in a different way? Sometimes, just because we hate something doesn't mean it's necessarily bad; it could mean that we're not ready to hear (receive) it yet.

    So much of this is true in these teachings, too. I've been reading and taking notes on several people (Ian Clayton, Justin Abraham, Robert Henderson, etc.). As I internalize what's being said, and it makes more sense to me, I "like" it more. It's highly probably that we dislike things only because we don't understand them.

    OK... done philosophizing for the evening. :wideeyed:
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  12. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    One thing I'm learning from listening to Ian Clayton stuff is that in order to get where you want to be, you gotta practice! Yep, it's the "P" word! Because I'm a classical musician, I so relate to what that means. I say to my students that learning a musical instrument takes "practice, patience and perseverance." Those three together are required to be a good musician (both technically and musically). So, when Ian started talking about "practicing the presence of God," I got this "aha" moment. I've been putting into practice his suggestions for practice times and it's working. Being consistent is key and then not feeding your brain with a bunch of stuff that will counteract what you're trying to do is also helpful. Well... super helpful. My dad used to say "garbage in, garbage out." And, it's true. What you "feed" yourself, you get to reap the benefits of that "food." So, I had to look at what was coming out of me and consider changing the "food" that I was putting in my body because things were just not working the way I wanted them to. (Some examples others may relate to: gossip, getting involved in drama, watching yucky stuff on TV, listening to music that puts you in a bad mood, etc.). The changes I've made are making a difference so it's easier to focus on practicing the presence of God now. :love:
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  13. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    It's been a while since I posted some notes from teachings I've listened to. That's partially due to "practicing" what I've been hearing and noting so far. After a practice session today, I was led to listen to a teaching called "Trophy Room of Satan." Interesting, especially after what I'd done in my practice session. This teaching is not what I expected it to be and am so glad that I did listen! Again, all of Ian's teachings are available on www.sonofthunder.org, which is where I found this teaching.

    I'll give the end here because it all leads up to ONE thing... PRACTICE! When Ian stated that the average believer only spends about two minutes a day praying in tongues, it's no wonder we struggle with getting through interesting things in life. At the end of the teaching, Ian walks the listeners through a practice session. Before that, he states that it's time to pursue and take what has been stolen (which is what this teaching is really about). Chase the spirit world to get stolen stuff back. That takes practice. He provides four things that are essential:
    1. Spend time praying in tongues. It's vital for your life
    2. Decree Word of God over your life. We function out of spirit man, into the spirit world, and then into our body. Let your mouth speak words without thinking about what you're saying (both in tongues and in English - or your native tongue). In other words, let the words flow.
    3. Dream about coming into inheritance. What captivates your mind, captivates your heart. What captivates your heart comes out of your mouth. Then... you pursue and recover ALL (that has been stolen). Shift your focus. If you're in a mess, change your focus if you want to see change.
    4. Come into agreement with what the Word says is true.
    Here's the activation: Ponder on this first... (from the Bible) His Word is like a hammer that smashes in pieces.
    • Take Word of God and begin to release it around your life. Encounter Kingdom and enable it to move inside your life.
    • Begin to pray in tongues for some time.
    • STOP! Think "The Word of God is like a hammer." Meditate on that some more and continue to think those words as you pray in tongues more.
    • STOP! Now, take an area of your life that you've struggled with. Make it a clod of dirt on the ground and smash it while praying in tongues.
    • STOP! This becomes a launching pad for possession. If you practice taking hold of the Word, the issues in your life you've been struggling with, you will be able to go anywhere in the Kingdom of darkness and bring the Glory and reveal the light of Heaven in that place.
    • Continue to pray more in tongues. You should begin to sense that you're standing on the enemy's head and bruising his head for a change. Bring truth of the Word of God into that place.
    The basics of this teaching involve the trophy room in the kingdom of darkness that's filled with things people gave up. The goal? Get them back! When you turn up and expose who you are, a son of light has turned up to take back what was stolen. There is protocol (steps to take) so as Ian says "get the MP3."

    Not gonna post all of the notes for this one 'cause everyone should go listen for themselves. :D
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  14. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    You know... we can have discussions here. Anyone have anything to add? I don't want to be the ONLY one saying things about this stuff!
  15. Cheri

    Cheri Member Weekly Reader

    I'm hoping to take some time in the next couple of months listening to more of Ian Clayton. I'm still getting through the free stuff and the stuff on YouTube or wherever. I'm hoping to soon start getting some of the series. Then, maybe I can add some stuff.

    Del, your notes are good!!!
  16. Cheri

    Cheri Member Weekly Reader

    I did a Joshua Mills retreat/conference this weekend...and I'm ready now to do Ian Clayton and ready to dig into his stuff. It's so neat how this all builds on each other.
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  17. Anita

    Anita Weekly Reader Associate

    My husband and I have been on a hungry for more of God and our own personal relationships with him. As we persued him our thirst grew greater and greater.
    We then discovered the Praying Medic and purchased all his books and read and re read his books. From there I was listening to his podcast and found and interview with you Del...I have your music and was already asking the Lord about what I knew about quantum physics and the vibrations of our confession of the word of God over our own lives. What a witness your ministry has brought me in this. I have also discovered that a company called Novecure has a new protocol using sound waves to treat certain types of cancers. I am writing this and as we are snowed in here in our Smoky Mountain home in NC, we have also read through "Gazing in the Glory" by Bruce Allen. My husband has taken a break and retired himself from reading to watching the football game but here I sit still sooooooo hungry. I found Ian Claytons videos on youtube and was wondering if anyone has heard of him. So, while listening to him I logged into the site here and what do I find....you post here. Needless to say I am so excited to share about the awesome things the Lord is doing in the body of Christ in this season. I have had many adventures with the Lord but always desire to know him more.

    Thank you so much for your posts here.
    Anita : )
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  18. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    Thank you, Anita! And, feel free to add your two-bits here too. I'm new to Ian Clayton's teachings but have been listening to a lot because they answer so many questions that I've had for years. Glad I'm not talking to myself in this thread. :eek:
  19. Anita

    Anita Weekly Reader Associate

    Del: Thank you! You are not alone! : )
    I believe the message that is unfolding is timely and unfolding for the equipping of the body of Christ. I believe it is needful.
    Another man I am listening to is Gary Oates.
    Here are the You Tube links...I found him after watching his testimony on Sid Roth and had a strong witness from the Holy Spirit about him and his wife.

    Part I

    Part II

    This is him and his wife - testimony on side roth.

    He is scheduled to teach at our church on Feb 7th both the morning and evening service.
    I connected with his office and I believe it is certainly a divine appointment.

    Anita : )
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  20. Anita

    Anita Weekly Reader Associate

    Del: It has answered questions that I have had for a long time as well. I have taught about some of it in part. I have always believed that your mind and imagination (being sactified) is a key to walking in the spirit. I am such a stickler for balance of word and spirit. God has been so awesome to confirm and share scripture keeping everything grounded in the word. So lets fly and be strong in the Lord and the power of his might in word and spirit! I love an adventure in God! : ) I believe this is a timely message unfolding for the equipping of the body of Christ in these times we live in. I also love what God is doing with you and sound....I believe it is his heart and he is beginning to show us how his kingdom operates and how we are to cooperate with it so we are effective as believers. : )
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  21. Alice

    Alice Member

    Company of Burning Hearts has a podcast with a number of Ian Clayton teachings on it, as well as other people. (Listening to the "Speed of Light" right now...)
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  22. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    Finally getting around to watching some of this. Good stuff!
  23. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    Just saw this... The speed of light teaching is so good. I need to review it a couple more times. I think that it has answers to some questions. If you go to Ian's site and find the set titled "Jacob's Ladder," there's a teaching in there called "God's Crowns" by Dr. Adonijah Ogbannaya that has so much about frequency in it.
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  24. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    Here are links to some of the teachings:
    OK... that's good for now. I have several already (including some of the above) but these are some to get people started.
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  25. Anita

    Anita Weekly Reader Associate

    Hi Del: I am on an adventure with God and have been feeding on some of Ian's teachings. I love when the word preached challenges me to grow as a believer.
    I appreciate you taking notes on this. I am teaching on Communion Sunday morning and this is such a great wealth of information. I am going to have to break it down and introduce this shift of thought to them. I mean it contains thoughts out side of traditional religion for sure...I am a ground breaker. : ) Happy adventure!
    Anita : )
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  26. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    You go girl!!! (y) :love:
  27. Seneca

    Seneca Member

    Getting set to go to an Ian Clayton/Bruce Allen conference this fall! :D:woot:
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  28. Anita

    Anita Weekly Reader Associate

    I looked on his web site a few times and have considered attended one of his meetings myself. Which one are you thinking about?
  29. Seneca

    Seneca Member

    Access Unlimited in Coeur d Alene ID.
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  30. Alice

    Alice Member

    When is that one?

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