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Ian Clayton Notes

Discussion in 'Spiritual Discussions' started by Del, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. Seneca

    Seneca Member

    Sept 21-25
  2. Melody

    Melody Keymaster Staff Member

    Yeah, I'm with you Del. The practice is what the word is speaking of when it says to refine your discernment by reason of use. We should be activating and practicing all the gifts given to us. To refine and sharpen them for their created purposes. Exactly what we do here. God is so kind to give us spiritual skills to develop and be stewards of. I love Ian's teachings, mostly because they clearly confirm so much of what I sense, but never heard anyone say in earlier years. The hungry and the desperate are seeking to gain greater understanding and revelation of God's love and all His attributes. Many of which, are so clear in Ian's teachings.

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  3. Del

    Del Prophetic Director Staff Member Weekly Reader

    Camping in Coeur d'Alene that weekend! They are only allowing 250 seats this year so if people want to attend, you might want to think about signing up sooner than later. But, they are also live streaming it. Here's the link to the conference: http://www.thegatewayintl.org/events/event-116/access-unlimited-4
  4. Anita

    Anita Character Director Staff Member Weekly Reader

    I may be at that meeting in NC via the live streaming. I watched Andrew Wommack's meeting live from Chicago, IL last night.
    He taught on your imagination and the role it plays in your faith walk. It was so refreshing and timely but then again I always
    find that fact is so with his ministry. The live streaming was via facebook.

    I am praying for an Ian Clayton meeting to come near me. He was just in Mobile, AL, a place I frequent but because of taking care of business, with my Mom's estate I could not make it. I'm hopeful he will come back around. I am so glad for you to be able to attend Ian Clayton's meeting.

    Anita : )
  5. Del

    Del Prophetic Director Staff Member Weekly Reader

    Anita, have you checked out his events on the website? Not all of them are here but it gives you a good idea of when he'll be close to you. I do know that he does an intensive on the east coast but not sure when. Here's his event page: http://sonofthunder.org/conferences/conference.html#oct01NZ
  6. Anita

    Anita Character Director Staff Member Weekly Reader

    OK, Thank you!
  7. Cheri

    Cheri Member Weekly Reader

    I've live streamed the Access Unlimited Conference in Coeur d'Alene before (when Ian Clayton was there), and the streaming worked really well. So, it is definitely a viable option.
  8. Anita

    Anita Character Director Staff Member Weekly Reader

    Thanks Cheri! So glad to hear that. I'm reading through his book now on my kindle. "Realms of the Kingdom"
    So good! There is work to do for sure but I am on my way. I have ministered healing to many people over the 25 years
    I have been in full time ministry but my awesome experiences that I have had the privilege of witnessing God work have
    been peppered with thing which have left me dumbfounded and scratching my head why. His teaching so far has me
    thinking and has been answering many questions. I do desire to be effective for the glory of God in demonstrating Jesus is ALIVE!

    I'm looking forward to the live streaming then. I am making it a date with our loving creator.

    Sincere thanks, Anita
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  9. Del

    Del Prophetic Director Staff Member Weekly Reader

    I think they are charging this year for the live streaming, which I think is good. If you've listened to any of the "trading floor" teachings, that will make sense. But, I think it's only $50 to live stream it. I will be selling my CD's at this event, too. Excited about that!
  10. Justin

    Justin Member

    Hey Del I have been listening to Ian Clayton as well. The teaching that I am focused on is the gateways of the threefold nature of man. Beginning with the gateway of first love where the kingdom of God is inside of us and how that flows out to the gateways of the spirit and then to the soul and body. He talks about working on these gateways and cleaning these gateways of all the defilement so the kingdom of God can flow out of us without any hinderance.
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  11. Seneca

    Seneca Member

    Don't get her started on the gateways lol! :LOL:
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  12. Del

    Del Prophetic Director Staff Member Weekly Reader

    I love that teaching! I've been doing the gateways for several months and it's making a huge difference in how I deal with stuff.
  13. Del, this has been an answer to prayer. I was reading on the books opened in Revelation 5. I read this one your wrote and it answered my questions. It is just amazing how easy it is now since you have written this for those hungry ones wanting to understand. Blessings
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  14. Del

    Del Prophetic Director Staff Member Weekly Reader

    This is good stuff!!! Ian has all of his teachings available on his website. I think it's sonofthunder.org if you want more of what you're reading here.
  15. Del

    Del Prophetic Director Staff Member Weekly Reader

  16. Del

    Del Prophetic Director Staff Member Weekly Reader

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  17. Amy

    Amy Member

    I have been doing this often for several months and I do notice a slight vibration. In fact, a couple of people have mentioned it out of the blue, saying they feel energy or power when I touch them. This new understanding and prayer has profoundly affected my life...every time, I am changed, EVERY TIME!:)
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  18. Del

    Del Prophetic Director Staff Member Weekly Reader

    Way cool :love: Thanks for sharing.
  19. Mohabir Lall

    Mohabir Lall Member

    Thank you for your labour of love. You are amazing.

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