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Name Study On '16 Presidential Race

Discussion in 'Spiritual Discussions' started by WendyJoy, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. WendyJoy

    WendyJoy Member

    If this is inapropriate for this forum plz remove!
    Tried to post in: Meaning of Names


    Mike Richard Pence
    Mike-"Who is like God?"
    Richard- "Brave Ruler" or "Rich"
    Pence- "multiple pennies" $$$

    Donald John Trump
    Donald-"world leader"
    John-"God is gracious"
    Trump- to triumph, to get the better of, override, to beat, to do better than
    A decisive factor or final resource
    Overriding factor, to be more important than someone
    A card trick: to play a trump when another suit was led.
    A sound of trumpeting
    A Jew's harp

    "Play always on the Jew's harp and no one will accuse you of imitating the tone of any other instrument." -Henry Reeve

    wikipedia referenced his paternal grandmother as Elizabeth Christ Trump.
    She founded the real estate company of his inheritance.

    His birthday is on Flag Day.
    In 2017, America will celebrate the adoption of our flag 240 years ago June 14, 1777. Trump will be 71 that day.


    Tim Michael Kaine
    Tim-"God-fearing", "God-honoring", 'to honor'
    Michael-"Who is like God?"
    Kaine-[derived from Cain]"the Acquirer" shrewd, aggressive, business nature, intent on personal gain.

    Hilary Diane Rodham Clinton
    Hilary-hilarious, cheerful, noisy, merry.
    Diane-divine, heavenly, beauty, swiftness, huntress.
    Rodham-a patch of land bearing willows
    Clinton-from the headland estate, a
    settlement on a cliff, slope, bank of a river, hill.

    October 26, 2016 is the 100th anniversary of the arrest of Margaret Sanger founder of the first birth control clinic later known as Planned Parenthood, Clinton will be 69 that day.

    Paternal grandmother was Hannah Jones Rodham a rental property landlord. Maternal grandmother was Della Murphy who left the family when (Hilary's mom) Dorothy was 4yo. later re-married a jewish businessman who is said to have denied Dorothy's college funding.

    F.Y.I.- Pray, Vote, Keep Praying!
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