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Post Your Romney/Obama Dreams Here!

Discussion in 'Spiritual Discussions' started by Seneca, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. Seneca

    Seneca Member

    Not my intention to promote one candidate over the other, but to look at this prophetically. I've heard several and have been wondering how many of these dreams are out there. Please post what you have.

    My Mom's dreams: She is very politically minded, an intercessor and NOT a Romney fan. These were before the primary.

    I dreamed I married Mitt Romney. It was awful. I didn't like the things he liked... He didn't like the things I liked. Didn't know how to get along... :LOL:

    She was so upset. I laughed forever but understood that she was gonna be praying for him even though he wasn't her ideal person. She was so mad at me... :D

    Another one was that she saw Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich chasing Mitt Romney. (Probably meant "running behind" him as that's generally what happens when you chase someone. )

    A friend said she dreamed that she saw Mitt Romney and he was surrounded by all these different groups and some of them were good and some were bad.

    I had a dream on 9/17 that I was at a school gym as a gathering place for the community to hear Obama speak. It started off fairly well, with people applauding and then he was saying some very condescending things to us as a group. I knew in the dream it was a local thing and he did not understand our culture or way of life here and that all his supporters in this area had turned. There was booing and it got ugly and violent.

    A long time ago I heard a dream being told to an interpreter where the guy was driving his car and heard a voice telling him to pray for Obama's son. But Obama has girls... The interpreter was stumped but I had thought that it was his successor. Like kings hand the power down to their sons, it wasn't Obama's literal son but our next president.

    Bob Jones' dreams
  2. Melody

    Melody Founder/Dean of NIT Staff Member

    Had a dream last night during the debate that one of the speakers was standing in front of a wall with Halloween decorations on it. There was a witch on a broom and a black cat. When I opened my eyes to see who was speaking, it was Obama. Not saying that Romney is an angel, just telling you what I saw.
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  3. WendyJoy

    WendyJoy Member

    A long time ago I heard a dream being told to an interpreter where the guy was driving his car and heard a voice telling him to pray for Obama's son. But Obama has girls... The interpreter was stumped but I had thought that it was his successor. Like kings hand the power down to their sons, it wasn't Obama's literal son but our next president.

    Bob Jones' dreams

    ^^^^Just want to add to this post, while Obama is still in the White House.
    My family is split down the middle with politics, maternal are dems/paternal are pubs. Rhetoric being as it is, exhausting. I still hv challenges 'remembering' to pray for all those in authority/higher offices when they are not in the headlines.
    I read a blog post by a Word of Faith minister that basically arrested my stream of negativity and challenged me to 'see' him differently thereby free-ing my mind from the dislike and pushing myself to pray.

    me: Hero, him?--really God...how so?
    HIM: the nation keeps producing superhero films because of the hunger for a savior, right?
    me: Yyyes. and Jesus is my Superhero.
    HIM: But Jesus is REAL!
    me: Gotcha on that one....where are u goin' here-God?
    HIM: Jesus was sent to point us to the Father.
    to be a picture of true Sonship-in a way people could relate to.
    me: Right, in a supernatural way He did that for us all.
    HIM: Remember when Oprah referred to Whitney Houston as the first 'black princess'? Then there's O.W. record-breaking influence and success, pioneering vision for women, heroine. He made history as our first African-American president-isn't that enough to be your hero?!
    me: Well, he's charming, charismatic, and a history-maker for sure! But the track record is where I'm focused on....not so mighty, brave or courageous from this angle.
    HIM: Glad you brought that up! Let's focus on the facts. (not the mistakes)
    It's all about HIS story.
    They are both History-Makers as you stated. (Jesus & Obama)
    What was the point of the law?
    me: to show humanity we cannot do it on our own. To show us our need for a Savior.
    HIM: And, Obama has done that.
    It is just as valuable to be shown what you are not, as it is to see who you are.
    It's a good thing-to be humbled! It glorifies My Name.
    Obama has done that too.
    me: Huh?
    HIM: his name is Barack! Barack means 'praise'. My praise is sent before Obama so that--men would praise My great Name to the ends of the earth. Foundation & founding fathers!
    He entered that office in a time when this nation has fatherless homes, hopeless children, faithless shepherds, and silenced prayer.
    He is my light-set on a hill
    Obama's prez-race logo revealed his purpose.
    Sunrise causes ppl to awaken to the times
    Biden for change
    I have bid you come unto me all...
    And we bidden change, as the quail fell in the wilderness so will change come like pence from heaven, I will reign U.S. again.
    How do I get you to hold fast that which is good? I threaten to take it away, allowing you to choose the more costly option.
    My people are witnessing the difference a praying, praising nation can make.
    Priorities, Obama is a champ at this!
    When the weight of the world was placed on his shoulders- Obama chose rightly.
    He is a hero in My book because:
    Like Jesus, he prioritizes relationship over obligation
    Look at his greatest criticism to find the hero.
    me: Obama vacations way too often.
    HIM: An example to men, African-American or not.
    What it looks like to prioritize family more than career. To have romantic love and fun with your bride after many years of marriage.
    Like Jesus, who disappointed many expectations in the political realm.
    He is a hero NOT because he was a good president, but because he demonstrated for the world to see a good father.
    That I AM.
    and that, he is.
  4. WendyJoy

    WendyJoy Member

    Omg...four yrs later-even I can interpret this!
    We thought the election of Obama was a sign of the end of racism in America! Yet walls of division bringing death are everywhere. The spirit behind the witchcraft of the Kkk and black panthers was on the other side of that election. Talk about a Gal 3:1-6 (MSG) on the eve of darkened days.

    A wise woman once said, "Every dream has value!" (even the scary ones)
  5. hemission32

    hemission32 Member

    Had a superb dream last night. I have lost my everything. Though I don't expect this one to come true. :)
  6. Melody

    Melody Founder/Dean of NIT Staff Member

    Good Morning, hemission32. The redemptive side of that dream is most likely that it is time to "lose" what no longer serves you, so that you can receive what will. Creator is good like that and He knows what is most effective for the season that you are in. I sense that the old (old paradigms, processes, traditions) that are on the way out, will not be missed to your great surprise. Think of it in a spiritual sense, rather than the natural. :LOL: This is a very good dream. (y)

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