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Discussion in 'Spiritual Discussions' started by Melody, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Melody

    Melody Founder/Dean of NIT Staff Member

    Dear, Dear Anita, I am using this testimony today as a post on my Facebook page. Love you and thank you so much for sharing and for sowing into what we do, here. You are a gift! xoxoxoo :love: https://www.facebook.com/melodycolemanpaasch
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  2. Dwayne

    Dwayne Member Weekly Reader

    Hi all, today I received readings on the Drop In event and then had to boogie. When I received the transcript in my email later I noticed at the end Melody opened it up to us giving back to NIT and all of you. I hadn't seen that done on the drop in before. So, I verbally said "What do you have for them Papa?!" and this is what I saw...

    I saw a large hand sewing two pieces of clothe together over the West Coast/Pacific Northwest area. And felt that Papa is using you to repair things that have happened in the past with regard to the prophetic etc. Bringing the two together again. As well as taking more ground and incorporating that as well. I think there is more also of the joining together of a myriad of things and people that you haven't even thought of yet, but He is lining it up.

    Love you guys
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  3. Michael

    Michael Associate

    Home Sweet Home

    I feel like NIT is Spirit's custom made home, built from the ground up by Him. A place where He can stretch out and take His shoes off! I question if He has found such comfortability in the church building, though He may wanted to. I sense that he may have found the church more like a hotel or a home that He is invited too from time to time. A place where He walks in and says, "Where do I put my bags?" But NIT is His Home sweet Home. Where He can come, be Himself and move about as He pleases. I feel He is pleased with NIT!

    I also sense that His home, NIT, is a private place. I mean, who broadcast their address to everyone!? Especially if you are a notable figure. If the home of a notable figure has been discovered than it may be turned into a museum. Museums are good, but they have no life. They are filled with lifeless and stony figures and Spirit is about movement and life. So if NIT never goes completely main stream, than this may be the reason why. Man, and religion, has a way of occupying a good space and custom making it to fit their comfortability level, as they fill that place with their own culture. NIT is filled with the culture of Spirit and I sense that he wants to preserve it as just that.

    So because it may be a private address than it is by invitation only. Therefore if you are in NIT, it is because Spirit has invited you to His own private home! A place where His love is painted on the walls.
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  4. Cheri

    Cheri Member Weekly Reader

    Wow Michael! This is really good! Some of us were talking about this very things earlier this week!
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  5. Michael

    Michael Associate

    Really? I was telling melody earlier this morning and she told me to post it. I would love to hear what you guys said!:barefoot::)
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  6. Anita

    Anita Weekly Reader Associate

    The anchor to pull me through the dark cloud of grief has certainly been my relationship with my Jesus. Knowing he has a plan and a destiny for me. And, NIT has been the rope I tied around me, pulling me through the clouds. When I first found you (NIT) a little over a year ago. That is when I felt at my lowest...fighting depression and all sort of oppression from many directions. then the passing of my mom and then my pastor. Them passing was sort of the straw that broke the camels back for me in that, it did stir something deep inside me. I feel like the hulk breaking out of what binds me. Uncomfortable....Oh yes! Yet, SO MUCH FREEDOM!!! I am expressing myself through my art again and painting, mixed media and so forth... I share my thoughts and opinion concerning family matters, with love of course..lol...no more being run over for Anita. I sense the change in me and the freedom. I am daring to get out of the boat and walk on that water because I want to. Thank you Melody and thank you for your staff.
    Ok, so that is enough wordiness for now... thank you for listening. :D I love you all and my heat remains full with gratitude beyond words. :)
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  7. Melody

    Melody Founder/Dean of NIT Staff Member

    Hi Janet, we don't really do interpretations here. Please see your inbox. :)

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