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Discussion in 'Prophetic Readings' started by mswines, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. Kelly

    Kelly Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Swift Movement 5/10/17 Due 5/12/17

    I hear the words Swift Movement, and sense that you may have a season of quick movement, possibly a download or two of things you may have been searching for. Perhaps you may have been feeling in a place that you don't feel you are moving forward. I feel you have been speaking to Creator about this and feel that He has heard you. Often times the things we want most can be delayed for the right time. This can happen possibly due to a progression of things that are needed before we can step into another area. I do sense that you may want to rest up, as I feel that soon, everything you have been speaking into may come into season.

    I see a fast river, and see you climbing aboard a raft and taking it on. Enjoy the ride!!
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  2. Jill

    Jill Key-bearer Dream Coach

    Spring Water May 12, 2017 Due 5-19-17

    I’m hearing the words “Spring Water.” I sense some excitement in these words, where Creator is may be releasing his spirit to you in something new and fresh! I feel he is opening up your foundation, this deep well, and he is bringing up reviving water. I see it being released and springing up as it flows up and out of you. It appears that Creator is lavishing this stream of his spirit all over you. Where it may feel like it has been bone dry and lacking, I sense Creator bringing in refreshment to your situation, and it seems so good! I believe you can look with anticipation for this good spring water that Creator is providing for you and in you, in.. this… spring!
  3. Melissa

    Melissa Key-bearer Prophetic Coach

    Arrow Shaft 5/24/17 Due 5/26/17

    I see a bow and arrow. Creator is holding them and aiming at a target. I sense that you are part of a group of people who together are represented by the arrow. The bow is consisted of all the things that are happening around you, both in the spiritual and the natural, that Creator is working to ultimately get you where you need to be. I sense that your part in the arrow is in the shaft. The shaft is the long spine of the arrow. It must be the right stiffness to match the bow. As an arrow is released, it bends and then straightens as it flies. If the stiffness is off, the arrow can fly erratically and the accuracy is greatly affected. Along these lines, I see that you have a strong core that is also flexible enough that allows your group to bend without breaking when released from the bow. The strength also means that you will be able to get the group re-centered and flying straight quickly.
  4. Amanda

    Amanda Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Ventures Discoverer

    Pin 5-30-17 Due 6-2-17

    I'm seeing a long and sharp pin. Pins may be used to stick materials together. They may be made of two components; one having a long body with a sharp tip and the other a metal or plastic head. The sharpened body is capable of piercing the material and the head helps to drive it through. Pins can be made of wire and can even be used as hinges or pivots. In more popular or recent usage, pins also can be used to mark a location or something noteworthy to remember. I sense that the symbolism behind the pin may be meant for you.

    I feel there may be something or someone working in your life currently bringing new clarity and precision to something you are thinking about or working on. In a way, the clarity and acuity may be as sharp as a pin and is being driven into the material, which may be layers of work or thought that have been built up over time. It seems that this moment and action of clarity may be very refreshing for you and just what is needed. It may also be like a hinge or pivot point in holding things together. I also perceive that you may look back on this moment, in the future, and see the work done like a clear point or marker indicating the location and something noteworthy for you to remember.
  5. Melody

    Melody Keymaster Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Venturer

    Eiffel Tower / 6-4-17 / 6-9-17

    Ever feel like you are a bit ahead of your time? If so, you’re in very good company. Creator loves outwitting your intellectual mind. Your thoughts that might tell you what your life should look like, may be stymied by His actions. I’m wondering if your natural reasoning at times has conveyed that you must remain in a traditional mindset and safe environment. Of course, that is probably, not at all Creator’s reality for you. The preparation and construction of what Creator has placed in you might have caused the opposition to balk, thinking that there was no way to produce such an intricate and extravagantly beautiful landmark in the spirit realm. Only Creator of course, could design and execute such beauty. Your unique character is in your very design and I sense that you are most likely a fore runner in the framework of what Creator chooses to do for this season. All that said, you were distinctly created for such a time as this, and your gifts are needed for the time that you live and have been birthed into.

    When you wake up out of normal life, you have the opportunity to live extraordinarily, making a mark that no one could have imagined.

    Note: Overcoming the Objections From the Neigh-sayers All throughout France, many engineers and designers submitted designs and ideas for new ways to improve France. Of the many ideas, Gustave Eiffel’s design of the Eiffel Tower caught the most attention and was ultimately chosen to represent Frances independence from the rule of dictatorship 100 years earlier. But his project triggered outrageous reactions. The competing projects were much more classical. Its detractors thought that the iron tower built in the center of such a wonderful city would not fit aesthetically.

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  6. Del

    Del Key-bearer Dream Coach Dream Venturer Site Liaison

    Posting for Sherry!

    A Set Up in Your Favor, Due 6-16-17

    Have you ever watched a set up? It's where someone is tricked into following a line of reasoning or action, but they are really being fooled. :sneaky: It happens a lot with surprise parties. :wideeyed: I sense Creator is setting something up for you, not that you will be in the dark, but that others who might be considered opposition are outwitted. I see you walking down your life's journey, possibly coming to barriers to your forward advancement. However, just like an automatic door at a store that swings open as you approach, I visualize you get near the blockage, and it is swept out of the way. I feel He wants you to know that He not only has your back, He has your "front," too. I believe this is a season, not like past ones, where you won't have to spend as much time conquering difficulties as accelerating progress and speed in doing so. :D I can't suggest anything about surprise parties, though! :LOL: ;) :joyful:
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  7. Melissa

    Melissa Key-bearer Prophetic Coach

    Brick Wall 6/20/17 Due 6/23/17

    I see a mason patiently laying a red brick wall. Slowly, it grows, piece by piece, brick by brick, one layer of mortar at a time. I sense that Creator is building something within you in a similar fashion. All of the raw material is there and He is gradually putting the pieces together where they go and cementing them in place. It is similar to building a jigsaw puzzle, but in this particular instance, it is vital that it be constructed more methodically, from the firm foundation up. When finished, I sense, it will have the strength to weather many storms and protect that which is inside it.
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  8. TJ

    TJ Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Sweeter Sight 6-27-17 / Due 6-30-17

    I sense that Creator has something special he wants to do with your spiritual sight. I feel he is putting sweetness in front of you to enjoy. I sense you will view the sweetness the same way you view delicious dessert! I feel that it may be opportunities that open up in front of you that feels more like play than work. I see a rainbow of colors to view this new sight from and sense there may be an increase in knowledge, wisdom, and power in your wonder of and personal experience with Creator. I also sense that he is holding you tight and that no matter which direction you go, you will find an overwhelming presence of his love. I see you secure in his love and that you may find an increase in peace as you become aware of his presence around you.
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  9. Sherry

    Sherry Key-bearer Dream Venturer Prophetic Coach

    Edison Lightbulb, 7-3-17, Due 7-7-17

    I see you hanging up a reproduction of an Edison lightbulb, with characteristic exposed filaments and the vintage style that is currently quite the decorating hit. In the late 1800’s, it was the Edison bulb that transfixed the world as one of the most technologically advanced inventions of its time. It’s interesting to note that while historians agree that Thomas Edison didn't actually invent the lightbulb, he is credited for bringing the first viable bulb to market. :woot:

    I wonder if this picture represents your ability to take something once created and make it better, more affordable and more accessible to the average person. The fact that a lightbulb sheds light :smug: may mean you are able to enlighten others with what you have to offer. However, the Edison bulbs have a warm glow that’s similar to candlelight and easy on the eyes, so it seems you would bring this illumination in a gentle and easy way. Perhaps this is Creator's way of encouraging you to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. I wonder if you have had something on the back burner for a while thinking it wasn't all that special. I hear, "Remember Edison!"
  10. Jill

    Jill Key-bearer Dream Coach

    Seven July 11, 2017 Due 7-11-17

    I see a big number “7.” Seven can mean completeness, wholeness, spiritual perfection and development. I then see the face of a clock with the hands pointing to 6:50, or ten minutes to seven. The number six can represent mankind, Creator’s creation. It also represents the Hebrew letter Vav, which can mean bringing His spiritual realm down to this earthly plane; his connection to you! This Vav is like a big apostrophe, the inclusion of something that may have been a long time in coming or missing. It seems like he is bringing these qualities into your life to give you rest! Fifty is a number that can stand for liberty, freedom, or celebration. I sense all these numbers represent the message Creator wants to give to you. I feel that he wants to convey to you a shift that's now taking place on your behalf; that you are now entering into a place of rest that he has designed for you. From this place, I sense you might notice more freedom and experience more joy than from the previous season. I sense this is very poignant, that he is making it clear, that you are very much loved, and he cares so much about all the details in your life. I feel this to be an answer you may have been looking for!
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  11. Sherry

    Sherry Key-bearer Dream Venturer Prophetic Coach

    Sorting Out Keys, 7-16-17, Due 7-21-17

    I see you with a big key ring full of differently sized keys. Some of them are so old you don't remember what they unlock. In fact, some of them are ones used a while ago by older family members. I feel you may have a sentimental bent toward things that were important to others. I also wonder if you may take on duties and responsibilities for just a little while to help someone out, but end up holding the key (or authority) much longer than you were told would happen. I sense this may be a time to clean out your keys, or in other words, slim down your activities to just those essential items.

    I see you returning some keys to a person at a desk (perhaps work or school?) symbolic perhaps of resigning or giving notice that you have gone beyond the time limit originally set. I see you lovingly place antique keys in a chest where you keep your family heirlooms. This might represent tasks that belonged in another generation, but not to yours. I see you purchase another key chain...much, much smaller, and place on it the few keys that are current and necessary for your life today. I observe that now, instead of having to be worn on your arm, they all fit in your pocket. I also see Creator hand you a couple more shiny keys for new responsibilities that He can now give you because you have room to carry them.

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