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Discussion in 'Prophetic Readings' started by Anita, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. Anita

    Anita Free to Dream! Staff Member Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Oh Kelly you are so right on time with this! I take it, I've played it a few time now...lol and just danced around!
    This past week is pulling me in so many directions. Preparing for a funeral, being called for jury duty and trying to get it deferred, family members beginning to whine because of guilty feeling over Aunt Margie dying...they all had three years to get it right while she was there in the nursing home. None of them went to see her. My husband and I are power of attorney for her stuff and my husband is executor. Soooo this small break and this word is amazingly right on time...thank you!
  2. Kelly

    Kelly Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Oh, Anita. I am so sorry about you Aunt Margie, and also all that is going on. I am glad that you are dancing!! Take care sweet Anita. Big hugs to you. XOXO
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  3. Kelly

    Kelly Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Hammer and Nail 9/4/17

    I see a large hammer and big nails. I sense that this represents you, and your abilities to get a job done. I feel that you may have a unique set of tools, some type of speciality tools, that others do not have. I also sense that you may have a skill set that is no longer used, perhaps past generations have passed it down, and you may have found an interest in it. I feel that as you researched this special skill set, you may have excelled in it, and now you find that this skill is sought out by others. I have a sense that this quality of workmanship is rarely seen these days, and due to this people may be in awe. I have a feeling that as your workmanship is displayed and spoken into by others, you could find that your services may be extremely sought out.

    I sense that this could represent a job in the natural, or possibly your supernatural giftings. Whatever this scenario is, I feel that in these next few seasons you may find the the “jobs” will seek you out. I have a feeling you may need to preparing for a very busy season or two.
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  4. Julissa

    Julissa Key-bearer

    "Breaking Out of a Shell" 9-12-17, due 9-15-17

    I see you breaking out of a shell. I wonder if you have felt confined or restricted at times? I believe that Creator is giving you sudden breakthrough and all you have to do is agree with it. I sense that you are walking in the freedom you have desired and are able to move forward confidently and reassured. I see that Creator is proud of the progress you have made. I sense that you are now ready to move into a new chapter of your life. I believe it could be a smooth transition.
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  5. Anita

    Anita Free to Dream! Staff Member Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Wow Julissa! If you only knew all the details...Lol I agree with it! I receive a smooth transition! You are so right on and accurate! Thanks!
  6. Pauline

    Pauline Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Send in the Recruits 9/18/17 due 9/22/17
    I see you sitting next to a wooden rocker, rocking a baby to sleep. The room is dark and quiet making all the conditions just right for a sleeping baby. It seems the baby is having a difficult time settling down and you seem weary in your attempts to lull the child to sleep. As soon as you stop rocking the child, the crying starts back up again. You have reached your limits in pacifying the child and you leave the room to look for recruits.

    I wonder if there is a situation which you have done all that you can to make comfortable and appealing, but may still seem unsettled? I sense you may have tried all the known, usual strategies to make things right, but there still may be some opposition. I feel you know your limits and may look for support from others and Creator in rectifying a circumstance that may be disruptive yet temporary. I sense Creator willing and ready to send recruits as soon as you say the word.

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