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Discussion in 'Prophetic Readings' started by Amanda, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. Melody

    Melody Keymaster Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Venturer

    Revolving Door / 2-2-17

    I’m seeing a revolving door. I wonder if you feel as though you are “in and out” of positions too quickly, and before you are usually able to prove yourself. I sense that you perceive your exit strategy almost the minute you are aware of your entrance, in many circumstances. There seems to have been some excitement about specific positions or slots in the recent past that gave you a sense of expectation; and at the same time before you could actually get your feet immersed, you were out of there. I’m feeling that this is most likely an attribute of your calling, rather than a deliberate source of frustration. I clearly see you being a branding iron. Someone who puts a seal on something newly established in the spirit realm. I’m not sure that you are often appointed to maintain, as much as you are called to seal and confirm. This execution of the seal is highly relevant and is needed in most cases to validate and execute specific initiatives in what Creator is building in His realm. You are an individual with a mandate to confirm, validate and put a Kingdom seal upon what He is doing. He enjoys partnering with you and is developing your gift and call. The ride may still be exciting though supporting something fresh that relates to a new move.
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  2. Melissa

    Melissa Key-bearer Prophetic Coach

    Beautiful 2/8/17

    I see you standing in a ballroom, like Belle in Beauty and the Beast. You are looking out in the distance and seem to be in a somewhat melancholy mindset. I see Creator come up beside you and place his arm around you. I hear him say, "Hey, beautiful." I see your brow furrow, like you didn't like being called that, perhaps because you didn't recognize the truth in it. I see this same scene played out repeatedly, same wording and same brow furrow, until finally, you are so upset by it that you turn to look at him in frustration. That is when you finally see the expression on his face of pure love and adoration. You also catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirrors of his eyes and stop in surprise, because the image you see there doesn't match the distorted image you had imagined you looked like. You can finally see how truly beautiful you really are. I see his eyes light up even more as he sees your recognition of this truth and he rejoices over it. He grabs a hold of you and the two of you dance through the night together.

    I sense there may be some area of your life, whether actually physical beauty or a beauty of personality or such, that you may have not believed was very pleasant, maybe just plain or even something you really disliked, that Creator keeps lovingly pointing out to you, stating the truth about it and being persistent in doing so. It seems that as you are able to gain his perspective, even for a moment, you gain the ability to see the truth and Creator gets so excited when anyone recognizes the truth and adjusts their beliefs to reflect that.
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  3. Pauline

    Pauline Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Black Pens/2-13-17/Due 2-17-17
    I see a set of pens arranged in a pen holder. There are five black pens in a row sitting neatly in their respective pen holders. These pens are of differing sizes and point types. Some are short and some are longer. I am sensing that you are a writer and one who is well organized in your life. The fact that there are five pens lends me to believe that you are being given great opportunity or a flow happens when you write. It’s like you don’t even have to think about it, it just comes to you and you get it on paper. The color of the pens is also rather telling in that black denotes mystery and intrigue. I sense you like to delve into areas where most don’t take the time to go. It’s because of your curiosity with how things work and inner workings of a person’s heart, which leads you to write your best work. You are able to get to the core of a matter and bring it to light in way that also exposes the readers understanding of themselves. The different sizes and types of pens may represent that you also are very good at writing different types of writing: short essays or poems, novels, articles.

    I see you sitting at your desk writing in a book, that is only one of many. I wonder if you have started many projects and few are finished as of yet? I sense you are apprehensive about the publishing process. You may wonder who will read your works and why would anyone want to. You also might not be sure of the right way to publish, as far as if you should seek a publisher or publish yourself. I see you talking on a land phone line, and this communication has given you a new excitement for knowing how to publish. Could this be a direct connection to Creator, telling you how to complete the process and get published? After hanging up the phone you are diligently finishing a particular piece that was started so long ago, now you are able to put on the finishing touches. I'm seeing your desk next to a window and the sunlight is shining through. I sense this is Creator encouraging you and bringing strategies to the fore front to accomplish what you have been created for. I also see you sitting with your hands holding the back of your head, leaning back in your chair feeling the satisfaction that comes with completing your work and having the strategy to see it published.
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  4. Pauline

    Pauline Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Heart-Shaped Faces 2-15-17, due 3-3-17
    I’m seeing two different animals that both have a heart-shaped face. The hedgehog’s face is surrounded by spikes. The owls heart-shaped face is surrounded by feathers. I believe Creator is saying that both are adorable to Him even though one is rather spiky. The spikes don’t hurt. They are soft on the ends. I hear Creator saying that you are His heartbeat. I sense that the things that touch your heart, touch Creator’s heart. That you are in-sync with the Creator, like the love that is part of these two animals' faces.

    Hedgehog’s hide by rolling in a ball and underneath of anything. Their “MO” for protection is hiding. The owl is a hider, too, in a way, in that it is nocturnal and is very good at staying camouflaged in the trees. I sense you may tend to be behind the scenes as perhaps you feel most comfortable when the spotlight is not on you. I sense Creator may be encouraging you out of "hiding" because I am seeing someone trying to coax the hedgehog out from underneath the torn newspaper in his cage. I’m seeing the hedgehog’s heart shaped face and it is precious. It would not hurt a soul.

    I am feeling like Creator needs your precious soul to come more into sight to bring forth the gift inside of you. The owl is representing the giftings inside of you which are being able to see in the dark. You may have a gift of seeing into the dark and hidden places of people’s hearts, or maybe you are not afraid to go into the dark places where some won’t tread. I am sensing that your gifting for bringing others encouraging words is needed by many people who may themselves feel hidden and forgotten.
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  5. Michael

    Michael Key-bearer

    Enjoy (In-joy)/ 2-11-17 / Due 3-10-17

    I sense that you have arrived to a place in life where you are working hard and the work you are doing is right up your alley, as if you have walked into your purpose. Could you also be wondering if this is the right thing to do? Or if you are on task? I feel Creator saying, “Yes". And that He is dancing and working with you.

    I feel it's ok to enjoy the work you are doing by whistling while you work. I sense that Joy has overtaken your life, which may be a reminder that it’s ok to enjoy where you are. It's as if the joy was sent by Creator to reaffirm and approve this place that you are in. It seems that Creator has torn down every opposition in your way and things are coming to you with ease. I feel He delights in these moments as much as you do. I sense that He is delighted with your progress and saying, "Job well done." That He is pleased where you are and takes joy in seeing that you are ok.
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  6. Melody

    Melody Keymaster Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Venturer

    Honk! Honk! / 3-13-17 / Due 3-17-17

    I’m seeing a flock of geese on the ground. They are making their usual “honking” noises, as if to say that the day is good and all is well. I sense that you are a part of a tight community that encourages you to fly higher, farther and with great skill. I sense that this is the season to move out without concern of being too far away from your safety net. Creator seems to have this, and is wooing you to engage with Him on new levels and in new ways. The “honking” might be translated to, “ You go! Don’t stop short! Continue on without fear! You have this!” Funny, I hear Heaven singing the same goose song, honking you on to greater heights, fresh levels of understanding and broader revelation of Creator’s purposes in the earth. Nothing can deter you if all of Heaven and earth’s sound is cheering you on! So, hear that sound of encouragement in your spirit. Honk! Honk! … Honk! Honk!
  7. Amanda

    Amanda Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Ventures Discoverer

    Love this!!! :love::love::love: This made me laugh because of the honk! honk! honk!! :) :) :) I'm so encouraged! Yes! To step out and to fly to higher heights!!
  8. Mary Ellen

    Mary Ellen Key-bearer Key-bearer Dream Coach

    3-22-17 New Day, New Season

    I sense Creator is drawing your attention to the new day before you and encouraging you that it will be a good one for being glad. I sense the feeling of rejoicing that a new day is here and old things have passed away. I hear Him asking you to open your heart for the new that He is pouring out and to receive His love, joy, redemption, and grace. This new season seems to call for growth and progress. I feel His desire is to see it spring forth in all its beauty as you step into a time of accelerated growth. I sense an increased awareness of His presence all around you, as you seek Him for direction. This appears to be a pivotal time with very new experiences. Due to these unique opportunities, I see your reliance on Him greatly increases which makes you optimally successful. I see you pressing yourself to move closer and deeper in your relationship with Creator which provides the necessary understanding and discernment for the new opportunities that are coming your way. I see you moving quickly with Him, yet taking but one step at a time, not looking far ahead with concern of outcomes. I see your focus increasingly directed on Him and where you are with Him at this moment.
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  9. Lori

    Lori Member

    Blue Ice / 3-25-17 / Due 3-31-17

    I see you eating a blue raspberry-flavored snow cone. You seem to be enjoying it even though you get a “brain freeze” as you take a big bite and need to slow down a bit before you can finish it. I wonder if Creator is indicating you are going to take ahold of something that will feed you spiritually. Since blue can represent revelation or anything pertaining to the heavenlies, it could be you are going to get ahold of a teaching or training in the natural realm that will increase your spiritual revelation or knowledge of things pertaining to the heavenlies. The blue raspberry juice could indicate that there may be some fruit that comes out of the revelation you receive.

    I even wonder if you will begin to digest these new things so quickly that you will have to slow down every so often to allow your brain to catch up with what Creator is showing you is possible in the spiritual realm. Even though these new revelations may seem “mind blowing,” I think you are going to savor and enjoy the journey as well as the new things you bite into. Just as the blue-colored juice on a snow cone would turn your tongue blue, I sense there may be evidence “on your tongue” of what you have eaten. This could indicate that you are not only going to experience these new revelations, but maybe you will share them with others as you talk about what you have learned and experienced.
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  10. Melissa

    Melissa Key-bearer Prophetic Coach

    Free Fall 4/5/17 Due 4/7/17

    I see you rapidly falling through the air. As you plummet towards the earth, I see crowds watching you in amazement and some fear. I also see a small grin growing on your face. You know what it looks like to them, but you also know the secret they don't, that there is a safety hidden away from their eyes that you know will not fail you. You seem to be anticipating revealing it to them at just the right moment, when they would think there was no way you could pull back, that surely you would crash.

    Could you be involved with something that traditional religious systems would think was dangerous? I sense that you may enjoy keeping them on their toes while you know that with Creator as your safety line, and the one guiding you in this, you are completely safe. I also feel an admonition here to be careful to exercise due caution and avoid being overconfident in your ability to judge the timing or keep hold of your safety line.
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  11. Sherry

    Sherry Key-bearer Dream Venturer Prophetic Coach

    The Path Ahead, 4-12-17, Due 4-14-17

    I see you coming out of the woods where you've been following a path through the forest. It's not been a difficult path to follow, it seems, but now there is a big meadow with mountain vistas ahead and not just one path to follow. I sense Creator saying there are several choices for you, all intended for you to take. But which one first? The one to the left goes down by the lake. The one to the right loops around to another forest, and the one ahead is toward the mountains. I see you choose the heights, and feel Creator would have been fine with any of the paths, but this one will give you the best "view." I see you climb with anticipation of being up where the birds soar, capable of a 360-degree vista, and a little cabin in which to spend the nights after watching the stars. I hear "Star Gazer," and feel your horizons are going to erupt like space and nothing can hold you back. I feel Creator's thankfulness for staying on the path when you so badly wanted to see more. I believe the reward for following him is now before you!!!
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  12. Amanda

    Amanda Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Ventures Discoverer

    All my readings are so so so so goooood! :LOL::LOL::LOL: I'll have to post here to each one individually, sometime, and tell you what these all mean to me!!! :love::love::love:
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  13. Melissa

    Melissa Key-bearer Prophetic Coach

    All Due Respect 4/18/17 Due 4/21/17

    I hear, "Flippant." I sense that there might have been people around you who have not taken you seriously and may have even treated you in a less-than-respectful manner. I feel that you have tried to brush these remarks and such off and just disregard them, but some may have managed to get through your defenses enough to sting you. Creator seems to be encouraging you to pull the stingers out and hand them to Him. He's aware of who is responsible, and He knows the most effective way to handle the whole situation. I sense Him inviting you to let go of the stingers so they cannot bother you any more. He also seems to be offering to coach you in some things you can do differently to prevent the barbs from catching in you and even eventually get the flippant remarks to dwindle. I feel that a large component of this involves a perspective shift on your part. As that shifts, other things start moving into alignment also.
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  14. Anita

    Anita Free to Dream! Staff Member Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Window Washer! 4-21-2017/ Due: 4-28-2017

    I see scaffolding hanging from a tall skyscraper. There is a window washer walking back and forth washing the windows. He does not move to any other floor through the months, nor through the seasons changing. He diligently moves back and forth continuing to clean the windows on that one floor. I sense the window washer represents you in the faithful diligence you have shown with the giftings which Creator has placed within you. Could it be you desire to help others for the purpose of giving them greater vision?
    I then see the season changing, and the sun seems to be at high noon. Suddenly, the window washer calls out, “Ready!” He is hoisted up to a higher floor. Could it be that you are being promoted concerning your giftings? I feel diligence has afforded you the training and equipped you to move into the next season in your destiny. It seems this next place will position you with the ability of greater vision for yourself and those you serve.
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  15. TJ

    TJ Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    The ship among the clouds 5-3-17 /Due 5-5-17

    I see a wooden ship used by ancient tribes floating among the clouds. The ship is spinning in circles with waves of light shooting beams outward as if in celebration. The whole scene is sublime and one of wonder. Thy sky is a sea of pinks and blues, with clouds nestled among the colors. Then it zooms out, and I see a bird's eye view and notice the ship is in a vortex of rainbow color. In fact, the ship is not only inside the vortex but is sitting at the very nucleus of it. I can zoom in at will and see that from the ship's viewpoint the swirling vortex is unnoticeable. I zoom in and out some more and am amazed at how different each perspective looks.

    I sense the ship represent your spiritual journey with Creator. I feel you are entering a place of innocence and purity that is filled with an immense amount of revelation. It may seem confusing to navigate this wonderful place Creator has put you in, but I sense he's beckoning you to relax into it, letting the waves of light fill you. From his perspective, you are right at the center of what he has for you, although it may not feel that way from where you are. Creator has you and desires simply that you spend time with him. He will do the rest.
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  16. Kelly

    Kelly Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    HR Pufnstuf 5/10/17 Due 5/12/17

    HR Pufnstuf was a children's television show that aired from 1969 to 1970. It was about a boy named Jimmy who was shipwrecked and was helped to a magical island. Jimmy had a magical talking flute that the wicked witch wanted for her collection. Jimmy's friends helped him, as well as trying to figure out how to get him home.

    I sense that this tv show may hi-light how you interact with others. I feel that you have a very close circle of friends, and that you each play a significant role. I sense that each person in this circle, look out for one another. I see you lift each other up when needed. I have a feeling that you are all so close, that often times words may not be needed, you just know what to do and say. I see Creator watch you all, and see His smile, as this is what true love and friendship is all about.

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  17. Jerry

    Jerry Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Mystery Unveiled 5-15-17 Due 5-19-17

    I hear the words Mystery Uncovered. A definition for mystery is something that has not been, or cannot be explained; hence, something beyond human comprehension. One type of mystery necessitates a clear solution which, if not found, might put one into a predicament. Could it be you have encountered this type of situation? I feel you may have come across a type of hidden agenda, before and that the opposition has just put a different spin to give things a different look. I sense Creator is lifting you into His spiritual perspective, that is past man's reasoning, to unveil your solution. This revelation of what is actually going on might trigger your answer to how you deal with this mystery.
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  18. Del

    Del Key-bearer Dream Coach Dream Venturer Site Liaison

    Barracuda - Due 5/26/17

    A barracuda is a fearsome, bold and daring fish with a ferocious behavior. I see you like this fish, swimming through an ocean of behaviors, attitudes, rudeness, lack of character and other things that oppose the heart of Creator. I sense this is about breaking up the ties of one thing to another so the attitude or behavior can no longer function as desired or intended. These are not necessarily things in you but stuff that operates around you. I see you look at something, ponder over it, assess it, then get direction from Creator in how to deal with it. At that point, it's like you become a barracuda so that a situation is brought back into alignment. The barracuda "attitude" is not necessarily one of "I'm going to take you out!" but, it can also be through a blanket of love.
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  19. Sherry

    Sherry Key-bearer Dream Venturer Prophetic Coach

    Coupled Up, 5-31-17, Due 6-2-17

    I'm seeing two links of a very heavy chain, the size used for anchoring ships. They are amazingly strong, and when put together can keep the ocean-going vessel attached to moorings even in rough weather and high seas. Their metal is forged in extremely hot fire and bound together as they are fashioned. Check out this short video...

    I feel this represents you and one other who have come together to link arms and begin a type of chain for people to join. I sense you have a common purpose and that the ship you are attached to offers aid that will affect many for good. I see one link after another added to this expanding sequence until every piece is accounted for. I wonder if you have on your mind and heart a life-giving mission, symbolized by the ship, that will be able to "sail" from point to point as necessary, and then will become it's own floating home base for a duration, secured by a string of individuals who have been tested and are anchored in agreement in this venture.
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  20. Judy

    Judy Member

    Powerboat/06-05-17/Due 06-09-17

    I see you travelling in a small powerboat. A powerboat can refer to a particular area of great or marked strength, or skill set that you possess. I watch you move quickly through the water and out towards the sea. I wonder if there are some opportunities for advancement in your contribution or forte? Could there be an acceleration or fast progression in a specific scope of your gifting? The sea can signify people, and perhaps this may point to your potential to influence many lives with your capacity.

    As you arrive out to sea, I see you turn off the motor and put up the sails. Once the sails are up, I see you strategically navigate the sails to catch the wind to move you forward. I sense that once you step into your calling, Creator will raise your sails to catch the wind of Spirit. It seems this may help to propel you ahead. I also believe this may enable you to maneuver through the waters of life with greater ease and power.
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