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Discussion in 'Prophetic Readings' started by Justin, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Melody

    Melody Keymaster Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Venturer

    On The Border / 1-9-17 / Due 1-13-17

    I sense that you are standing on the border of something. I see a border between two countries with guards watching to make sure that those borders are kept secure. You stand directly upon that borderline and have the opportunity to move either and both directions into neighboring environs. You are the rare exception that is welcome on both sides of the border. You carry something beneficial to both territories. You have something that they both need and at the same time, you have the gift to bring the two together in peace. You are gifted with the element of peace, because you have been prepared. You have been equipped to defuse fear and anger. It is your time now, to allow that gift to advance into a fullness that is developed especially for your “standing on the border.” This is the place where you may not always feel that you fit, however, it is your special and honored place. Not every individual will be welcomed or even allowed there. You are a rarity, created to bring things and people groups together with the passionate heart of Creator. This is His plan, so do not deny your place on the line. It’s a great honor!
  2. Kelly

    Kelly Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Hop Scotch 1/15/17

    I heard the word "Hop Scotch". This is a game that has been played by children for 300 years across many countries. The game is simple and easy to play, by drawing squares or a spiral, depending on the country, in which it is played. A stone or small object is thrown in a square, without hitting the lines, and the player hops through the spaces without landing in the place where the stone is. Once you have reached the end, you turn around and hop back, again skipping the square where the stone is.
    Playing hop scotch requires agility and the ability to follow the "rules", to obtain the end goal.

    I feel that you have the ability to gracefully follow some type of pattern, and follow some rules that may have been laid out before you. I sense that you have a strong determination, and although you may at times, not feel the rules apply to the situation (s), at hand you will adhere to get the job done. I am also sensing that like the game of hop scotch, your giftings, may be generational, and possibly much older than the game of hop scotch.
  3. Karianna

    Karianna Key-bearer

    Shipping Upgrade 1-22-17

    I am seeing a priority mail package. I sense the package coming to you was going to be sent like a letter, but it has become too heavy to be mailed in that manner. So the shipping method is being upgraded. It will probably get to you faster, be more protected, be insured, and weigh more than you expected. I sense the weight of the package is very positive. It's as if you are expecting a present to come in the mail and it is unexpectedly heavy, and it is cause for the gift recipient to get excited! What is it? And why is it so heavy?

    It seems there is something coming to you from Creator and it is a gift, a very weighty gift. I feel He has made it a priority for you and your life for this next season, so it is about the business of getting it to you now. I sense the increase in weight is caused by how many people around you this gift will benefit.
  4. Jasmine

    Jasmine Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Chimes Blowing in the Wind 2-1-17

    I see metal chimes, while also hearing them sounding as they clang together in the breeze of a warm summer day. I sense that Creator is indicating that you are the chimes that have the ability to make a sweet sound when contrary winds may blow in your life. Could it be that you feel that life is blowing you to and fro, whichever way the wind blows? This may be a time where life has been moving at a hectic pace for you. In the rush to get take care of the necessities of life, you may even feel a disconnect from Creator. Possibly there is even a feeling that life is pushing you off the path that Creator has placed you on. I feel that there are opportunities for you to receive divine peace from Creator, even in the midst of chaos. The fast pace, while uncomfortable, may even be for the purposes of greater preparation for an assignment made available to you in the spirit realm. It seems that you have what it takes for what may be ahead, as the wind blowing through the chimes only produces a sounds pleasant to the ear.

    I also sense that there is a play on words here, that may be meant to give you comfort. The phrase “chiming in” can also be when someone signals agreement in a conversation. The sunny and warm day in the midst of the wind may also illustrate that the love of Creator (even if unseen like the wind) is indeed bringing out the best in you.
  5. Sherry

    Sherry Key-bearer Dream Venturer Prophetic Coach

    Depicting a Picture, 2-6-17

    This is an interesting phrase because usually we "depict" something we see with drawings, paintings or words. However, I see you looking at a painting and copying that onto your own canvas. This suggests to me you have been in a learning stage, because we first learn by observing the details of what another artist or writer does. It's like painting along with Bob Ross while watching him on TV.

    I sense that now, though, Creator wants you to move directly to doing your "art" without that intermediate step. In other words, I feel the training phase of something is complete, and the Master Teacher knows you are ready for your own direct "depicting," rather than copying what another has done. I feel in this way, your original abilities that Creator has placed within you will shine forth. It seems He is ready for your style, your way, to begin to depict His world to others; in so doing, there is a whole audience that will come to understand Him because they will relate to how you view things.
  6. Jill

    Jill Key-bearer Dream Coach

    Sweeping February 14, 2017 Due 2-17-17

    I see a picture of you sweeping the floor with a corn broom. You are thoroughly attending to the corners and under cabinets and those hard to reach places. I sense Creator is showing you that there is some house cleaning being done. It seems you are going through a process that is purging your life from those things that aren’t necessary anymore. I sense there is a purity that is being brought in and your life will be d-cluttered and ready to receive all the good things Creator has for this coming season. This type of paring down takes a little effort, but as Creator brings up things to your memory, he makes it easy for you to attend to these matters. I feel this is some spring house cleaning that is starting early, so the bright side is that spring is closer than you think!
  7. Melody

    Melody Keymaster Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Venturer

    Champagne Monster Truck / 2-16-17 / 3-3-17

    I’m seeing a brand new truck. This is not a little truck. This is a monster truck. I sense that you need not concern yourself with how often you need to fill the gas tank. I do know that this new big rig runs on diesel, but is actually very energy efficient and burns clean into the environment. A truck often represents your occupation or literally what you occupy. So, what you are occupying is evidently something with some impact. :) It is not a vehicle that won’t be noticed traveling down any road. This is a very high class champagne colored piece of moving art. It is as loaded as it could possibly be. All the bells and whistles and then some. You have all the tools to get where you need to be and get there in style. And it’s substantial enough in size to intimidate anything that might make the mistake of getting dangerously close to bumping or scraping you. No reason to apologize for it, though. This is the vehicle Creator means for you to be cruising around in. You have some significant road trips to make in your call, and you’ll need the weight and character of this extraordinary set of wheels to effectively arrive to critical assignments. It will ride just like an airplane. There may be times that you won’t be able tell that your ties are on the ground if your eyes were closed (not that they would be.)
  8. Sherry

    Sherry Key-bearer Dream Venturer Prophetic Coach

    Coming Down the River, 3-8-17, Due 3-10-17

    I see you in a canoe skillfully maneuvering around rocks that rapid a pretty swift river. It's springtime, and the air is crisp-fresh and you are invigorated in your work. As the river settles down for a while, you lean back and enjoy the view. Eagles, steam off the water as the sun rounds the clock. Even a fish or two. You'll catch some of them for dinner tonight. However, the sound of the next set of rapids catches your ear, so you prepare again for the intensity of advance.

    I see this as a pattern of your days...some at rest because some require "all hands on deck!" From the shadows I catch a glimpse of natives who have navigated that river in history. It makes me wonder if you have an ability that has been passed down from generations of those who are indigenous to your skill, one that you have obviously mastered now in adulthood. I hear, "Pass it on!" I sense this is Creator's river of the Spirit, and your work on/in it is His enjoyment.
  9. Sherry

    Sherry Key-bearer Dream Venturer Prophetic Coach

    Posting for Kelly!

    Harvest 3/16/17 Due 3/17/17

    I see a large field with blooming plants. I hear the words, "Bountiful Harvest."
    I sense that the coming season may bring about a growing season that will yield a great harvest. I see that you may have been seeking knowledge in certain areas, and that as you have sown into yourself, the seeds were planted. I watch as the tiniest of seeds, are being placed into the ground, watered with special nutrients from Spirt, and begin to sprout. The plants grow and become very strong with roots reaching far into the ground. I feel this field and plants grown represent you and your walk in this season. I see that you may be very pleased with the variety of the harvest and that it may also provide "seeds" for the next growing season.

    Attached Files:
  10. Del

    Del Key-bearer Dream Coach Dream Venturer Site Liaison

    Barber 3-22-17

    I see a barber giving someone a haircut. The room is filled with patrons who await their turn; some having to wait several hours. Even though the line is long, everyone is jovial and cheerful. After all, it's about getting the perfect haircut so it's worth the wait!

    I sense that the barber represents Creator and you're one of those in line, patiently waiting for a "new do." This may be something you've looked forward to for quite some time and now it's almost here. Getting a new haircut is often about changing a type of covering or old mindsets for new ones. I feel there's been some preparation time up to this point, much like people do when looking through magazines for the perfect new style. I hear Creator say "You're ready!"
  11. Vickie

    Vickie Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Ventures Discoverer

    Bowl of Strawberries 03/29/17
    I see you sitting at a table with a bowl of beautiful, red strawberries in front of you. Delicious, ripe strawberries. I see you tasting one of the strawberries and you are amazed at how sweet the fruit is. I can see the juice running down your chin. The berries are so sweet to the taste that you eat the entire bowl. It seems you realize your mouth is full of seeds from the fruit and as you spit the seeds out, little strawberry plants pop up wherever they land. The more you spit, the more plants pop up. They rapidly begin to produce fruit. The more you spit, the more plants there are, and then more fruit.

    I feel that the strawberries are representative of Creator's message of rebirth since strawberries are the first to produce ripened fruit in the Spring. The delicate heart-shaped berry has traditionally represented purity, passion and healing. The strawberry seeds respond to light rather than moisture and therefore need no covering of earth to start growing. I sense you have been involved in sowing Creator's message which is a seed of rebirth. It seems you may have been very active in planting in many different areas. I recall passages from the ancient text referring to the sowing of seeds. What a beautiful, sweet message-rebirth.
  12. Jasmine

    Jasmine Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Exhaust System 4/7/17

    I hear “exhaust system” and I sense that this speaks to characteristics inherent in your spiritual design. As an exhaust system is carefully designed to carry toxic gases away from the users of a machine, so, too, do I feel you have the ability to guide others away from harm. This system must be heat-resistant to avoid damage. Could it be that you have recently experienced a purifying fire? I feel that what may of consumed you only served to make you stronger for the journey ahead. I get the sense that you may have an unassuming quality about you that masks great inner strength. Like a silencer on an exhaust, you may be able to evade opposition undetected. These abilities may be necessary to assist Creator with "search and rescue" missions for others if you choose to embrace it.
  13. Del

    Del Key-bearer Dream Coach Dream Venturer Site Liaison

    The Brain of Your Heart 4/13/17

    Brains are obviously a necessary part of every living creature. Without brains, one couldn't walk, eat, sleep, smell, taste, touch, or anything else that makes us function. However, science has now shown that the heart is actually a greater "thinking" organ than the brain. I sense that Creator is refurbishing your heart brain so that things holding memories, hurts, or any form of trauma, are replaced by what He says about you. And, as that information reaches from your heart into your brain, a new path is created allowing for the perfect "flow" of life giving materials. I see a picture of blood flowing from your heart and into your brain and as the blood flows between the two, it becomes so oxygenated that not only does it affect those two organs but every other part of you as well. I feel this may be about a cleansing of things in your generational line as well as memories in your own life.
  14. Vickie

    Vickie Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Ventures Discoverer

    The Amber Broach 04-21-17

    I see Creator with a beautiful Amber broach in His hand. It appears that this broach is a gift for you. Amber is technically not a gemstone, but is actually fossilized sap from prehistoric trees that have aged over the course of time. I feel what is really unique about Amber is it is noted for the energy properties that is possesses. Properties such as love, healing, and dissolving of oppositions as well as protection. I can hear Creator saying the Amber is representative of the giftings within you.
  15. Sherry

    Sherry Key-bearer Dream Venturer Prophetic Coach

    Two by Two, 4-25-17, Due 4-28-17

    The phrase "two by two" may make folks think of the story in an ancient text of animals coming onto a big boat in pairs...male and female. They were gathered to save them from a flood, but also to repopulate a new world! I see you, coupled with different beings, as needed for different times to get you to your destination. I watch you with a good buddy who has his/her arms around your shoulders, talking as you walk. I see the same exact position with an angel and then Creator's son. It seems you have a lot of cool folks near and dear to you. I sense the conversations are ones of counsel or advice, but done in a very familiar, trusting way. I hear lots of laughter and jesting as good friends will do. I see these advocates speaking into your life so that you might prosper, be safe, and move onto your "boat" of deliverance to a whole new land!
  16. Pauline

    Pauline Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Revitalization 5/1/17 Due 5/5/17
    I see you as a long, slender glass test tube, the kind used in a laboratory. At the end of the procedure, as is good scientific practice, a soft test tube cleaner is applied. It looks like a puff ball on the end of a stick, which leaves the glass sparkling clean and ready to use again. I notice the glass also has a beautiful, warm, amber glow about it.

    I sense you may have gone through a time of testing, and I’m seeing that Creator wants to bring you into a time of refreshing and revitalization. Part of the revitalization He may want to do could include refreshing deeper areas in you where residues may have built up due to the work of the past season. His reviving process might well leave you feeling vibrant and iridescent, able to reflect joy with a greater vitality, ready for the amazing work ahead.
    test tube cleaner.jpg
  17. Del

    Del Key-bearer Dream Coach Dream Venturer Site Liaison

    Balancing Act - Due 5/12/17

    I see you on a balance beam holding one of those long rods that people who walk tight ropes use to balance themselves. As you go across the beam, there's a bit of tipping from side-to-side. But, as you become more comfortable with how to use the rod, navigating the last bit of the beam becomes very easy.

    I sense that the balancing rod represents Spirit and as you receive that guidance, the walk along a very narrow path becomes easier. I feel that Creator may have you on a specific path (hence the narrowness of the beam) and even though it may be tough to balance everything at times, with the help of Spirit and Creator, and as you continue to look ahead (not down or to the sides), that forward focus gets you to where you're supposed to be.
  18. Melissa

    Melissa Key-bearer Prophetic Coach

    Peregrine 5/18/17 Due 5/19/17
    I hear, "peregrine." This is a falcon that is very widespread and used often in falconry hunting. I sense that some of its characteristics are representative of an organization you are part of, perhaps of even one you have been or will be a founding member or sole proprietor.
    These falcons mature in a year and mate for life. They can be found almost everywhere on earth, with many northern populations migrating, which is reflected in the name meaning, "wandering falcon." It is a popular hunting bird and is very fast, reaching speeds of over 200 mph when diving. It nests on high places, often cliffs and tall buildings. It is strong, versatile, and highly trainable.
    I sense that these qualities are reflected in your organization in that it matures quickly, becoming established in its own right within a year. It seems to have facets that are stationary and others that move around, so it reaches many different people groups, being international in nature. The product or service offered becomes widely popular and is delivered quickly and efficiently. I see you in the nest on the high place next to Creator, giving the organization direction from that easily-defensible perch where you can see over great distances. Being based in this high place, the organization reflects the qualities that make the peregrine prized by many.
  19. Sherry

    Sherry Key-bearer Dream Venturer Prophetic Coach

    Kicking Up Dust, 5-24-17 / Due 5-26-17

    I see you as a runner on third base as the up-to-bat player hits a grounder that the pitcher misses. You are pell mell running toward home plate and slide under the catcher's mitt as the ball is thrown at the exact same time. When the dust settles, I hear the umpire yell, "Safe!!!" I feel you have been "practicing" your "sport" for a good while now, diligent to learn every intricacy of "scoring." Perhaps you have not seen things being called in your favor; however, now, it seems the dust is going to settle and the verdict levied your way more! I see you dust off your uniform and head to the dugout where Coach Creator slaps you on the back and gives you one more sage piece of advice. I sense you have learned to listen to your Coach at all times, and have therefore picked up nuances and tips others didn't care to learn. It's those details that give you an edge, I believe, like kicking up dust so the catcher can't find you! o_O;):woot:
  20. Del

    Del Key-bearer Dream Coach Dream Venturer Site Liaison

    Be Gone! - Due 6/2/17

    I hear Creator say "Be gone!" You are standing next to him while watching his motions and listening to the authority in his words. He turns to you and you repeat with the same voice and motions "Be gone!" Immediately, I see a bunch of scurrying and things that cloud the way simply disappear into nothingness. You both watch until the way is cleared. Then, you both step forward into a clear space where you see all that's before you.

    I sense that you're learning to speak with a new authority, guided by the example of Creator. As you look, listen, and learn, more is given. In a sense, it's like graduation from one grade to the next. As you learn and practice, there's a promotion that takes place involving more responsibility with the things Creator has given you.

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