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Discussion in 'Prophetic Readings' started by Justin, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Jill

    Jill Key-bearer Dream Coach

    Lawn Care June 7, 2017 Due 6-9-17

    I see you in a yard busy mowing the grass. Next you trim the perimeter of the property, with a weed whip, giving it a manicured makeover that looks great! I sense these are some practices, time and dedication that you spend to keep your house and property in good running order. I sense this is something that also is a reflection of your spiritual habits, too. I sense you have tenacity and you take your responsibilities quite seriously. I feel you have your focus on those things that need constant attention and you seem to maintain communication and intimacy with Creator on a regular basis. In much the same way, I sense you take the time to keep all the communication lines clear from any obstructions that would block or hinder this relationship with Creator. May you continue to be diligent and vigilant in those things of the spirit, for the expressed purposes and plans of Creator to be accomplished!
  2. Del

    Del Key-bearer Dream Coach Dream Venturer Site Liaison

    Glad Tidings - Due 6/16/17

    Glad Tidings is normally a phrase heard in the month of December. It's translated to mean "good news." I see you standing in the center of a room, arms outstretched with the words "Glad Tidings" spinning all around you, then going into you. I sense this is twofold for you: 1) positioning yourself to receive what Creator is putting into you, and 2) the actual act of receiving what He has for you. In this picture, you are doing both - positioning and receiving. Two often represents agreement and by being in position, followed by receiving, I sense that as you position yourself for what Creator is showing you, the "going in" part will be easy. The two are agreeing with each other which solidifies the agreement bond. Seeing the words "Glad Tidings" go into you, I feel this may represent the "good news" Creator has for you. This may be about a gift, calling, or desire that you've stood waiting for. You're in position...
  3. Del

    Del Key-bearer Dream Coach Dream Venturer Site Liaison

    Camel Humps - Due 6/23/17

    I see a camel with three humps. Camel humps are where the camel holds its provision, or nourishment. During the good times, extra is stored in the humps so that when times are a bit rough, there's still nourishment available. I see you like this camel with the three humps; three often representing agreement or governmental authority. I sense you've been wise with what's been given to you even at the curiosity (or possible ridicule) of others - you continue to set aside what's needed for the future. I feel that Creator may be teaching you how to work with others so they, too, can learn what to do and how to do it. Because you've walked this out, I feel this may be one of the reasons you walk in a certain authority to teach others. I see you in a room full of people, eager to learn from the wisdom you've garnered as you've "practiced" how to walk in this provision and nourishment. This could be both physically and/or spiritually.
  4. TJ

    TJ Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Birthing Many Stars - Due 6-30-17

    I sense you may have a leadership opportunity coming your way. I feel as if you may be coming into a greater sense of your destiny and purpose and that you may be a role model for others. I see that you may operate from the arena of the prophetic and that you may have the opportunity to speak into the destiny others. I feel that as you speak, you will "birth" many others. What you release may help them become aware of their giftings. I feel those you teach may join with you and the awareness you release will generate an awakening to their true prophetic nature. It could be that possible outcomes are "yes and yes" rather than and "either/or." I also sense the affects of this mass awakening have the potential to be felt far into the future.
  5. Amanda

    Amanda Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Ventures Discoverer

    Strike While the Iron is Hot 7-4-17 Due 7-7-17

    I am seeing a red hot burning iron, and I hear that this image goes with the expression, "Strike while the iron is hot!" Could it be that there is an opportunity before you in this instance, and perhaps this is a nudge of encouragement to go after it? Indeed, I see that the iron is so hot it's nearly electrifying with all the sparks coming off of it. I feel to add that this helpful hint or nudge seems to be all about timing. It's not to say that an opportunity will be missed if you don't act right away. No, the 411, or the message Creator may be sending, appears to be about a possible convergence in the timing. It's possible that "striking while the iron is hot" may set off other opportunities or activity, which all seem to bode very well for a bright future and your destiny.
  6. Jill

    Jill Key-bearer Dream Coach

    Transmission July 7, 2017 Due 7-14-17

    I’m hearing the word “transmission.” I sense this may be the mode of communication that Creator interacts with you. From this impulse message system, he may be calling attention to the activation of time as a snap, or synapse, where passage from him to you will begin to have a definite up-tick. I sense a surge of power in that direction, where there has been a clearing of understanding that has shifted, sending his thoughts and ideas your way for you to process. I sense you receiving understanding where previously the lines may have been tampered with. It seems Creator has cleared those lines for you, so the transmission will come in with clarity.
  7. Sherry

    Sherry Key-bearer Dream Venturer Prophetic Coach

    Lacing Shoes Backwards, 7-16-17, Due 7-21-17

    You may have seen sneaker shoes that have been laced from the toe side to the ankle. Perhaps a fad initially, but apparently lacing your shoes from the toe up relieves foot and ankle pain and makes for a more snug fit. Now, one can purchase this type of lacing with no ties, just slip them on. I sense you may have an idea that others might think somewhat strange. I hear them say, "We've always done it this way and it's fine." However, I feel your almost certainty that doing whatever "this" is will accomplish something better. I feel Creator's nudge to go for it. Like a seed being watered, I see Him with a watering can moistening this suggestion turned to fact in your hands. It may be that you only need a little start to show what this looks like so folks can buy into it, so to speak. Could it be that Creator has other benefits coming, just like from something as simple as lacing shoes backwards.


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