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Discussion in 'Prophetic Readings' started by Pauline, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. Del

    Del Key-bearer Dream Coach Dream Venturer Site Liaison

    Liberty Bell - DUE 8/25/17

    The Liberty Bell, housed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a symbol of freedom. It's engraved with the words "Proclaim LIBERTY Throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants Thereof." The original text with the full sentence reads... "And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof." The text then goes on to mention that the fiftieth year is the year of jubilee. I sense in this that Creator may be highlighting for you that as freedom is/was proclaimed in your life (in circumstances, any previous hardships, etc.), a jubilee awaits. A jubilee usually refers to a celebration at the anniversary of an event. The number 50 can often represent a deliverance from something. In comparing all of these pieces, I feel there's a celebration and removal of something (from the past or possibly your generational line) that will bring liberty and freedom for you and those very close to you. I also sense that as you look towards the celebration with anticipation, keeping the focus ahead, any opposition can easily be pushed out of the way.
  2. Pauline

    Pauline Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Dell, I absolutely love this, I'm declaring this over myself and my family and it confirms several recent dreams. Thank you!! I can hear the bell ringing:love::LOL:
  3. Amanda

    Amanda Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Ventures Discoverer

    Comfort 8-29-17 Due 9-1-17

    I'm seeing a picture of comfort for you. It involves baked goods fresh out of the oven and you sitting wrapped up in warm, woven blankets by the fire on a cold day. I sense that perhaps Creator is bringing this to mind as a welcome image after a season of experiencing and working out some rigorous routines and activity. It's possible that this time by the fire is one that will give you much strength and refreshment as you take the time to reflect and receive nourishment to mind, body, and spirit.
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  4. Kelly

    Kelly Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Rumpelstilskin 9/4/17 Due 9/8/17

    I hear the name Rumpelstilskin, and sense that this may represent people who may be offering help, but asking for something in return. I feel that you may have found yourself in situations that at first, may have seemed like a good idea, but in the end may not have been the best choice for you. I sense that Creator may be hi-lighting these, as I feel that you may need to take a moment to assess the entire situation before leaping in. Perhaps there are people who may not have your best interest in their hearts.

    I feel that there may be a force that is influencing outcomes, and possibly spending the time to ask Creator the path to follow will benefit you and the outcomes. Rumpelstilskin is a Disney character who always shows up at the exact moment of need, offering assistance but never having the best interest for the person in need. There was always an agreement that is made for his assistance, forcing the person in need to give something up in return.

    I sense that because you carry Creator’s heart, and you are a powerful force, obstacles will present themselves. I see that Creator walks by your side at all times, and He is there for you whenever needed.
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  5. Del

    Del Key-bearer Dream Coach Dream Venturer Site Liaison

    Grandiliferous! DUE 9-15-17

    I see you in a grand ballroom that is absolutely full of splendor and majesty. It's grandiliferous - grand, majestic, and amazingly decorated all at the same time. I sense this is a party specifically set up for you. It's appears to be all about a promotion and that you're graduating to a new level of authority in the things Creator is doing in your life. I see Him putting a new robe around you, setting a brilliantly colored hat on your head, and handing you a scepter - all completing the ensemble. Like the word "grandiliferous," this is something new and outside the box of standard thinking. What I see is that this promotion is fashioned specifically for you and that it involves things Creator has been teaching you about for quite some time.
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  6. Pauline

    Pauline Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Hoohoo bring it on. Thanks Del, very encouraging! Sort of what I've been sensing in not such a grandiliferous way though. :joyful:
  7. Del

    Del Key-bearer Dream Coach Dream Venturer Site Liaison

    Do you like the word "grandiliferous?" Well, I'd never heard of it before so guess what? You're the first to get it :love: Yes, bring it on!
  8. Pauline

    Pauline Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    ke the word "grandiliferous?" Well, I'd never heard of it before so guess what? You're the first to get it :love: Yes, bring it on![/QUOTE]
    I looked it up in the dictionary and it's not there, so good job creating a word. I do like it, it's grandiliferous!!!:playful::LOL:
  9. Pauline

    Pauline Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Kelly, thank you for this - I will head the warning. From past situations, very accurate.
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