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Discussion in 'Prophetic Readings' started by Amy, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. Amy

    Amy Insider Weekly Reader

    Thank you!
  2. TJ

    TJ Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Unlocking the Heart 5-7-17 / Due 5-12-17

    I sense the hidden things of Creator surround you, and that you may find yourself deep in the heart of his love. I see many strands of DNA glowing with a golden light. These strands are not of this world, but are steeped in the DNA of Creator himself. I sense this is your DNA and may also be the DNA of a group that surrounds you. I see the name of Creator written on every strand and feel that he has immersed you in his glory. It seems that you may be part of a larger system of blessing that Creator wishes to bring to the world. I sense this may have a healing element for the land and all its inhabitants. I feel he may be preparing you and the others to be released at just the right time for a beautiful effect so that it may unlock an open heart to each who receives it.
  3. Kelly

    Kelly Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Fantasia 5/15/17 Due 5/19/17

    I heard the word Fantasia. Fantasia is a 1940's Disney movie, that featured an orchestra playing through out the film. In doing some research, I discovered that Walt Disney had the idea to reinvent Mickey, as he had lost some of his flare during the 30's. Fantasia was the first movie to have stereo sound, and it has been rereleased many times over the years.

    I feel that you carry similar qualities to this movie. I sense that you may have ideas, that are "outside the box". I feel that you may often approach others with these ideas, and they are brought to life. I also get a feeling that you may create something that is one of a kind, a forerunner. I have a feeling that the things you may be creating, can add to other things. It may be that your ideas, fuel others, and together you create great items. These may be art, ways to accomplish goals, or inspirational objects. Whatever this may be, I feel that it could possibly be around for many years, much like Fantasia, that is going on it's 77th year!

  4. Jerry

    Jerry Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    On Target 5-22-17 Due 5-26-17

    I see a cartridge for a rifle. It's made up of a primer, propellant and a bullet encased in brass. The strike of the firing pin causes the primer to fire, setting off the powder which sends that round toward its target. I sense this is the way you operate in the gifts Creator has placed within you. A spark leads the charge that provides the motion for great impact. I feel greater revelation, knowledge and understanding is being released to you for your next target.
  5. Del

    Del Key-bearer Dream Coach Dream Venturer Site Liaison

    Bright Eyes - Due 6/2/17

    I see you standing very tall with huge bright eyes. Out of your eyes come beams of light that shoot off in all directions. It's almost like you are a beacon of light (as in a light house) eliminating any darkness wherever you look. As you turn your head, the light points a new direction. I sense that you have a gift to light the way for others who struggle with seeing in the darkness. As you show them the way, you also provide many of the necessary tools needed for their journey. Your tallness, I see as representing the growth and maturity Creator is bringing you into.
  6. Sherry

    Sherry Key-bearer Dream Venturer Prophetic Coach

    Purposeful, 6-5-17, Due 6-9-17

    I see you looking with purposeful vision so as not miss something you are looking for. It reminds me of a true story of an understudy with his mentor. It was time for the older man to leave, but the younger asked that he would have double his ability. In order to do so, he had to watch diligently for the moment when the teacher left this earth with the promise that if he did, double capacity would be his. It indeed happened just like that because the student never took his eyes off the prize until he apprehended it.

    I feel this is may be exactly where you are in your seeking of a goal. I see intensity on your face and sense the determination that you will not fail. Just like the wise mentor, I believe Creator knows the desire of your heart and the fortitude with which you seek Him and His. I feel you are like a goalie who watches the opposition intently in order that they might not score. I see a big, fat zero for them throughout the entire game because of your resolve.
  7. Judy

    Judy Member

    Curious George 06-13-17/06-16-17

    I hear “Curious George,” and I see a brown monkey holding a banana in one hand and swinging on a branch with the other hand. I wonder if you have an inquisitive mind and a penchant for adventure and exploration? The banana may signify spiritual nourishment, satisfying your sense of curiosity, as you swing onto another branch of understanding.

    “Curious George,” the main character of a popular children’s book series, was moved from his home in Africa to live in an unknown, big city. This may relate to a shift in your intellectual environment, where you may be entering into a new level of an unexplored way of thinking instead of a traditional pattern of reasoning. I feel your curious nature may enable you to embrace this advancement, and even grab ahold of new discoveries and opportunities in front of you. I sense you may find this transition to be very exciting and fulfilling.
  8. Del

    Del Key-bearer Dream Coach Dream Venturer Site Liaison

    Delicious Apple - Due 6/23/17

    I see you standing at a counter, having just picked the most awesome looking apple from a box. It looks so juicy and delicious and as you begin to sink your teeth into it, someone runs up asking for the apple. For a moment, you think about how delicious this apple will taste while you ponder whether to give it up or eat it. I can almost here your thoughts "I should give this apple away because this person seems to need it more than I do." You then turn to the person, saying "I would love to give you this apple but Creator has something different for you."

    I sense Creator may be teaching you about setting boundaries and being mindful of "self care." Self care is making sure to look at your own needs while still being able to assist others as directed by Creator. In the above vision, you do tell the person that Creator has something else, which allows you to eat this delicious apple. I feel this is two-fold: 1) Understanding that Creator meets the needs of those around you while, 2) taking what's been chosen by you and "eating" it. I sense this is a 411 that by taking the delicious things Creator has laid before, they indeed are for you.
  9. Kelly

    Kelly Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Tea Time 6/28/17 Due 6/30/17

    I see a small English tea garden. There is a small white table, and two chairs. I see Creator sitting in one of the chairs, and He is motioning for you to join Him. There is a huge smile on His face, and as you walk up, He jumps up and gives you a big hug. The two of you sit and talk, like long lost friends.

    I sense that this scene may be an invitation from Creator to sit and spend time talking one on one. I feel that the atmosphere is quiet, and serene, one that is able to provide a place of no interruption. Perhaps, you have been busy lately and may not have had the time to spend with Creator, as you once did. I feel His heart longing for you, and His desire to spend some quality time chatting. I also sense that you may also be desiring some one on one time with Creator, and now could be the perfect time.
  10. Melissa

    Melissa Key-bearer Prophetic Coach

    The Next Step 7/5/17 Due 7/7/17

    I see a stairwell, with you standing there, looking at the next step. There is something on it, that seems to be causing you to hesitate. I sense Creator encouraging you to step anyway. While it may not be something considered pleasant, it seems that it is not something harmful to you. I feel that, while this next step in your life journey may not look like you would prefer, it seems to be an important one. I sense Creator putting his arm under yours, like a gentleman would with a lady, as if to say, "I'm here, let's walk up together." It also seems as if this thing on the step is terrified of you, petrified from fear and unable to move out of your way, like a deer in headlights. You are so much larger than it is and shining brightly from within.
  11. Sherry

    Sherry Key-bearer Dream Venturer Prophetic Coach

    A Soldier's Rest, 7-12-17, Due 7-14-17

    A song made popular by Bing Crosby, Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral, is about a person remembering their mother, back in Ireland, lulling them to sleep with these words when they were a child.

    Hush now don't you cry!

    I feel Creator wants you to know His nurturing side, the one that sings over you, the one that comforts you when you might be hurt or feeling somewhat lonely. Science has shown that rocking has a way of changing our brain waves and calming us down. I sense you may be in need of this method, especially at the end of a long day, and wonder if you have a rocking chair in which to spend a little time? Maybe, even, you could play this song. At any rate, while there are times to be brave and courageous, there are also times when "the warrior is a child..." Another good song by that title below...and the knowing that Creator is the place to run home.

    Lately I've been winning
    Battles left and right
    But even winners can get
    Wounded in the fight
    People say that I'm amazing
    Strong beyond my years
    But they don't see inside of me
    I'm hiding all the tears

    They don't know that
    I go running home when I fall down
    They don't know Who picks me
    Up when no one is around
    I drop my sword and cry for just a while
    'Cause deep inside this armor
    The warrior is a child

    Unafraid because His armor is the best
    But even soldiers need a quiet place to rest
    People say that I'm amazing
    Never face retreat
    But they don't see the enemies
    That lay me at His feet

    They don't know that I go
    Running home when I fall down
    They don't know Who picks me
    Up when no one is around
    I drop my sword and cry for just a while
    'Cause deep inside this armor
    The warrior is a child

    They don't know that I go
    Running home when I fall down
    They don't know Who picks me
    Up when no one is around
    I drop my sword and look up for a smile
    'Cause deep inside this armor
    Deep inside this armor
    Deep inside this armor
    The Warrior is a Child
  12. Vickie

    Vickie Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Ventures Discoverer

    Golden Coins, 7-20-17, Due 7-21-17

    I see golden coins with an image that is stamped on each. I have a sense that it could be a representation of Creator, perhaps meaning "we are created in His image." And, yes, I feel that you have a close and intimate relationship with Creator, one that seems to be as precious as "gold" to you and to Him.

    It appears golden coins may be representative of your spiritual gifts. Gold coins often signify nobility, inheritance, refinement, etc. Perhaps you have finished a season of a refinement of your giftings. Gold's atomic number is 79 indicating that it is a bright yellow, dense, soft, malleable and is often used as a conductor. Even when exposed to air and water, it remains pure and does not rust. It seems what Creator has worked in you carries these characteristics as well!

    There is an ancient prophetic text that encourages all to purchase gold refined in Creator's fire so that we may "see." I feel that you may have a strong "seer" gifting and that Creator may be preparing you as a spiritual conductor. I sense Him encouraging you that gold is found in the core of the earth just as your gifting may be found in the core of Him.
  13. Jennifer

    Jennifer Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Stained Glass Window/7/24/17 Due 7/28/17

    I see the inside of a small inspirational building that is lined with stained glass windows. The way the light is shining through the glass causes rainbows and brilliant colors to dance off the walls, pews and floor.
    Stained glass is an art form that has been used for over 1000 years. Stained glass was used to portray and convey visual stories of courage, hope and inspiration. I wonder if, like the stained glass, your life is illuminated and conveys an inspirational message to those looking on. Like stained glass, could it be that there are layers and depth that give a 3-dimensional quality; and when the light shines through, it causes a 4th dimension of explosive color and radiance that pours out, splashing color on everything in it's path. An interesting detail is that the surface of the glass is usually scored or scratched, as this will actually cause the glass to be stronger. Like the glass, could you have some grooves or scratches that are strengthening you? I see you as this stained glass; a masterpiece, a wonderful dynamic display of beauty!
    stained glass.jpg
  14. Melissa

    Melissa Key-bearer Prophetic Coach

    Comfort 8/2/17 Due 8/4/17

    I sense that there are some situations that may not be going as desired. I feel that Creator is standing there, right next to you, ready to wrap you in a comforting embrace. I see him speaking quietly in your ear, words meant only for you to hear, words of hope and peace and joy. I hear the melodic lilt of his voice as he sings softly over you as you sleep, like a loving parent. His attention is constantly on you, watching for any need to be met and sending out the resources to meet that need. I see you as a child with a skinned knee and he is holding your face gently in his hands, carefully wiping away some tears as you gaze into his eyes and telling you how well you did, how brave you are, how you can get right back on that bike and rock it this time. I feel that this is a season of Creator comforting you through various ways according to each specific circumstance.
  15. Anita

    Anita Free to Dream! Staff Member Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Happy Treat! 8-4-2017/8-11-2017

    I see a dog playing and suddenly he turns and runs, ears flopping and tail wagging in the wind as he runs at full speed, to the call of his owner. It seems he knows there is something special waiting for him when he meets up with his owner, and he is correct, it is a happy treat! I sense this dog’s excitement represents you and your excitement at hearing Creator's voice. It seems you are quick to respond to His call and willing to put everything you have into what He asks you to accomplish. Like a dog who responds to his master’s voice, and upon seeing him face to face brings great joy to both of them, so I feel it is with you and Creator in the joy and excitement you share for each other. I also sense He has something very special waiting for you in this next season. Could it be the seeds of faithfulness and diligence sown have produced a crop you have been waiting for, and is now ready to harvest.
    What a happy treat!
  16. TJ

    TJ Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Turgor Pressure 8-12-17 / Due 8-18-17

    I hear the word "emerging values" and sense this is speaking of team values with whom you are involved. I sense these values will come out of a season you are entering that will provide growth as you move through these new life lessons. I feel Creator is saying not to give up or feel defeated because favorable results are yours! It seems there may be a need for contemplation and seeking after Creator as you enter this season, but I believe accomplishment is possible as your desire points you to Creator's plan. Just as a plant uses its turgor pressure to push through cement, (pressure from fluid pushing against the cell wall which makes it stand straight), I sense there is a similarity in your growth, and that your own "turgor pressure" is a key to pushing through to the next level that awaits you. I can sense the elation you'll have, realizing that you have everything you need to carry through to the end.
  17. Del

    Del Key-bearer Dream Coach Dream Venturer Site Liaison

    Roadway - DUE 8/23/17

    I see you traveling on a road, sometimes it's winding and yet others, it's very straight. The scenery changes as you continue to travel. In places, there's a thick forest and other places, there are wide open fields. It's always daylight and there doesn't appear to be a lot of traffic on this road. You're traveling at a steady pace; not too fast or too slow. It's just the right speed.

    I sense this is a picture of where Creator is taking you. In a place of rest, no dense forest (where you may feel closed in) or wide open field (where nothing appears to be going on) changes your ability to travel that road - your road. The daylight seems to represent the light of Creator keeping the path visible. This, too, comes out of being in that place of rest, where I sense Creator is teaching you how to function from that place. I feel this is encouragement for you that you're already on that roadway.
  18. Jerry

    Jerry Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Dance in the Rain! 8-29-2017/Due 9-1-2017

    I see a great storm rolling in. It reminds me of the storms we sometime experience at a certain time of the year such as a hurricane or tornado, when the wind and rain are stronger than at other times. I feel this storm represents what Creator desires to do in your life. I see Him pouring out a super soaker refreshing, which washes obstacles away. Could it be you have been longing for this kind of outpouring? It seems the timing is now and the clouds are approaching so get ready to dance in the rain! I hear Creator encouraging you to focus on dancing in the rain and enjoy the outpouring.
  19. Melody

    Melody Keymaster Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Venturer

    Cart Before The Horse / 9-4-17 / Due 9-8-17

    I see a cart put before the horse and sense that something in circumstances might have been a bit backwards in the past. I wonder if an element may have gotten turned around in a critical belief system, and it came down through your family line? Much like the families of old would tell stories over and over to pass on the traditions of life or culture, but the recounting of the stories may have over time, become a bit skewed. And the understanding may have become distorted in the variance of the telling. I sense that Creator is giving clear vision of the way things should have been told and releasing clarity to see those words, which caused distortion. I see the mind of many coming into greater enlightenment, based upon a clearer account of the truth. With the fresh understanding, I also sense that there is a safer level of personal assessment for the things that were presented as though they always had been. Creator is giving you personally, the vision to see past the traditions of old and the perception to know what is good to hold onto and what can be let go. He has made you a seeker of truth and you will find it when you seek it. For it is His delight to clear your mind of old patterns, bringing freedom to your thoughts and beliefs, so that you and your family may be unencumbered in life and destiny.
  20. Del

    Del Key-bearer Dream Coach Dream Venturer Site Liaison

    Laundry DUE 9-15-17

    I see you carrying a very large white laundry basket full of clothing-type items. The clothing isn't necessarily normal daily wear (pants, shirts, underwear, etc.). I'm seeing accessories that compliment our normal wear (scarves, belts, sashes, dusters, etc.). You carry the load over to a table and begin to fold everything, putting like items in their own piles. Everything is organized according to what it's used for. Nothing appears to be overlooked as you know exactly which pile each item goes into.

    I sense that Creator has given you a special ability in understanding the accessories given to people. In that, there seems to be a sort of "license" you've been granted that allows you to handle and then disperse these accessories to the assigned owners. This includes laundering (cleaning up, preparing, etc.) and assisting Creator in making them look new and fresh. I see him direct you, as needed, in how to do this job. White often refers to purity. Since you have things in a white basket, I sense the "delivery" may also be about a purification process that you help people walk through, then assist as they need to be dressed in what Creator is calling them to do. In a sense, what I see you doing is similar to a tailor's duties in that he/she makes sure everything is perfectly fitted to the person receiving the outfit.

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