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Discussion in 'Prophetic Readings' started by Estherp, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Estherp

    Estherp Member

    Blessings to all who read this.
  2. Melody

    Melody Keymaster Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Venturer

    Pillow Talk / 2-12-17 / Due 2-17-17

    I’m seeing a room full of young lasses having a ball in the middle of an action packed pillow fight. It must be a sleep over and all the gals are like sisters. They are completely comfortable with one another. No competition between them at all, and they can literally talk about anything. Not one compares herself critically to another in the room. They prefer the needs of the others above themselves in most cases. They would take their sisters secrets to the grave. This is a bond that forms from many experiences and events together over time, where each person in the relationship is proven to be loyal and trustworthy. I sense that this is a deep desire in your heart, to be loved and to have the opportunity to love so unconditionally that you can confidently be yourself in the assurance that you can safely put trust in your sisters. A small and intimate community that would stand and sometimes even fight next you until the death. This is Creator’s heart for you, as well. That you would have such deep and abiding friendships that they resemble a bond stronger than blood. I feel The Spirit is calling those close relationships to stand with you in friendship and purpose. I see a group of very strong women who are all looking for that same acceptance, and you may be the glue that Creator uses to bring you together. He will be the glue that holds you together, and your involvement will be a precious reflection of His own love for each of you.
  3. Estherp

    Estherp Member

    Wow, Melody, that message really spoke to my heart. It also confirms another Word of Knowledge given to me last year by a complete stranger. Thank you for giving me the Creator's message! Also please change my name to Esther and remove my full name on postings when you return. Thank you!
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  4. Melody

    Melody Keymaster Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Venturer

    I'm so glad. Thank you for your feedback! Creator is always faithful!!!!! xoxoxox
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  5. Jill

    Jill Key-bearer Dream Coach

    Post February 20, 2017

    I’m hearing the word “post.” This can be a piece of timber fixed firmly in an upright position as a stay or support. A post can also be an assigned position.

    I sense the word post is for a position of support. I feel you are a pillar of support to those around you, that Creator has blessed you to be in position to be this helpful support. This could be both on an individual and corporate scale. I see you at the gates where you are filtering what comes and goes through the gates. It seems like you are just as vigilant to keep opposition forces out as allowing those who are truly seeking higher spirituality to enter in. I sense Creator has given you discernment and you are able to distinguish the differences. I also see you coming along side others who are having difficulty and what you give is that support. I sense there is an enabling to respond to the spur of the moment situations where others might have difficulty making that switch or aren’t as flexible. I feel that Creator uses posts as markers and establishes boundaries by them. I sense you are this valuable marker that helps keep the boundaries lines clear and secure by determining who or what may enter and also showing the way.
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  6. Del

    Del Key-bearer Dream Coach Dream Venturer Site Liaison

    Brain Balance 3-8-17

    I hear the word "brain balance" and sense that Creator is doing a type of rewiring of things in your brain. I see these little sparks, much like those animation films on how the brain works, firing off all over your head. In a sense, it's like a little dance of coordinated sparks. I feel this is about Creator resetting and reprogramming some things brought down through your ancestral line. There's a balancing that bring greater memory, creative thinking, and possibly even seeing/imagining how things work even before you have a set plan. This may also be about an ability to see things completely finished before they are even started.
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  7. Estherp

    Estherp Member

    Thank you Del, that makes sense to me. Around the time you posted this, I came across some old family scrapbooks that revealed some family history that was eye-opening and encouraging to me. Prior to that I had gone through a process of repenting of things from generations past to free me from strongholds, and to reclaim and obtain restoration of things stolen from me and my family.
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  8. Sherry

    Sherry Key-bearer Dream Venturer Prophetic Coach

    Copy Cat, 3-24-17, (Due 3-3-17)

    I see a girl sitting next to you and you two are coloring. It seems she learns as she watches you, copying technique and nuances of the "job." As you enjoy the activity, there's lots of conversation. Questions asked, opinions shared, laughter and some deeper thoughts. I sense you have a relationship with someone, perhaps in a shared mission, who is younger in some aspects than yourself. Could you be an unofficial "mentor" to that person in this mutual setting of task together? Perhaps Creator is letting you know that more is going on than the casual job at hand, that this time may be molding her character and helping her make decisions about her life. I don't sense a need to change anything, but more the head's up that there may be one reason to be together that is obvious, and one that is happening in conjunction. And perhaps, that latter is actually as important, if not more so, than the former!

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  9. Kelly

    Kelly Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Bloom 3/23/17 Due 3/24/17

    I see a plant that is just peaking up above the ground. It appears to be early spring and new growth is beginning to show. As I watch, the plant grows and a small bud appears, unfolding into a beautiful pink flower. It looks like a double carnation, it appears to look delicate, but as the wind appears it is very sturdy, gracefully bending in the wind.

    I sense that you are much like this flower. I feel that you may have had growth in the last season, that perhaps has prepared you for the "wind". I also feel that you may have great strength in the face of difficult times. I feel that you may have "bounced" back, when at times you may have felt you would not. I see Creator walk over to this flower, and I sense He admires it's beauty and strength. I watch as He gently pours some water on the ground where the flower will take in the nutrients. I feel that Creator is giving you the nutrients that you need, and He is your master gardener, always taking special care of you, knowing exactly the right amount of sun, rain, and wind that will assist with your continued growth.
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  10. Melody

    Melody Keymaster Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Venturer

    Posting for Anita!

    Clarity/ Due: 3-17-2017

    I see a high-rise building with a window washer hanging off the side. I sense this may represent your level of understanding in some area. However, the window washer is cleaning the windows. It may be that Creator is bringing clarity for keener vision and insight. Could it be you have asked for greater understanding? I see you standing inside as the window washer finishes the job astounded with a big smile on your face. It is like you are seeing the view through the glass for the first time.
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  11. Del

    Del Key-bearer Dream Coach Dream Venturer Site Liaison

    Hot Air Balloon 3/28/17

    I see you riding in a hot air balloon, going up... and up.... and up. The higher you go, the more you can see. What's interesting is that the detail of your vision doesn't decrease as you go higher. In fact, your vision becomes clearer where you can pinpoint even a blade of grass that's crooked.

    I sense that you're moving up into a new realm of what Creator is showing you. As you go "higher," you're able to see more detail in the landscape. This then allows you to have pinpoint accuracy in knowing exactly how to connect things from point "A" to point "B," to point "C," etc. It's as though the land below forms a type of map where you can see all the details, way beyond what you'd see on a normal map. It's going higher, and being alongside Creator, where you can see with such amazing detail. I hear Him encouraging you to "come up here."
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  12. Amanda

    Amanda Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Ventures Discoverer

    Lemon Drop 4-4-17 Due 4-7-17

    The word I’m hearing for you is lemon drop. A lemon drop is sweet, but not too sweet. Lemons are tart yet citrus and refreshing. They also have different health applications like being a source of Vitamin C which is said to help boost your immune system. They are yellow which may represent light, and optimism. Furthermore, lemons have dozens or more applications and are quite versatile. Perhaps this word is significant to you, at present, because there is a project you may be working on. I sense that a lemon may represent the type of strategy you may apply to your current projects, and that the outcome may be sweet, but not too sweet; and your strategy may help fortify your operating system, utilize optimism, and be versatile.
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  13. Del

    Del Key-bearer Dream Coach Dream Venturer Site Liaison

    Mr. Goldstone 4/12/17 Due 4/14/17

    Mr. Goldstone is a character from the musical "Gypsy." He was in charge booking acts for the Orpheum circuit - a chain of vaudeville and movie theaters. In the musical, Rose (the mother) tried to get him to hire the act she'd written that included her two daughters, Baby June and Louise.

    The character of Mr. Goldstone represents the variety and creativeness of how acts were chosen to entertain men, women, children, the rich, the poor, and all the in-betweens. I sense that you are much like Mr. Goldstone in that there's a special gift within you that is able to wisely choose what's going to speak to a variety of people, bringing them to a place of joy, happiness and peace. It takes a special flavor of person to mix and match many "acts" that when brought together, create a whole "show." I sense you have this special creativity and that Creator may be bringing you into a greater understanding of how that's going to look as you continue to walk out what He's called you to do.
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  14. Amanda

    Amanda Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Ventures Discoverer

    Yellow Bicycle 04-18-17 Due 04-21-17

    I see a really cool painted yellow bicycle, in a garden, with flowers growing out of it. It seems that this bicycle has been “repurposed,” and I hear the word “repurposed” for you, too. It’s not just simply that the yellow bike is being “recycled” or that it can no longer be used for its original design. Rather, it’s more a matter of perspective; taking things out of their element and showing how we may all have a lot more options and opportunities than we think. I also sense the yellow paint shows that these opportunities may be like sunny days and a gift from Creator. It may also be significant that a bike has two wheels and is powered by its rider. I feel that since the bike is "parked" in the garden, for the time being, this may signify that Creator is giving you the time to pause, rest, and enjoy the growth around you.
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  15. TJ

    TJ Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Heavenly Mysteries Revealed 4-25-17 / Due 4-28-17

    I see you entering a place of mysteries and sense the winds of Creator blowing all around you. I feel this is a time of refreshing for you and a place where things of heaven will be revealed. I feel as if Creator is establishing you as one of his faithful witnesses that will reflect his beauty, and that you might step into this new season with passion, knowing you are given the tools you need to overcome any opposition. I see a rise in the mysteries of Creator being heralded by you. I feel you may experience an increase in spiritual insight and revelation as well. There appears, also, to be opportunity to see things both up close and farther away that will give you a greater perspective for life.
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  16. Judy

    Judy Insider Weekly Reader

    Skyscraper/05-03-17/Due 05-05-17

    I’m seeing a really tall concrete building, like the ones you would see in a cosmopolitan city, and I hear the word “skyscraper.” A skyscraper is a building with exceptional height supported by an impressive steel framework on a well-designed and solid foundation.

    I sense you are like this tall and impressive skyscraper, whose presence and stature does not go unnoticed. I feel this is about the way you operate and serve those around you. I wonder if your “height” gives you a spiritual vantage point, allowing you to be very effective and strategic in the way you care and assist others.

    A building of this magnitude usually has at least 40 floors, and as I look up at this building, it seems to get taller, like it’s growing in height. It seems as though Creator is continuing to multiply and increase your portion, as you continue to pour out to those around you. I feel He wants to remind you that His resources are unlimited and there is abundance for what you will need for the things that He has set upon your heart. I sense you are a spiritual giant, gifted with many tools and resources. I believe your spiritual foundation is also well secured and well established, allowing Creator to continue to form an extraordinary framework upon your footing.
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  17. Sherry

    Sherry Key-bearer Dream Venturer Prophetic Coach

    Pipe Cleaner, 5-101-17, Due 5-12-17

    A pipe cleaner is a type of brush originally intended for removing moisture and residue from smoking pipes. Besides that purpose, they have become useful in a thousand o_O, well okay, lots and lots :woot: of ways from medical and engineering applications to decorating, color coding and even as a twist tie. I sense you might have developed yourself in this way, with some original intent that has exploded (or will soon explode) like confetti out of a party canister. POP! :nailbiting::playful:(y) However, I see instead of pieces of paper all over the floor that have to be swept up, your "confetti" is like a long-traveling rainbow, bringing light and color to many people. So, just like the humble pipe cleaner, your explosion of purposes could be even now on the horizon!
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  18. Pauline

    Pauline Key-bearer

    Heavenly Atmospheres 5-16-17 Due 5-19-17
    I see a hook on a long pole used to pull things high in the air. I see you pulling a sun shade down and see you pulling the on-switch to a ceiling fan, both which affect the atmosphere. I sense Creator saying you are pulling heavenly places into this realm. You may be creating spaces for heavenly access and setting the atmosphere for heavenly encounters. I also see you hook a handle attached to an attic stairway which opens up access to the third floor. It seems you are making a way for ascending and descending between the two realms. The third floor may represent the third heaven where Creator lives.

    You seem to be very adept at using this tool and creating space for heavenly activity. I sense these areas are in places where people may be unaware of being affected by the spiritual realm. This realm appears to be influencing them in a positive way almost like it is inviting them to experience the goodness of Creator, which in turn creates more goodness. I sense Creator is wanting you to know that what you are doing is making a huge difference and having an impact for His realm!
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  19. Kelly

    Kelly Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Up, Up, and Away 5/25/17 Due 5/26/17

    I hear up, up, and away, and see a hot air balloon slowly lift off. I hear the sound of the fire, creating heat to lift off. I have a sense that this relates to a season coming about where you may feel your are being lifted up by Creator. I have a feeling that you may have come through a long season of ups and downs. Maybe you have thought, "when will it end?" I sense that as the summer starts, and new growth begins, you may find that all of the past season is now behind you. It seems that everything that you have gone through was possibly a training session. I do feel that you may have developed an ability to handle pressure better, and now that it is in the past, the future is waiting. I get a sense that you may be pleasantly surprised at what comes with this next season of growth, and wonders may flourish wherever you may be, as Creator lifts you up, up, and away.
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  20. Sherry

    Sherry Key-bearer Dream Venturer Prophetic Coach

    Cornucopia, 5-31-17, Due 6-2-17

    In classical antiquity, the cornucopia, or horn of plenty, was a symbol of abundance and nourishment, commonly a large horn-shaped container overflowing with produce, flowers or nuts. We often see them decorate our tables at Thanksgiving. I see you as a cornucopia, abounding in many giftings that have flowed from you to encourage and help many. I see all of these individuals giving thanks for your kindness and supply, which comes in a myriad of forms. I feel Creator's joy as you seem to have been His hands and feet on earth. Because of this, I sense you are about to come into increase, both in opportunities and materials needed to meet an increasing audience.

    I see a large reservoir of water that has been collected in a cement tank on a hill top, positioned for gravity to work in transferance through pipes and faucets to a townspeople below. I feel the gravity of the situations you may encounter in this new season will make you glad you have stored up Spirit's flow to administer both long-term and emergency aid. I see others giving you resources to add to your ability to reach out to more and more folks all the time.
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