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Discussion in 'Prophetic Readings' started by Estherp, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Amanda

    Amanda Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Ventures Discoverer

    Incredibles 6-6-17 Due 6-9-17

    I’m seeing a red dotted letter “i” for you, like the superhero symbol for the animated family The Incredibles. I sense that this represents you and perhaps your natural or spiritual family. It seems that you and your family have many talents and spiritual gifts. Much like each member of The Incredibles, you each have your own unique abilities and way that you are designed. I hear that as individuals you can each accomplish great feats. However, together you are even stronger.

    It seems that you may be currently on a mission. It looks like there are possibly challenges or “bad guys” to defeat. As superheroes, this is precisely what you are made for. I feel that through this process, you will be able to experience true fulfillment. It’s also likely that, by challenging yourself and feeling the stretch, you will also receive increase and acceleration in your giftings.
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  2. Melody

    Melody Keymaster Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Venturer

    It Had To Be You / 6-12=17 / Due 6-16-17

    I’m hearing the old standard called, “It Had To Be You.” I sense that Creator is conveying His heart toward you, and that it was imperative in His mind to not only create you, but to display you for great purpose in the earth. He just couldn’t NOT put you here to co-labor with Him, because He is so impressed with you. He knows that He did an excellent job when He designed you, gave you His DNA and birthed you into a world that needed to see more of Him. He is so pleased that you carry His make up in yours, and that it shows up in who you are. You are one of His most precious masterpieces. You reflect His nature and His love for humanity, and this is one of His favorite attributes within you. You look like your originator and that is a good thing! His pride over you is overwhelming, as He sees you as a treasured child that He Himself has birthed and revered. You are His endeared one. One that He has His eye on at all times just to soak in the love that He feels for you. What a valuable gift He sees you as. One that carries His face and heart toward others. It really had to be you! There is no one like you.

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  3. Pauline

    Pauline Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Baby Goat 6/20/17 Due 6/21/17
    I’m seeing a bleating baby goat caught in some barbed wire. The more it tries to get free, the farther the barb digs into its hide. I see someone come and gently free the goat by pulling a part the wire. I sense you are the person freeing the goat. I now see you washing it’s wound and petting it’s neck. I sense Creator is impressed with your caring heart and your ability to gently free people from things that ensnare them. You even seem to be able to bring healing to brokenness with a soothing touch. I feel like Creator may have given you a special ability to help those who may be outside the norm or who may be overlooked. The significance seems to be in the quiet way the healing comes without any undue discomfort or awkwardness. What a special gift Creator has given you that reflects His sometimes subtle way of healing.
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  4. Mary Ellen

    Mary Ellen Key-bearer Key-bearer Dream Coach

    Memoir 6-28-17, due 6-30-17

    I see a white writing pad and the word memoir. I sense this may be a call to write, possibly an account of your life's journey for the purpose of assisting others with their's. I wonder if you have some unique experiences which may include trials as well as triumphs. Could it be Creator is taking you through something and revealing Himself to you in a way you can share for the benefit of others? I sense Creator is encouraging you to preserve your experiences in writing as they will serve as instruction and guidance for generations to come.
    I see a single kernel of corn and sense this reveals the seed that is planted through your memoirs. This fertile seed, once planted, can multiply with new fruit and many more seeds which can then continue to multiply. This may be a time for a unique harvest as a result of your personal journey
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  5. Anita

    Anita Free to Dream! Staff Member Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Holding Hands /7-1-2017/Due: 7-7-2017

    I hear a song titled “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles, a group popular in the early sixties. I sense the title and first chorus of the song are Creator assuring you that He is always near, no matter what you may encounter. I feel the first chorus could be a dialog with you indicating His confidence in the intimate line of communication between you and Him. Could it be, you have gone through a time which has been somewhat of a challenge? However, His reassurance of taking your hand represents your confidence that He is there to see you through no matter what it may look like.

    Oh yeah I tell you somethin'
    I think you'll understand
    When I say that somethin'
    I want to hold your hand

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  6. Julissa

    Julissa Key-bearer

    Trust 07-12-17 due 07-14-17

    I hear the word Trust. I believe Creator is reassuring you that you can trust Him. I wonder if you have been going through some difficult times which are taking longer than expected? I believe Creator is giving you clarity and understanding about some of the issues you have had to deal with. I feel like it seemed a long journey; however, I see that it has helped you develop in many ways. I believe Creator is strengthening your faith and letting you know that you can rely upon Him no matter the circumstances. I see you rejoicing and at peace.
  7. Sherry

    Sherry Key-bearer Dream Venturer Prophetic Coach

    Copying with the Coop, 7-16-17, Due 7-21-17

    I see you in your backyard where you and your family have a chicken coop. :chicken::chicken::chicken: The chickens are quite content going about their pecking seed and egg-laying business. However, I see you constantly having to fuss with the old structure...wire coming down, planks askew, and getting to the eggs seems to take Houdini moves in the cramped quarters. Talk about feeling cooped up! I sense Creator may be talking about a generational affair here, one where what was done and the way it was done was fine for then. However, it seems there might need to be somewhat of an overhaul (okay, maybe a big overhaul) to bring it into this century.

    I now see you take down the coop entirely and move in a ready-made, sturdily constructed and multilayered chicken condo that is absolutely amazing! You get it leveled and test the approach from a human standpoint, then release your hens and roosters to see what they think. They move in very quickly because, it seems, you used wisdom by keeping some of their old hay so the scent of the place smells just like home! :rolleyes: (Yes, they can smell as well as we do!) I believe in the course of renovating the antiquated for the new, you are able to keep the parts from your lineage that make it easy for everyone to carry on and still expand on the "business" at hand.
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  8. Jerry

    Jerry Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Song Bird!/7-25-2017/7-28-2017

    I see this beautiful book filled with various songs. Songs which can move a person to tears of compassion or songs that can fill a heart full of excitement and joy. I sense much like this song book, you are full of life to all those around you. Could it be you have words that move others from tears of empathy to cheers and laughter. Consequently, I see your knack may be to help others experience the wide range of Creator's goodness. I feel He is highlighting your gift to encourage you to continue affecting the atmosphere everywhere you go.
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  9. Pauline

    Pauline Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Moving in Wisdom 7/30/17 Due 8/4/17
    I see a mouse with a pronounced nose and whiskers which are twitching back and forth. Mice use their sense ofsmell and sensitive whiskers to discern their surroundings. I sense, like the mouse, you may be deciphering a situation to determine it’s potential. As the mouse moves slowly along, it continues to sniff. I feel you may to be deciding about a matter if it is beneficial to move forward or to remain where you are currently. I sense Creator has given you a good deal of insight, and He may be encouraging you to trust what you perceive. You seem to be wise in moving judicially. Now there is a figure moving away from the mouse, and the mouse is able to move about freely. Perhaps there have been obstacles in your way that Creator is now removing. You, too, seem to have more freedom as you demonstrate wisdom in a matter.
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  10. Esther

    Esther Member Weekly Reader

    I frequently seek the Spirit of Wisdom. Strategy is my strength. I actually have had my schedule free up in the last few month as well as moving forward. I am excited about finally having time to pursue Kingdom ventures involving witty ideas and inventions, and to assist others who are in alignment with God. I feel like final positioning is occurring to move forward. Thank you for your inspiring and accurate words!
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  11. Pauline

    Pauline Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Esther, so glad this was encouraging to you. Bless you as you move into more freedom!!
  12. Jerry

    Jerry Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Cardinal 8-5-2017/8-11-2017

    I see a beautiful red bird. It's the state bird of North Carolina and also the name of a well-known baseball team.
    It is a cardinal! I hear the words, Mom, baseball, and apple pie. I feel this bird represents you. Red speaks of strength and one who walks in their authority.
    I sense you know life should be lived to its fullest. The journey of life lets you sample good things, work and playing hard. As this is the heart of life's journey, similarly, I feel Creator deals with hearts. His inclination is to mold and shape us in a way that is comforting, fun and palatable to us.

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  13. Sherry

    Sherry Key-bearer Dream Venturer Prophetic Coach

    A Forward-Moving Strategy, 8-12-17, Due 8-18-17

    I hear "coping does not rhyme with moping." o_O:ROFLMAO:;) I sense you may be in some situation(s) that requires an attitude of thankfulness. :facepalm::D:joyful: Perhaps someone has just "spit in your eye," a term for showing ingratitude, perhaps in response to something kind thing you have done. I feel Creator encourage you to come at this gesture in the opposite spirit. I feel it will cause some serious psychological repercussions for good. This change of heart may occur in the contrary person, or it may come from those passing by. Either way, I feel Creator has designed this strategy in order for you to stay on top of your emotional and physical game so as to ride over and past the offense. In so doing, I see you move much more quickly forward, almost like riding a way, accomplishing the positive instead of the negative as might have been hoped for by the perpetrator.
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  14. Esther

    Esther Member Weekly Reader

    Wow - this is right on! I was side-swiped by an attack from a friend of over 40 years whom I have been trying to help out of her bad situation for the last few years. Thanks for the clarity.
  15. Sherry

    Sherry Key-bearer Dream Venturer Prophetic Coach

    Thanks for the feedback, Esther, and I'm so grateful this helped!!!

  16. Jennifer

    Jennifer Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Strengthening Foundations /08-22-17/Due 08-25-17
    I see you standing on a sandy beach, enjoying the surf of the water and sun on your face. After a time, you turn towards your home where you have been working at digging out the sand around the foundation. You decide that you are ready for the next step, so you begin to mix gravel and cement in a wheel barrow. When it is ready, you wheel it over to the area of the footings and begin to pour the cement mixture, pleased with the added reinforcement that you are building.

    I sense that the picture of your home is a reflection of your life. You seem to embrace the balance of rest and work. Could it be that you are reinforcing and strengthening some foundational mindsets and identity? Is it possible that you are preparing for the coming season of change and whatever it may hold? I sense that you have the ability to weather any storm that may come your way.
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  17. Pauline

    Pauline Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Merry-go-Round 8/26/17 Due 9/1/17
    I see a white horse painted with decorative blue flowers on a merry-go-round. A crowd of people are starting to clamber onto the platform. Children are running vying for their favorite animal to ride on. There is so much excitement. But you walk on calmly and choose the white horse with the blue flowers. Your grandfather picks you up and places you on the white horse in marked contrast to the activity around you. You are serene, enjoying spending the day with your grandfather. The grandfather carefully buckles the safety belt around you, placing his hand on your back as the carousel starts to move.

    I sense you enjoy time with Creator when others may be running here and there frantically looking for the next thing. You seem to know your place in the hecticness of life which brings peace and a confidence in how you will arrive to your destination. It appears you and Creator have such a close relationship that you rest in his loving protection enjoying the ride of life together.
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  18. Vickie

    Vickie Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Ventures Discoverer

    The Mix, 09/05/17, Due 09/08/17

    I see you in the kitchen preparing to make something. A special fruit mix for those who are within you sphere of influence. You carefully measure out each ingredient and place it in a mixing bowl. Then you mix them all together, scraping the sides of the bowl to insure the ingredients are mixed well. After you have them mixed, you taste the mix. It seems there is something missing. You check the ingredients that you added and they all seem to be there in the amounts needed. Yet, there is something still missing. I see Creator enter the kitchen and you let him taste the mix. As He tastes the mix, He smiles. He looks at the ingredients you have mixed together and He smiles again. It appears that He knows exactly what may be missing. I hear Him suggest that you may want to add some 'love' to the mix, then it will be just right. I feel that the ingredients you have used are ingredients of the Spirit such as joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, etc. And, it appears that once love is added, the mix is complete. I can hear Creator complementing your "Fruit Mix" saying, "it will satisfy any desire someone will have." Absolutely delicious!
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  19. Jennifer

    Jennifer Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    A Cart of Plenty 09-10-17/Due 09-15-17
    I see you in a hot tropical country pulling a cart loaded with vegetables towards a market. It is evident that you are up very early and out to the fields picking and gathering more than enough produce to sell. I see you at the market joyfully, interacting with shoppers, children and other vendors with passion and purpose. At the end of the day, much has been sold but there is still plenty left over.

    I wonder if this represents how you manage your time, effort, opportunities and business. I sense that you conduct yourself in a similar way, valuing people over the process and giving genuinely of yourself to everyone you meet. A word that comes to mind is stewardship. This word means; the conducting, supervising, or managing of something well : the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care.

    Could it be that you are managing well all the skills and gifts that you have been given and that you will reap the reward of such? The picture of the cart ladened with produce could be a picture of plenty and abundance that your life is producing. What a beautiful rendition of a fruitful life.
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