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Discussion in 'Prophetic Readings' started by capree greene, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. capree greene

    capree greene Member

    Wow this is actually happening right now! Thank you so much for encouraging words. I've actually quit working to be home with my babies this summer. The Lord wants me to be in a time of rest and really press in to him. Plus my 5yr old is having many encounters and now goes to heaven so I have really felt led to spend a lot of time with him this summer in teaching and training him. I'm ready for a fun summer and just enjoying Gods presence!
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  2. capree greene

    capree greene Member

    You hit the nail on the head! I have been practicing a sending to heaven to meet the father and go up with my 5yr old son. He goes up regularly now. Then worldly distractions happened and got me kind of frustrated. Some financial issues and lots of things breaking. But I'm getting back in the driver seat and ready to slam the pedal to the floor!
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  3. Anita

    Anita Free to Dream! Staff Member Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    His Multicolored Rose! /5-26-2017/Due: 6-2-2017

    I see a multicolored Rose Bud that signifies you! When the bud opens, the bloom is usually quit a bit larger than the size of the bud. According to Victorian flower dictionaries, a rose's color determines its meaning. I sense the colors of this rose represent the affection you and Creator share for one another. The color red may depict His love for you. Red can also represent passion, and I’m sensing may represent your passion for Him in response to His love. Pink is for the the ability He has bestowed upon you which may also carry the meaning of innocence. Orange might means energy, a powerful attraction and fascination, which I sense you have with all Creator shares with you. In addition, I feel He holds a powerful attraction toward you, His prized multicolored rose bud, as he watches you continue to grow and bloom into a beautiful rose!

  4. Kelly

    Kelly Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Blue Robin's Egg 6/7/17 Due 6/9/17

    I hear the word's Blue Robin's Egg, and see a nest with one single egg in it. In researching the color of egg shells I learned the following: The darker egg shells do a better job protecting the embryo while allowing more light to penetrate into the growing embryo. This process generates more heat into the center of the egg thereby speeding up embryonic development.
    I feel that you too are the color of this robin egg, and Creator is heating you up. I sense that you may soon experience a growth spurt in your gifting's.

    The color blue is often associated with depth, and stability. It also symbolizes trust, faith, wisdom, confidence and truth. I feel that all of the fore mentioned words may be a part of you. I sense that you carry all of these characteristics, and that each has carried you to the place that you are now at. I sense that due to your ability to have trust, faith and the confidence to step into what Creator has called you to do, you may very soon be feeling the "heating up", to propel you into the accelerated growth.
  5. Kelly

    Kelly Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Clear Water 6/14/17 Due 6/16/17

    I see you stepping into a pond. As you walk out it appears the water is murky, and you cannot see the bottom. As you stop and stand still, the water starts to settle, and becomes a little clearer. As you wait for a few moments the water becomes crystal clear, and you can see the stones at the bottom.

    I sense that this may represent a time when you felt you could not see clearly. I feel that as you waded through the murkiness, you may have felt you could not see the clear picture. I get a sense that as you stop to pause, and catch your breath, you may see things clear up. I feel that as you come across things that may cause a distortion, stopping to pause and ask Creator how to proceed may assist you in getting a clear picture and then you may know which way to proceed. I feel that as you practice this, it may become ingrained, and you may find that you will find the water is always clear.
  6. Del

    Del Key-bearer Dream Coach Dream Venturer Site Liaison

    Candid Camera! - Due 6/23/17

    Candid Camera was a TV show where they'd hide cameras to watch people's reactions when odd situations were placed before them. The show was very popular because people often had the strangest reactions, making it very entertaining to watch. I see Creator place something before you, waiting for your reaction once you see it. You walk into the room and with a surprised look at what's before you, start to laugh. Even though it may appear a bit odd, you find it amusing.

    I sense that out of a solid relationship building with Creator, you're in a season of seeing things, as odd as they may be, with amusement. In turn, this makes light of situations so that circumstances don't bring you down. I feel this has not always been the case. But, because of maturity through hard situations, this brings you to a new level of authority. I hear Creator saying that even though things may be missed at times and it's not perfect each time, there's still growth. I sense Him encouraging you in this.

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