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Discussion in 'Prophetic Readings' started by Sylvia, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. Sylvia

    Sylvia Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Thanks! :)
  2. Amanda

    Amanda Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Ventures Discoverer

    Monkeys 6-14-17 Due 6-16-17

    The word I'm hearing for you is a "barrel of monkeys." It seems the word may be about a community you are a part of and the ability to work well together. The monkeys in the barrel all form links, with arm upon arm. This may symbolize the interconnectedness and the importance of relying on one another and drawing strength from one another to build upon each others' vision. I sense that it also speaks to a layering upon layer and an exponential increase that is possible by stacking one on top of the other. I feel that as you continue to rely on this community and build each other up, this bond increases in connectivity and becomes next to impossible to break apart. It seems this strong bond is a linkage that will have a resonating affect both in the natural and spiritual realms for many powerful things to manifest into reality.
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  3. Amanda

    Amanda Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Ventures Discoverer

    Swedish Fish 6-20-17 Due 6-23-17

    I’m seeing a red Swedish fish candy, about the size of a fishing lure, which may actually be a rather clever novelty key ring. I sense that you may perhaps collect novelty items in the spirit or in the natural. These items seem to take on a characteristic or look a certain way on the outside. However, they may have a dual-function. It is likely that this is symbolic of special gifts or talents that you yourself may have. I sense you have a unique ability to discern, in the spirit and in the natural, what is in front of you. I feel that like the Swedish fish key ring, you also see what others have and are able to see what additional purpose they may have. I also perceive that these novelty items or gifts and talents, represent a fun and joyful way you operate in life. It seems that you may have an eye for the multi-purpose or multi-functional aspects in people, and that this is one of your special gifts.
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  4. Melissa

    Melissa Key-bearer Prophetic Coach

    Feather Tips 6/28/27/ Due 6/30/17

    I see the tips of some outstretched wing feathers. I sense this is emphasizing how you are currently flying in the spiritual realm. Perhaps you may have felt that you weren't really moving much, but it seems this feeling is an illusion because of how well and how long you have been able to ride this air current without having to flap your wings. It is as if you are effortlessly able to travel great distances this way, riding the current of Spirit. I feel that the specific highlight on the tip of the feather has to do with a pioneering spirit that is a part of you. When a feather grows, the tip is the first part formed with the rest growing out behind it. I sense that Creator is using this wind current to position you in just the right place for that pioneering spirit to shine through and lead others to new heights with Him.
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  5. Sylvia

    Sylvia Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Yes! This does witness with me! Thank you so very much! :)
  6. Sylvia

    Sylvia Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Wow! Right on! Thank you so much! :)
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  7. Sylvia

    Sylvia Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    So cool! Yes I believe so too! Thank you so much!:)
  8. Melissa

    Melissa Key-bearer Prophetic Coach

    Alligator Clip 7/5/17 Due 7/7/17

    I see a pair of alligator clips. These are metal spring clips with tapered, serrated metal ends that resemble the jaws of an alligator. They are used to connect things to an electrical current, like jumper cables on a vehicle connect the batteries together, allowing an electrical current to flow between them. I sense this is a characteristic in you that Creator is highlighting. I feel that you are someone who has the ability to join people together, even if only temporarily, and transfer the important information, resources, or whatever else is needed at the time between them. This is a special gift of being able to make connections where other's may not be able to.
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  9. Sylvia

    Sylvia Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Wow!! Such an encouraging reading!! Thank you Melissa!
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  10. Laura

    Laura Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Heart Song 7/7/17, Due 7/14/17

    I hear a bluesy melody, a slow-rolling, almost lulling tune. A song with a rhythmic pull and ethereal quality. The waves of the music evoking a mood easily felt by the listener. I sense there is something you feel as if you've expanded into a deep yearning, perhaps it even feels like it has become a part of you. Could it be that this pursuit, as yet to be obtained, has left you with a feeling it may not be realized? I sense Creator may be moving you from a place of your own longing, to a deeper understanding and awareness of His own longing and desire after you. I see an increase in hope in you as Creator's love continues to fill what may perceive as yet-to-be-filled places. I see you overshadowed by His love, the theme of His joyful song over your life. I sense a growing awareness of Creator's constant wooing as He breaths His creative spirit into your own heart song.
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  11. Sylvia

    Sylvia Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Wow! This is great! Thank you Laura! (y)
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  12. Pauline

    Pauline Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Fleece Blanket 7/19/17 Due 7/21/17
    I see a fleece, whitish/gray blanket bunched up in a ball. You come and shake it out to straighten it in order to fold it neatly. It appears the softness and texture brings you comfort as you rub your hand over the blanket. It seems there may be an unclear situation, one that feels grey rather than black and white. I wonder if you may be attempting to straighten it out and perhaps hoping your efforts will bring peace. Could you have been "laying out the proverbial fleece," asking Creator for a sign in order to make a decision in an attempt to understand what He wants? I sense His help may be closer than you know and the answer imminent.
  13. Sherry

    Sherry Key-bearer Dream Venturer Prophetic Coach

    Coptic, 7-25-17, Due 7-28-17

    I hear the word Coptic, which is the native language of a small group of Copts around the world, most who reside in modern day Egypt. My sense is that you, and a group like you, are a small but mighty set of people who remain true to some heritage that's been around for a long time. In other words, you speak each other's language! I don't sense you are traditionalists for the sake of tradition, but rather what has been carried to and through you from the past is still relevant and needed today. And so you preserve it.

    Just like good preserves (the jam kind now o_O), have a long shelf life, I see you passing your knowledge and skill on to another generation so as not to lose, what I hear Creator say, such a precious ability. I feel Him encourage you to do what is necessary to keep this "language" alive, and that possibly, a younger generation will find it even more valuable than the current one!
  14. Laura

    Laura Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    A Galaxy of Unknown Stars 7-30-17/ Due 8-4-16

    I'm reminded of an exchange between two people in the movie Correspondence: "You're a Galaxy of unknown stars and why I will never tire of gazing at you to discover every one."

    Could it be that you are someone who has been desirous of deeper connection lately in your close relationships? I sense Creator may be bestowing a newness in the way both parties of these relationships are able to gaze upon each other, almost as if a veil is being lifted. I sense a shift from seeing according to what is perceived in the natural to greater seeing in the spirit. I believe barriers of the what you think you know already, possibly in past hurts or emotional projections, may be released to reveal a sense of mystery once again. I feel this release allows for a newness in relationship that seems to open up an entire galaxy of unknown places in each other, like stars yet to discover.
  15. Anita

    Anita Free to Dream! Staff Member Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Chewing Gum! 8-4-2017/8-11-2017

    I hear the words “Chewing Gum!” A delightful treat full of flavor to be enjoyed until the flavor is gone and then discarded. It seems this chewing gum represents a temporary assignment you may be on during this season. Like the chewing gum is a temporary experience, I sense Creator desires for you to extract all the sweetness you can out of the opportunity, and once the assignment is complete, He will discard it as you move on and continue to walk out your destiny. I wonder if you have been tagged to influence certain individuals, and like the chewing gum can be sticky, so can certain things surrounding this situation. However, I sense there is still the sweet flavor available, which outweighs the sticky. I hear Creator encouraging you to stay the course and remember you can only chew gum for so long.
  16. Pauline

    Pauline Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    The Eye of the Horse 8/15/17 Due 8/18/17
    I see the right side of a brown horse's face up close with his eye barely peering through his long mane. He is breathing heavily through his nostrils. Some have likened the eye to the window into a person. I sense this horse is you and Creator sees you as you are and knows you very well. Some animals, like people, live from the heart more than from the head and this one is all heart. I sense a kindness and a strength in you that is equal to few which moves you to do things rarely seen. I feel Creator seems to be acknowledging your big heart and the strength you carry. I also sense there is a growing awareness of things hidden which may help you know when and where to do and say things necessary for the moment. It seems Creator is displaying His appreciation for this part of you that exemplifies His heart. The kindness portrays His true intentions for the world which brings strength to those around you.
  17. Kelly

    Kelly Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Wonderland 8/24/17 Due 8/25/17

    I see a magical wonderland. There are giant orange mushrooms with yellow polka dots, a pathways made of many colors. It appears to be similar to the land in Alice in Wonderland or the land of Oz. It is a magical place, where anything is possible.

    I feel that this may be an encouragement for you, to follow those dreams that you may have once held. I sense that as a child, you may have had a wonderful imagination, possibly spending hours thinking of things you can do, or be. Is it possible that you may have been reminiscing about those times? I feel Creator may be reminding you of those past days, where your imagination was unlimited. I sense that He may be encouraging you, that anything may be possible, especially through Him. I also have a feeling that as you step into things offered to you, the outcomes may seem impossible, but wonderfully true and possible.
  18. Pauline

    Pauline Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Young-adult Kangaroo 8/29/17 Due 9/1/17
    I see you as a young-adult kangaroo who is strong and confident, not in a cocky way, but self assured of the power that you carry. You are standing tall and alert at about 6 ft. The tribe that you travel with can run at speeds up to 20 mph. Your strong tail can be used as a fifth leg to propel you into action. If you sense danger, you will pound your foot to warn the others.

    I sense you are being groomed in your troop to be the lead kangaroo or buck. Although you may feel the weight of the responsibility, you seem up to the challenge. I now see the current seasoned leader come to give you some wise counsel. You appear to be listening attentively. The current boomer (another name for the lead kangaroo) is showing you some new moves and you mimic the strategy which will propel you further into a great defender of the mob. Being groomed as you are for the lead, also takes a certain amount of submission in order to learn from your mentor which you seem to demonstrate as well. I sense Creator may be encouraging you, although nothing has been formally stated, the indicators you perceive seem accurate. I feel He may be saying to stay the course to reach your full potential.
  19. Mary Ellen

    Mary Ellen Key-bearer Key-bearer Dream Coach

    Language of Love, due 4-8-17

    I hear Creator’s call to His language class and the language to be studied this semester is love. I sense He is about to reveal deep wisdom and understanding of how to penetrate the heart and speak to those you encounter from this place of love. I see the syllabus and the challenges that will be addressed in this advanced course.
    1. Refinement of trustworthiness and ability to see into hearts and intuitively know how to draw people out in conversation.
    2. Create a safe environment for honest sharing.
    3. Increased understanding of how to assist loved ones overcome life's challenges, gaining victory over negative influences.
    4. Creating a path for encounters with Creator.
    Prerequisite: love for Creator and Humanity, willingness and open mind.

    I feel like you are going to love this challenging course and that the rewards will blow you away!!
  20. Jennifer

    Jennifer Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Making a Difference 09-11-17/Due 09-15-17

    I see a you as a child, digging through a big old trunk that is full of costumes. You pull out a formal cap that looks like an officer's hat of some kind. You place it on your head and you instantly stand straighter with one hand to your forehead, at full attention. I sense that as a child you may have dreamed of being someone in uniform, doing what you perceived as important and saving people from peril. Could it be that this dream is still a part of who you are, just not in uniform? I sense that your heart's desire is to make a difference and you may not realize the many ways that you do this. Each time you sacrifice your time, energy and resources for others, you are making a lasting difference in someone's life. I sense that you have a very generous heart towards others and need to be reminded of how it all adds up.

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