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Discussion in 'Prophetic Readings' started by MichelleG, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. MichelleG

    MichelleG Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Hey there!
  2. Anita

    Anita Free to Dream! Staff Member Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Penning a Declaration of Freedom. 8-4-2017/8-11-2017

    I see an ink pen with simple and clean lines. The ink from the inside produces a declaration of independence. I feel this pen represents you. Some may choose a pen based on a different color or design; however, because of your streamlined exterior, what they discover that flows from inside of you, brings them the needed revelation for their independence and growth. I wonder if Creator has opened up an opportunity for you to influence a certain group of, individuals who occupy important strategic positions. Could it be you are His top secret agent on assignment to bring freedom to those who live in an environment of resistance and opposition on a daily basis? I feel you have been designed for this type of specific purpose.
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  3. TJ

    TJ Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Dance, Dance, DANCE 8-12-17 / Due 8-18-17

    I see the close up of a foot stomping on the ground and the silhouette of a person in front of a blue glow. I see a hand smack the floor and the name Yeshua in white letters beneath the hand. The name then duplicates itself until it forms a large square around this person, like a border, I then see the person dancing inside the border.

    I sense you may like to dance, and that Creator desires you to dance for him. I feel this may influence a group that know you or that you're part of. It appears that while you dance, you will be illuminated by a revelation so great, you are "in a shadow" by the sheer force shining over you. I sense you may receive revelation during this time, but that it isn't just for you. I feel the group watching, or participating with you, receive it as well. It's almost as if you're the catalyst for this set of gifts to begin manifesting for others. I feel this is a joyous and spiritually intoxicating time where adrenaline rushes and much excitement fills the atmosphere.
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  4. Laura

    Laura Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    @MichelleG I can just hear you singing "Better When I'm Dancin" :)
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  5. Kelly

    Kelly Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Stepping Out 8/23/17 Due 8/25/17

    I hear the words stepping out, and see you step out all dressed up and wearing a boa. As you step out into the street you flip the boa around your neck, and grin. You are carrying authority, and you glow with an “I got it attitude!” I almost feel like this how the football players must feel when they win the Super Bowl.

    I feel that this a scene that may be in the future, much like a movie flashes to what could be. I feel Creator has placed within you a very humble heart, and you may not like to brag. But, I sense that deep down, you may have been giddy, but don’t want to show it, possibly from disbelief of it yourself. I have a feeling that you have been listening to Creator and stepping into what He has called you to do, and that you have possibly seen some things that may be just a little to crazy to believe. I feel that as you continue to step out, you may be amazed by all of the adventures and crazy happenings!! Enjoy!
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  6. Vickie

    Vickie Key-bearer Weekly Reader Dream Ventures Discoverer

    The Merry Go Round 08-29-17, Due 09-01-17

    I see several children on a merry go round at a local playground. Round and round they go. As the ride begins to slow down, one of them jumps off and pushes the merry go round. As it speeds up again, they jump back on for the ride. They each take a turn pushing the ride so that it is in constant motion and never truly slows down. I feel these children are representative of you and several people who are in your sphere of influence. It appears that you may be involved in an area where you feel that you are on a "merry go round" and you are going round and round. I can almost hear your cry, "Is there no end to this madness?" I feel that as you look up to steady your gaze from the spinning, you clearly see drops of what appear to be crystals falling that are reminiscence of Creator's refreshing spirit. It seems you think of Creator's beauty that surrounds you and suddenly, you are grounded completely. It appears there is no more madness. You jump down to push the ride again, to continue doing what you are gifted to do, pushing the ride! On you go!
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  7. Mary Ellen

    Mary Ellen Key-bearer Key-bearer Dream Coach

    Preparation, due 9-8-17

    I hear the word preparation and sense Creator is taking you through a time of development for a specific purpose that is yet to be revealed. I sense there are new experiences on the horizon that will require a specific combination of outlook, attitude and skill. I believe this will be different than anything you have yet to encounter in your life. I wonder if you are feeling any uneasiness with circumstances you are currently dealing with? Is it possible that there are questions where it seems that Creator has not clearly answered or certain challenges that are not yielding in ways they may have in past times? I feel this is endurance training and also Creator stretching you into new areas and possibly different expectations. I see you standing firm where He has placed you and strongly focusing on His guidance. You are building stamina and determination to move forward Creator’s agenda, as He reveals it to you, in new areas that are in need of His love and grace.
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  8. MichelleG

    MichelleG Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Thank you Mary Ellen and Vickie. I was specifically praying this week for some direction and these both spoke specifically to me about where I am and what might be coming.
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  9. Laura

    Laura Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    The Scenic Route 9-10-17/ Due 9-15-17

    I hear the phrase "the scenic route." This is usually a designated road or waterway that travels through an area of unique or exceptional beauty. I wonder if some part of your life feels more like a speed way than the scenic route? As these routes are commonly taken for recreation, I get the sense that Creator may be inviting you and even highlighting times for you to slow down, to enjoy the pleasure of His presence. I feel these times, perhaps in the natural or maybe in spiritual realms may be widening the doors of your perception. I sense an increase in your heart response to the world around you, a greater capacity to experience the beauty of creation and the connective threads of Creator in everything. I believe this potential reorientation of your senses may bring about a renewed child like wonder that exceeds the moments of slowing down, even spilling on to others placed along your path.
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  10. MichelleG

    MichelleG Key-bearer Weekly Reader

    Thank you, Laura. This is very much speaking to me right now. I had a dream about my senses this week, that tj interpreted for me and my friend also told me to "take the scenic route" this week.

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