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    1) Sign up as a member and request readings or dream interpretation, depending upon the membership you purchase.
    2) Apply for training and learn to be one who gives readings and dream interpretation.

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Tech Registration Made Easy

Discussion in 'Start Here!' started by Del, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    Upon opening up the "Now Interpret This!" page, you'll see a big yellow blob on the right with the words "sign up!" This is where you start...

    For those who need extra assistance, it is recommended that you open a second window and have these instructions also open so you can toggle back and forth between the instructions and the form.

    Follow these simple instructions and you can be signed up in less than ten minutes! (y)
    • Click on "sign up"
    • You will then be prompted to say you either have an account or not.
    • Click "do not have account"
    • You will then be prompted to fill in an e-mail address
    • You should then be prompted to continue
    • Next, you'll see several fields to fill out.
    Filling out the various "fields" :unsure:
    • For the name, it automatically puts your e-mail address in. We suggest that you change this to a username of choice, BUT NOT YOUR FIRST NAME ONLY PLEASE. (First name only is reserved for students and staff.) Simply put your cursor here and change the name.
    • Below that, enter the same e-mail address that you entered earlier
    • Next, you'll be asked for a password. Enter it twice... The reason? To make sure that you've entered the same thing twice. Be sure to write your username and password down somewhere so that you can remember them when you log back into "Now Interpret This!"
    • After the password, you then enter your date of birth. The drop down menus show day, month, and year. Click on the appropriate numbers for each category.
    • Fill in the section that says "How did you find us?"
    • Enter your first name
    • Enter your last name
    • Next, be sure to enter your city and state.
    • Pay attention to the time zone. Please enter that, too.
    • Lastly, to make sure that you're a real person, there's a "verification" category at the bottom. It will ask you to add some numbers.
    • You'll then be able to complete creating the new account process. Follow instructions below the "verification" box for this.
    Logging on in the future :whistle:
    • Once you have completed the registration, from this point forward, you'll log on at the very top right hand corner of your screen. Put in your e-mail address or username and password as prompted.
    Upgrading? (y)
    • Up to this point, you can access the public forums and the public Drop In events with your registered membership.
    • If you desire to upgrade your account, you'll want to go in and complete your profile. Instructions for this are in another thread.
    If you choose the Facebook log in, it will fill out most of your info and upload your picture/avatar for you! (y)
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