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Terminated From My Job By Vickie

Discussion in 'Examples of Interpreted Dreams' started by Melody, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. Melody

    Melody Founder/Dean of NIT Staff Member

    Terminated From My Job / By Vickie
    Theme: recognizing enemy tactics and understanding your position of authority to reject false threats.

    I was sitting at a table across from one of our Senior Project Managers who is also a partner in the firm whose name is Tim. He was telling me that I had been terminated from my job because of excessive absences. I remember thinking to myself that is not so. I have missed very little work and when I did it was because of family illnesses. I had used my accrued leave time and it was documented. Seems as if I tried to talk with several partners in the firm and they were not willing to listen to what I had to say. I was very hurt and I felt very abandoned, rejected. I looked every where to discuss it with the President, but could not find him anywhere.

    I still felt abandoned and rejected when I awoke from the dream. What was really strange is the President of the company was not the one terminating me. I report directly to him and he was not even in the dream. Since I am part of the Corporate Executive Staff and his direct report, he would have been the one to handle my termination.

    It appears that this dream centers around an area where Creator would like to expose enemy tactics while showing you your authority to reject them. Being at a table would suggest an effort to reach an agreement, yet this is a co-authority, not the top authority. Sitting across the table could possibly be a word play for cross-purposes; as if he expects something from you that you do not agree with, and the absence of the President may suggest that the President is not in on it. I wonder if there is an unrighteous expectation as to your purpose in your position?
    Tim (which in the negative symbolism could represent a person dishonoring Creator) is informing you that you've been terminated, which may depict a spiritual death. The absences may simply be suggesting that you are not 'on the job' that Tim intended for you. The part where you are thinking 'not so' may be that you know that your integrity is in tact and do not listen to the accuser. In dreams there are components that represent the dreamer. Could it be that the absences from family illnesses may depict yourself being unwilling to perform dishonorable behaviors?
    It doesn't seem unusual for the other 'partners' not to hear your explanations or sympathize with you, leaving you feeling left on your own refusing access to their schemes; yet the President, (in this case Creator) is not there and cannot be found in this spiritual atmosphere, could it be that He is above it?
    The last paragraph where you explain that the President was not the one terminating you, and He is your direct report, only He can terminate you.

    Summation: I believe this dream is about you and the possible spiritual condition of your current employment or spiritual occupation. It would appear that Creator is letting you know that He is neither against you nor will He abandon you, yet the enemy would love to lie to you and get your influence out of there. I sense that you need to take this wise warning and be prepared for any underhanded spiritual elements that would try to convince you that He has in anyway rejected or abandoned you.

    Vickie: I ask Creator to encourage you with extra portions of knowledge of His perfect love for you. I release eyes to see through the lies and ears to hear only truth, that you are the righteous daughter of the one true President of presidents and no principality or power can stand against you! I ask that armed with this knowledge you will recognize any opposing elements and most of all the ability you have to walk through them with a sense of joy and strength as you listen only to Creator!
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  2. Vickie

    Vickie Dream Coach Weekly Dreamer

    I would like to comment on the interpretation of this dream. This dream came to fruition in January after I dreamed it in December. I was not terminated from my job, but due to reorganization in the firm that I work for, the scope of responsibility I had became vastly different. It was a very difficult time for me; a time of confusion, filled with doubt and fear. I continued to cling to Creator, who is true and faithful, His promises are "yes" and "amen". It has now been seven months since I had this dream and the situation is some better. I am still employed with the same firm; I continue to go to work everyday. I know that God placed me there and when it is time for me to leave; He will make the way clear. I have written this here to bear witness of Creator's revelation to us in our dreams.
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