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The Coca Cola Bottle By Vickie

Discussion in 'Examples of Interpreted Dreams' started by Cheri, May 5, 2017.

  1. Cheri

    Cheri Administrator Dream Coach

    Coca Cola Bottle by Vickie
    Theme: What's been unopened by a previous generation is still available to be opened.

    I have had this dream twice within the month. I can see someone holding a Coca Cola bottle in their hand. The bottle still has the cap on it. I can not tell who the person is as I can only see their hand. The bottle is an old bottle because it is the short bottle and it is glass. And, the bottle has the old Coca-Cola logo on the side. I then see a hand with a bottle opener open the bottle; I hear the pop of the top and hear the fizz of the soda inside. I then have a brief glimpse of the little sprite (fairy) that was used to advertise Coca Cola at one time, then I wake up.

    Often, a dream that repeats itself can mean what is contained therein is truly going to happen! I wonder if this drink "that refreshes" is symbolic of the "life and sparkle" hidden in your generations, represented by the older bottle. I sense Creator holds the bottle and also the bottle opener and is ready to pop the top for you at this time. The fizz seems to indicate that the dreams inside are still alive and potent and that they are rather visible through the glass (the Spirit's vision).

    I feel this is a now time for you to grasp what Creator may be opening up from your generational line. Perhaps you already know what that might be. If not, I feel you are to keep alert for things that fizz ;) or have that sparkle to them :LOL: that Spirit would show you. Creator may want to encourage you that it is not too late for these giftings to be released and that you are the person to whom He can release them! I wonder if you might be bringing others from your family into the mix as well.

    Vickie, may you be very actively watching for bottled up commissioning from your past generations that are coming to the fore at this time in your life. I declare great anticipation and excitement for your future work with no hint of hesitation. I declare protection over everything that concerns you in these endeavors, and that Spirit will guide you clearly as to what is yours and what isn't. May there be no comparison to those in past generations who have walked the same path, knowing that you will do it for this generation as they did it for theirs.

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