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Ways to increase dreaming?

Discussion in 'Spiritual Discussions' started by Ronnie, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Ronnie

    Ronnie Member

    Hi! I know that some of you guys are really serious about dreaming, and I just don't dream all that often it seems like. I know I must, but maybe I'm just not remembering? Anyway, I'm sure you guys have some tricks and tips. :)
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  2. Seneca

    Seneca Member

    I think it's mostly just valuing it and having a plan in place for recording them when you wake up, even in the middle of the night. You can train yourself to wake up after a dream just by being very intentional before bed, praying, get your notebook or whatever handy...

    I will say that I think alarm clocks are EVIL! I have mine set for the absolute last minute that I can roll out of bed and still make it on time, and I go to bed early enough that it shouldn't have to wake me up. Being jarred awake is a good way to lose everything you just dreamt, or not even get to finish your dream. We naturally regain at least some consciousness at the end of a dream cycle.
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  3. Melody

    Melody Founder/Dean of NIT Staff Member

    OK, other things you can do. Sleep with earplugs and an eye mask. When you use earplugs (good ones), it creates a sound like the ocean in your ears or like the womb... so you are in an emotional place to hear from the Spirit. Your mind is not "talking."

    The eye mask is to keep any ray of light out, because light makes anything in the darkness instantly disappear. You want to stay in the dream until you can walk back through it. Lie still and discipline your mind to stay focused on the dream not what you need to do for the day.

    As you walk through the pieces you do remember, the rest will begin to come. Then turn on a small light (just enough to write with) and write down the "main points" of what you recall. The rest will come. It's a discipline like any other skill or gift.

    You just need to develop it! ;) Let us know how you're doing!
    Blessings and "Don't Stop Dreaming!"

    PS: Don't eat too late before bed and don't forget to lie in bed and bask in your dreams as you wake. Staying in your dreams is like meditating on what was happening during your night. :sleep: Keep a pad and pen next to your bed. OK, that should be a good start.
  4. Seneca

    Seneca Member

    You might want to check out the "dream aids" section of the store here. There are masks and some natural products for sleeping and dreaming.
    Dream Aids
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  5. Ronnie

    Ronnie Member

    Thanks guys! I really like the idea of the sleep mask. Very Hollywood, especially the leopard print one, and the Dream Drops looks interesting too. Seneca, I'm with ya on the evil alarm clocks! :D
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  6. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    Hi Ronnie... I understand not remembering your dreams very well. For me, I just ask Father to help me remember the dreams that I'm supposed to. I do think some people are more prolific dreamers than others. Not sure why that other than no two people are alike :notworthy:
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  7. Anita

    Anita Weekly Reader Associate

    I pray to remember my dreams as well. I find when they are from the Lord, they seem to be more vivid than another I might remember.
    They stand out and are usually very clear.

    Anita : )
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  8. Melody

    Melody Founder/Dean of NIT Staff Member

    Anita, the following prayer may be of help, too. We believe all dreams serve some purpose, because God uses anything! He's brilliant! :p

    The NIT Activation Prayer for Dreams:

    Father God, sanctify my mind, body, soul and spirit. Sanctify my imagination. Bring my dreams, visions and night experiences into alignment with your purposes. Cover me; mind, body, soul and spirit completely in the powerful blood of Jesus Christ. Cleanse my bloodline and DNA to receive only your heart’s intent for my life. Clear the airwaves and frequencies over, within and around me. Release your sound and your heart. Use my time of sleep to impart to me, greater revelation of the knowledge of who you are. Use this time to fulfill purpose in my life and your kingdom. Speak to me in my dreams and thank you Father for this gift.

    Happy Dreaming! :love:
  9. Anita

    Anita Weekly Reader Associate

    Melody; Thank you so very much for this activation prayer...My heart is full of desire to grow closer to the Lord and experience his tangible love and goodness to a greater degree in my life. I have such a hunger for more of Him and the relationship I have with Him.
    You and everyone here has been such a strengthening encouragement to me these last few months....only eternity will express just how much.

    Grateful to have crossed paths, Anita
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  10. Melody

    Melody Founder/Dean of NIT Staff Member

    Well, right back at you, my dear!!!! Blessings!!!
  11. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    Addendum... I think daydreaming is important, too. I hadn't really given daydreams much thought until recently. Maybe I should pay more attention. For me, it's like spacing off and going someplace else. Uh... maybe I should pay more attention. :watching:
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  12. WendyJoy

    WendyJoy Member

    Daydreaming IS important!!
    Maybe I Shouldnt pay any attention to all things other than that important task-ever.
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  13. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    Interesting also... since I've been spending time "practicing" the presence of God, I'm having more spiritual experiences which leads to less daydreaming. I hadn't thought of that until you responded to this post. :cat:
  14. WendyJoy

    WendyJoy Member

    Are u saying that daydream is not productive? :nailbiting: I want spiritual experiences in His presence, too! How Del?
    I've been praying eph 3:14-21. Is practicing like worship? I haven't really meditated much, is it that? Obviously you've grown in this process since the other post-plz share Ms.Del?
  15. Del

    Del Site Liaison Associate

    Not at all! Creator will use whatever works for us. Practicing is literally going into His presence and engaging with Him there. I'm actually starting a new class for people who want to learn "how" to practice. At this time, I have "beta" group that will walk through the class and I'll make changes as needed along the way. You can read about it here to see if that's what you're looking for: www.supernaturallessons.com

    So... keep daydreaming!
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  16. Cheri

    Cheri Member Weekly Reader

    Day dreaming is important. What is key, is what you daydream about. It's a way to practice imagining. Creator gave us our imaginations, and if we use it His way, it will take us to incredible places. You can imagine going into Creator's presence (like Del said). And, when you do it enough, you'll find you have actual spiritual experiences. I've been doing this for a few years now, and it really does work. I've talked with Del about her classes and she has some wonderful concepts she's going to go through. She's also a great teacher. I highly recommend taking them!!! Oh, and by the way, you can also do this while you are worshiping......:)
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  17. WendyJoy

    WendyJoy Member

    Creator gave us our imaginations, and if we use it His way, it will take us to incredible places. You can imagine going into Creator's presence (like Del said). And, when you do it enough, you'll find you have actual spiritual experiences. , and it really does work. , you can also do this while you are worshiping.[/QUOTE]
    His way! Thx Cheri, helps me understand. Thx Del, for the resource to not go it alone. This NIT is a good place!
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  18. RandyOrton

    RandyOrton Member

    Thanks for nice tips to increase dreams. I will try for it.
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  19. Melody

    Melody Founder/Dean of NIT Staff Member

    This prayer will also help. :)

    Dream Prayer:
    Creator, I ask that you sanctify my sleep and my life; mind, body, soul and spirit. That you remove all the residue of daily life and concerns. That you would speak to me through the night and that you would give me the ability to remember them. I speak over myself, that I AM a dreamer and that I operate in my night vision gifting. That my spirit and soul are open to what you want to release to me, and that my body and emotions will receive "rest" in the midst of what might seem to be very active hours of sleep. I speak to my prophetic vision and tell that portal and spiritual third eye to "open" as is your will, my Creator God.

    That my ears are open to hear you in audible voice, and all my senses will experience Jesus in a very tangible and joyous manner! That you would meet me nightly in my sleep to accomplish many of the tasks that I am called to for your kingdom. That I will travel with Jesus to other realms and fly with Him through the dimensions, and veil between the natural and the spiritual realm. I release peace over my rest and sleep every night, and also open a remote angelic portal over my bed to give opportunity to co-labor with the creatures that you God, have created to fulfill your plans. I declare that I will be laid down in peace and given "sweet dreams" even those with spiritual strategy for the kingdom and for all your purposes. Thank you, Creator God!
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  20. hemission32

    hemission32 Member

    nice tips. I will do that.

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