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What's Your Funniest Dream?

Discussion in 'Spiritual Discussions' started by Seneca, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Seneca

    Seneca Member

    I thought we could use some comic relief in here. Not interpreting, (unless you wanna) just laughing. :)

    I had this dream that I was at a diner with some friends and a girl came over and was extremely rude to my friend. I called her on it and told her why she was so nasty, she couldn't look at me, and I brought that up too. Then she lunged at me and I quickly did some sort of kung fu move and landed her in the booth across from me and proceeded to wipe my greasy fried chicken hands on her arms as if she was a napkin, all the while yelling "CHICKEN GREASE! CHICKEN GREASE!" :p

    She was shocked. I leaned in, looked deep in her eyes and said, "Isn't this absurd?" She laughed and laughed and laughed. I asked her what her name was. She said "Chicken Grease". I said, "That... is... AWESOME!" Then I asked her what her middle name was and I forget what it was, but it was weird too.

    My friend came back and didn't want to sit with us so she sat in the booth behind us. I said over my shoulder, "Well, you missed it, I beat the snot out of ol' Chicken Grease for ya." Chicken Grease goes "Yeah, but we're friends now!" And I go "Yeah, so you're just gonna have to deal with it."
  2. I had this orange toy car with headlights, only it wasn't a full car, just the dash, hood, and lights. It had a steering wheel, ect. It was a game you would play. Think it took 4 D batteries. Anyway I use to have nightmares about it.

    First of all I'd dream that the thing was chasing me around everywhere by itself floating threw the air, and then I'd be outside on some sort of man eating trampoline that folded in the center like jaws, and it would get me somehow too, and then I had a similar dream about the picnic table. I think all of these dreams kept piggybacking in a loop. Then I'd dream I woke up only to be attacked by the car again, or in the trampaline, or whatever, and on and on and on.


    Another dream I have once in a while (but once I start dreaming this I can't stop even if I wake up and go to sleep again) is where I'm solving some problem in a computer, programming, or whatever, and I get so lost in the problem that I think I'm actually fixing something, and when I wake up I still want to fix whatever it is, and don't realize I was dreaming. It exhausts me, even doing it when I'm asleep and I can't stop doing it, so I'll wake up and watch TV or do anything no matter how tired I am to get it to stop, once I realize I'm doing it. I think that's my worst and most annoying dream.

    Then there is the dream that I'm back in school, and have tons of homework that's over due and I'm in big trouble. Some times I'll have that dream right before my taxes are due, or I have computer work I should have gotten done, or whatever.

    Then there is the nightmare version of the flying dream. I'm flying along and all of a sudden there are tons of power lines all around me, above me, ect. and I can't escape them. They are like a giant net. Oh and the higher I fly the more dense the power lines are, and the harder they are to avoid, and the harder they are to see coming.

    Hmmm what else. Wish I could remember other dreams.
  3. Seneca

    Seneca Member

    Ok, I'll go again.

    Some wasps were in my house and I had a flyswatter and was smacking them left and right. They were dying pretty easy, one maybe two hits and they were dead. There was one however that was a little bigger than the rest and he just wasn't dying. I kept hitting him and wasn't getting anywhere. He morphed into this cartoon-like man/bee and started flexing his muscles and telling me that he worked out at the gym everyday. I thought that was a pretty funny way for God to tell me that I'm dealing with a strongman and I'm gonna need better weaponry than the strength of my own arm.

    Another one was a lady was helping me recover from a snake bite and her name was Gitmagun. :D
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  4. Melody

    Melody Founder/Dean of NIT Staff Member

    When I was in my teens I lived on a farm. I was dreaming one lazy Saturday morning that a huge monster was chasing me. I was so frightened. It was awful! As I was waking I STILL HEARD THE MONSTER MOANING AT ME!!! When I came to my senses, I looked out the window and realized that one of the cows was outside my window serenading me. UGH!
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2014
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  5. I keep swearing at people and doing dirty rap songs in my dreams. Sometimes I curse at satan when he attacks also. It feels strange because I never curse in real life but in the dream it feels so satisfying and hillarious. I just had a dream where I was doing a swearing rhyme and a room full of girls were cheering me on. I lifted up my pant leg a little bit and said "I'm showing a little leg for 2012". It kind of disturbs me that I'm starting off the year by swearing. But while in the dream it is kind of funny and seems the such is a good thing!!!
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  6. Melody

    Melody Founder/Dean of NIT Staff Member

    Maybe your "strong language" as it were, is simply a depiction that you are more bent than ever against the enemy's tactics. Your righteous indignation is releasing what you describe as "swearing." Wonder if this could connect with releasing greater "passion" where you are identifying the enemy and his ploys. Releasing a new "sound." The encouragers (cheerleaders) are there to cheer you on. Maybe showing a "little leg" was you getting prepared to "walk/stand" in a new way, and with more passion against the enemy than ever before. Sounds like a plan! :mad:
  7. Hahahahaha well that is a very positive interpretation. There always seems to be a "Violent take it by Force" thing going on. In one dream I was in this area and people were listening to this song about Tennessee and I was disgusted by how stupid it was. And I told this guy and his wife, "thats a mother fing c--- sucking song". And the guy was offended and I said "actually that song promotes incest and oral sex". Very smart alecky and funny. I have a theory that some of these places we go in dreams is inhabited by other dreamers from around the world, and we are interacting with them sometimes. But I don't know when its an actual person or a demon or just a nothing. But thank you for the encouraging interpretation melody!!
  8. Anita

    Anita Weekly Reader Associate

    Sometimes what we watch on TV or listen to....(environment at work or the company we keep) all day or in the evening on a regular basis is played out as part of our dreams....
    Our ear gates are the portals to what is sown in the garden of our souls...(mind, will and emotions...reasoning and memories, thought producing region of our mind). Just saying...some thoughts to ponder.
  9. TerBer04

    TerBer04 Member

    Hi everyone.. Funny dream... never figured this one out.. I was in the White house garden ..in the front of it ...I've a glass powered weed eater ..and I'm just chopping down RED Tulips ..it's a big garden and I chop all down..when I look up..thinking I'm done.....there grow up more ...so I keep on going ..whak' in down RED tulips....
  10. Melody

    Melody Founder/Dean of NIT Staff Member

    Hi Terber,
    I'm wondering if you have a justice call (not yet developed?) against a religious, controlling or Jezebel spirit? The White House may represent the house of Creator, which is supposed to be one of purity. But the red tulips may depict manipulation, as is often utilized in political statements. Just wondering. :nailbiting: (y):LOL: Does this resonate at all with you?
  11. TerBer04

    TerBer04 Member

    Yes, confirmation on the justice.. That dream assured..20 years ago… so many levels… higher Devils.... A Marine at rec0n on the wall.. Father shows me..
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  12. Melody

    Melody Founder/Dean of NIT Staff Member

    Yes, He does.
  13. RandyOrton

    RandyOrton Member

    20 years is a long long time. Can you remember the memory now?
  14. Cheri

    Cheri Member Weekly Reader

    You know, that's a good question. I have a couple of dreams that I had when I was a kid that were so vivid that I still remember them. Then there are dreams that I had just a couple of days ago that I can't remember at all! They'd be totally lost if I hadn't written them down. I think some just get implanted on your brain probably because they are destiny dreams.
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  15. RandyOrton

    RandyOrton Member

    Fantastic! Glad to know about your childhood.
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